Jenise Wright Parents Custody: Jenise’s Parents Battling To Get Other Kids Back

August 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Jenise Wright Parents Custody Battle

Jenise Wright’s parents custody battle to get their three other children back is lingering. James and Denise Wright who are the parents of Jenise, the six-year-old who was murdered in early August, appeared in court for the ongoing fight to regain custody of their kids. The state nor the family, will say why the siblings were taken away from the Wrights.

Jenise Wright’s parents want to regain custody of their children and they will have their day in court in few months to convince the judge.

On Monday afternoon, the parents of Jenise Wright appeared at the Kitsap County Family Court in Washington with several lawyers by their sides.

The pair lost custody of their daughter and two sons the day officials started investigating the disappearance of little Jenise on August 2nd.

Facing the judge, the pair who are mourning the lost of their daughter said that they accept the state’s officials’ decision to turn over custody of their kids to their grandparents.

Officials from the Kitsap County Department of Children and Family Services took the 12-year-old girl and two boys ages 8 and 16, from the trailer park home, the day the parents reported their 6-year-old missing.

Some say it was odd that the parents took so long to notice that the kid had vanished.

Mr and Mrs Wright who will return to court on October 14 and 15, added a lawyer from the Nooksack Tribe to their legal team in order to get their children back. The mother is also a member of the tribe.

Talking to media, the dad said that he is happy that his kids are with family during this difficult time.

Asked why did they lose custody of his kids, Mr Wright said he could not talk about it at the moment.

A little digging into Mr Wright’s past showed that in 2000, two young girls reported that he sexually assaulted them.

An 8-year-old claimed that he touched her inappropriately, while a 16-year-old who used to babysit for the family said that he touched her breasts and put his hands down her pants.

Gabriel Gaeta, the neighbor and family friend accused of beating, raping and killing the 6-year-old is being held at a juvenile detention center.

The 16-year-old is expected to be trialed as an adult.


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