Jeremy Meeks Married: Hot Stockton Mug Shot Guy Speaks

June 21, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jeremy Meeks Felon With Hot Mug Shot Speaks

Hot Stockton mug shot guy Jeremy Meeks speaks and he’s married. Sorry, ladies, Jeremy Meeks the felon with the ‘hot’ mugshot is speaking out and he has revealed that he is already married and has an adorable three-year-old son. Jeremy Meeks the criminal from Stockton, Northern California whose name has been trending on Facebook and Google did an interview to talk about his ordeal and his new found celebrity status. Meeks claimed that despite having a tattoo representing the dangerous Crips gang, being arrested for felony weapons and gang charges, he is not a king pin and plans to turn his life around.

Jeremy Meeks the felon who is imprisoned in Stockton, California and who has captured the hearts of millions of women thanks to his hot mug shot is speaking out.

Meeks (along with three other people) was arrested on Wednesday in Stockton after Californian authorities found an unregistered and loaded Springfield Armory .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun with two extended magazines in the trunk of his car.

The smooth criminal was hit with five weapons charges and one gang charge.

The Stockton police department posted Jeremy Meeks mug shot on their Facebook page and they were surprised that the photo went viral with thousands of likes and comments.

On Friday Jeremy Meeks did a brief interview with News10 where he explained that he has a wife and a little boy.

The pair has been married for four years and has a three year old boy together.

The convict said that he is no longer affiliated to gangs and was on his way to work when officers arrested him during a raid in a home belonging to gang members. He revealed:

‘I appreciate [the attention] but I just want them to know that this is really not me.I’m not some kingpin.’

According to his nieces and his sister, Meeks is surprised by the fact that he became famous because of his looks.

Jeremy Ray Meeks’ family members are adamant that the photogenic man might have been carrying a weapon to protect himself like other Americans do or it belonged to one of his friends.

Apparently Jeremy found God, Jesus and The Saints about seven years ago and changed his life – he gave up his illegal activities (such as resisting arrest, faking his identity and grand theft) and has been a good husband and loving father.

The born again Christian who is facing at least two years in jail has his bail set at $1 Million and is scheduled to appear on June 27th in court.

Meanwhile Meeks mother Katherine Angier, has set up a GoFundMe page for her son and is hoping to raise $25,000 to get him out of jail.

Angier who believes that her child is a decent human being has collected about $1000 thus far.


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  1. diamondback says:

    He already has the looks, but if he’s tall enough, we certainly think a modeling agency should be calling his number right about now!!

  2. DC Metro Detective Squad says:

    Has Jeremy thought about a modeling career??

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