Island Overrun By Cats: Woman Fights To Solve Problem

August 3, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Island Overrun By Cats

Island overrun by cats forces one resident to take action. The small Tonawanda Island is overrun by hundreds of unwanted cats, that are multiplying at an incredible rate. The cats have become a huge problem for those living on the island because, they roam around restaurants, disturb tourists and leave feces everywhere. Danielle Coogan has launched Operation Island Cats in order to raise money to have the cats spayed or neutered.

Tonawanda Island is overrun by cats and one woman has decided to do something about it, one cat at a time.

Meet Danielle Marie Coogan, the founder of Operation Island Cats, who hopes to raise enough money to spay or neuter the more than 200 cats that have taken over Tonawanda Island, New York.

Tonawanda Island is separated from North Tonawanda, New York by the Little River (part of the East Branch of the Niagara River).

The tiny piece of land, which is about 85 acres has less than 200 residents, but there are more than 200 unwanted or forgotten cats roaming around and they are reproducing at an alarming rate, which prompted Coogan to take action.

According to Danielle people from the mainland, have been dumping their unwanted pets on Upstate New York island for several years.

New Yorkers mostly come to the island at night and drop the felines by the side of the road.

The little creatures hide during the day and come out at night to disturb people, who are dinning at restaurants, to drop feces on the grass, the marinas and boats.

Coogan has captured 10 cats in the last 10 days and has paid a total of $250 to have them spayed or neutered, and dropped them back on the island.

She has also collected several puppies, which she hopes will be adopted.

Danielle Coogan’s Operation Island has collected over $6k via Go Fund Me so she can pursue with her mission.


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  1. lisa lorraine says:

    so trash comes to dump

  2. Joan Cyrul says:

    Please let Danielle know that there is a birth control for cats.Some woman that are trying to stop over population of cats in cat colonies use it and it is successful. They do trap, but they cannot catch all of the cats. It was provided to a rescue in Mass for a farm that had over 80 cats and it worked for them.

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