J. Crew Size 000 Gets Slammed

July 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

J Crew size 000

J Crew size 000 (XXXS) is a lot of controversy. J. Crew Group, Inc. has introduced size 000 (XXXS) for the woman with a 23-inch natural waist or a child between the ages of 5 and 8 years of age. The New York based retailer explained that they are making size 000 garments in order to cater to petite women in Asia, but Fashion blogs are not buying it and are slamming them for promoting anorexia and unattainable body image.

J Crew adds size 000 (XXXS) to their clothing size charts and measurement guide for women and fashion blogs and some of their clients erupt with anger.

Back in May J. Crew took the decision to add the triple zero size to their online stores due to popular demand.

The retailer claimed that Asian women, especially in Hong Kong have been complaining about not being able to find clothes that fit their small frames.

Which is why they are now providing the supper small size that will fit a very petite woman with a 23-inch waist (by comparison kids between the ages of 5 and 8 in America tend to have a 23 inch natural waist).

The giant retailer that was aware their move would create controversy went on to explain that the size 000 (XXXS) is only available to shoppers in Asia.

But all of the explanation did not stop some of their clients to slam them. One person said that J. Crew should be ashamed of themselves for promoting anorexia.

Another one added that the specialty retailer was put on the spotlight by First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughter and they should have used that opportunity to be a good role model instead of getting in the craze of vanity sizing.

But not everyone is angry by the move to have triple-zero size apparel available.

A lady who is very tiny in size, stated that she hopes that J. Crew start selling smaller clothes in America because at the age of 40 she should not be looking for belts, pants and even swimwear in the children section.

What do you think of J Crew Size 000?


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  1. Steven's Mom says:

    LOL BRO, no one is promoting anorexia. Why u hatin on small people? Are they not beautiful? Walmart has XXXXXXXXL, right? Walmart promotes being fat? No

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