Indra Nooyi: Pat McCrory, Gov. Of North Carolina, Should Repeal LGBT Law

April 10, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Indra Nooyi and Pat McCrory are not seeing eye to eye at the moment. Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., has sent a lengthy letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory demanding that he repeal a new law that discriminates against the LGBT community.

Indra Nooyi asked Pat McCrory to kill HB2, a recent bill that was put into law and discriminates against LGBT people. Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, Inc., along with more than 120 top executives have now asked North Carolina‘s Governor Pat McCrory to repeal the law, according to The Human Rights Campaign and Equality North Carolina.

HB2 is a law that requires people, who use multi-stall public restrooms to use the one that corresponds with their biological sex – which implies that Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox would have to use the men’s restroom if they were in a North Carolina restaurant or movie theater. Nooyi, who holds the annual shareholder meetings of her company in North Carolina, said in the letter:

“I was taken aback by the legislature’s recent action in passing HB2, as well as your decision to sign it into law so quickly. ..the law is completely inconsistent with the way we treat members of the PepsiCo family; is at odds with our company’s historic experience in North Carolina; and is contrary to our values as a company….the law impedes our progress toward equality.”

New Bern pharmacist Caleb Bradham launched Pepsi-Cola in North Carolina, in the 1890s. It is not known if Nooyi plans to move the event to another state, but if McCrory does not repeal the law when the state legislature reconvenes later this month, it can bid adieu to Google, District of Columbia, Minnesota, and the NCAA.

Google said it will stop investing in North Carolina startup businesses because they “are not comfortable deploying dollars into startups there until the voters there fix this.” The District of Columbia, Boston’s city council, the states of New York and Connecticut have banned government-connected travel to North Carolina.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said:

“I have spoken to North Carolina’s governor about the state’s new law excluding LGBT people from antidiscrimination protections, making clear if it remains in place it will affect the state’s chances to host major college athletic events.”

What are your thoughts on this anti-LGBT law?


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  1. Garland says:

    Easy decision for me. I won’t be buying PepsiCo products as long as Nooyi remains CEO.

    • BillyPH says:

      There are 700,000 transgender ppl in the US. Why are the rest of the 99.98% US bending over backward (ha) for them?

    • Durwood says:

      No more Pepsi in my restaurants. Government should not interfere with private sector business.

    • WilliamM says:

      It seems that we are confronted not with a humane, compassionate, modern and free of bias society. Your bigotry is pretty close to nazism and other ideologies mostly driven by religious fanatics. If we are to coexist and succeed in our country we need to be tolerant of other skin colors, race, gender preferences, political affiliation a the adherence or not to any religion. We are not bending back for anyone, we are making people like you feel more comfortable at work and in public places.
      Bravo!!!! Indra Nooyi for your courage and for bringing to the light such a disgrace for our Country like the “theocratic old good boys” in the NC legislature and its governor. The most amazing thing is that most of those congressman, the governor and some of you on this comments are professed christians, to be more precise evangelical christians, what would the real Jesus do about your love for others. On my part I am happy not to believe in that god.

    • Gary says:

      Your few $$$ of Pepsi products will not make a dent in billions of dollars removed from NC opportunities. Google? Sass? IBM?, donations,support,college grants, all the banks, sports events…. Ban what you will. The business doesn’t cease to exist,…it goes elsewhere

  2. Sammy says:

    Easy decision for me.I will not buy any PepsiCo products as long as long as they keep supporting the LGBT community!

    • Dave Jenkins says:

      You’re saying that like they care. They KNOW that a some religious minority won’t like it, but they are beholden to their shareholders who know that the majority of Americans expect and demand equal rights.

      • Man on Fire says:

        There is a Separation between Church and State. King Henry VIII wants a divorce. The Church says no. King Henry VIII makes himself head of Church and State wielding all power. This is America Dave, and Secular Humanism is not a religion or is it? It is Luciferian.

        I work for God. A marriage used to be considered by the Church as a commitment and consummation. Jesus Christ is a Priest and he sees everything. How many wives do you have? That is probably what you should be more concerned with. It is hot in hell.

  3. Kevin says:

    We’ll back up Pepsi and any other company that brings pressure. Neanderthal beliefs like this should have died in the stone age. If they don’t budge I wonder how long it is before jobs start moving elsewhere and laying off the locals… isn’t that the next step?

    • CB says:

      Trust me. Tons of other companies being forced to do sh8t they don’t want to will move into NC. Why what people do in there bedroom have to make themselves out to be their own race. I don’t care if you’re a man and want to suck dyck. But the world don’t need to fkn hear it! Stay in your closets and shut up!!! This world is filled with PC wimps who are afraid to have their feelings hurt. Get over it! You’re ruining the USA it’s becoming USGay!

  4. James says:

    LGBT method to win: 5-4 court decision rather than popular vote AND now blackmail. What is next?

  5. Mike says:

    Here is a perfect example of what is wrong with American Politics, large executives feel they have the right to try to bully and strong arm law makers into changing law to meet their company’s benefit. There is no reason for PepsiCo to be involved in any political issue, nor any other business. But they see a way to try to get involved as a means to drive up popularity for their product by siding with the minority and banking on the fact most Americans just don’t want to get involved. I am not stopping anyone from using a restroom, in fact most public place of a large size have unisex/family bathrooms already in place, so why do we need to force mainstream America to have to be in the same restroom as someone who wants to be someone else? Does that mean that if I identify myself as a dog I can stand outside and pee on fire hydrants or crap in the neighbors yard? I mean come on, when is enough, enough? I am fed up with my rights being infringed upon by having to accept what I don’t feel morally is right. And yes, in America, I am allowed by law to have an opinion even if it differs from the liberal minority groups.

    • Kim says:

      We the Liberals are not the minority, or did you not read the article. Liberals way outnumber the sad and angry minority, or “hate mongers” if you prefer. We the liberals only want equal rights for everyone, including you. But it’s always anger and hate that come out. Your last statement is “I am allowed by law to have an opinion…”. It wasn’t always your right. Do you think it was closed minded bigots and racists who gave you that right? No, it was liberals who feel you have the right to say what you feel. We just don’t understand your hate.

  6. Andy says:

    It’s common sense. But I guess it’s missing. If your daughter was taking a shower in the bathroom, or peeing in the bathroom, and in walks a man on her, how would you feel about that? If your answer goes something like ” I don’t have an issue with that” then you need to get yourself checked in, quick. Don’t wait.

  7. Doug says:

    I’ll stick with non activist products from now on. Wow.. that also means giving up KFC and Taco Bell since they’re owned by Pepsi. Let them leave the state. Companies should shut up and focus on making good products. Sensible legislation like this will only attract other companies to the state. So you want to dress like a girl.. so what just hold it till you get home then. Why is there a push to celebrate freaks that are so mentally ill they don’t know what sex they are?

  8. Charles D Wessler says:

    I believe if who so ever wants the transgender ppl to go to their respective bathrooms they should pay for the extra bathrooms in that state so everyone will be happy like little ducks,Break out the money Pepsi & put it where your mouth is

  9. Laird Bean says:

    Normal people support this legislation! Who cares if the perverts, Hollywood, and Pepsi don’t like it! The time to stop the forcing of deviance upon average citizens is now!!

  10. anon says:

    Unbelievable filth. We let these third-worlders into our country to personally pocket tens of millions of dollars selling sugar water, and they repay us thinking they’re doing God’s work to promote Sodomy in our nation. Deport, deport, deport. Who do these CEOs think they are. They are just as replaceable as janitors.

  11. Dan Martinovich says:

    You know; there is a very easy fix for these “heroic” corporations economically threatening the people and their states for not bowing down to the radicals. A 10% per liter excise tax on all Pepsi products would do the trick. Rather quickly I might add. Lets see how really heroic they are.

    • Truth says:

      I stopped drinking Pepsi long ago and considering many people are realizing drinking soda is a slow killer, these companies will do what they can to generate income.

  12. Paul Grenier says:

    It does not discriminate against color, race, creed or religion there for that is all that matters. The LGBT are trying to cram their lifestyles down are throats and that is not right. I checked out a college that actually had an entire room dedicated to LGBT, but when you asked about Veterans, or Christians, there was no room given to them. We are in a sad place when morality takes a back seat to immoral behavior and yes, LGBT is immoral.

  13. Chris says:

    The LGBT and anyone who supports them needs to keep their mouth shut! This law is common sense that helps protects people when they use a bathroom, especially women and young girls. I am fed up with the LGBT and these people that supports them. They need to stop forcing they life style on the normal people in this country. The LGBT and their supports needs be classified as sex offenders.

  14. GOD/JESUS "Creator of this Earth says:

    GODS message: Why do you go along with the sinners of this world who LIE STEAL KILL?
    GODS message: GOD HATES SIN!
    GODS message: JESUS Never Killed, He Always Did Good Works!
    GODS message: Why DOES SATAN RAPE?
    GODS message: GOD Is Not Corrupt.
    GODS message: The Military Belongs to Satan (message was given to me over 35 years ago.)
    GODS 1st Question to me: “Who Created My Thumb? I Answered: Father GOD. GODS 2nd Question to me: “Who Created My Skin? Again I Answered: Father GOD.
    GODS message to you: If your a sinner and want to come to my kingdom one day, than you better repent of your sins now. Otherwise you’ll never be able to come into my heavenly kingdom or future earthly kingdom after Judgment Day when my Son Jesus WILL MAKE EVERYONE GIVE A CONFESSION VIA HIS POWER I GAVE HIM.



  15. malcolm says:

    I’m switching from Coke to Pespi. Go Indra.

    • RHRalls says:

      Coke-a-Cola is as much on your road as PepsiCo. Both are hand-in-hand with you en route.

      Maybe you should drink them both.

  16. RHRalls says:

    This sort of thing is why I stopped drinking Pepsi – or any Pepsi products – several years ago. PepsiCo converted me to Coke-a-Cola.

    Now, I don’t drink Coke-a-Cola anymore, either. LOL.
    Or Wal-Mart, at which I used to shop quite often.
    Or Starbucks, whose CEO demanded I not do business with him anymore.
    Or Disney – Yes: that means I won’t be watching anymore of the Star Wars movies, nor be buying that last one when it’s out on blue ray.

    That’s only a partial list; I could go on …

    I don’t do business with companies opposed to individual or religious freedom. Same Sex marriage as a right means samesexuals own all others, and we are all their slaves, for they can demand our labor at will and force us to work for them. I do not care if the State wants to recognize the marriage of a male to a male, or a female to a female … or a male to his sheep, or a female to a donkey: it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my bones. It does concern me that the State can – and will – force me to participate in one. This is tyranny, and it is slavery.
    The opposition of several companies to compromise measures – such as the conscientious objection laws a few states have attempted to enact protecting people from lawsuits for refusal to participate in samesex weddings – has caused me to desist in doing business with them.

    I realize that is not what the CEO of PepsiCo has here done, and they were my first total ban when they went hard Left politically several years ago, and that boycott has nothing to do with this insanity – and it is insanity. But, this brought the above to mind.

    And those of you above – or below, as it may turn out – who respond with such anger:

    God granted us all Free Will. He granted us Free Will because we are here to make a choice (for those who have read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: that is the meaning of “42”) as to where they want to spend Eternity. We are all here to make just that one choice, and nothing else. Here is where we choose the road into the Light, or the road to perdition. God has told us how to get to Heaven; that is why he sent Eashoa (Jesus in His native tongue of Aramaic: pronounced like saying “A show” with a soft, little “a” at the end)to show us the way.

    All of these people are exercising the authority that God gave them. You should pity them, not be angry with them. They walk the road to perdition, and they will reside in darkness for all eternity as they chose.

    Blessed are the merciful; for they shall find mercy

    Do not worry, for they can do nothing to God; only to themselves.
    Ultimately, they can do nothing to me, either. They can not condemn my soul: the worst they could do is kill me. Our souls are the only thing we have that are of any value in the end, for nothing of this world will come with it into Eternity, and only you can condemn your soul: no one else. Take care of that: nothing else matters.

    I resist only because I would rather live in peace with others. They are free to make their choices, but not to force me to join them in it.

  17. Pat Smith says:

    I can see both sides have part of the reasonable truth on their side. I do not want men in my Women’s bathroom. When a man puts on a dress the underlying fundamentals are no changed. How do we know whether the individual is pre-op or post-op, or whether he is just another cross-dresser?
    For a true post-op former man who is now trying fully to be a woman, I can give ground on that. But PepsiCo wants me to give a lot more ground than that, as if my feelings are irrelevant or shameful, or based on Bible thumping.
    Boo PepsiCo, and boo North Carolina.

  18. Dawn says:

    For cripes sake people! LGBT people are not deviant. There is NOT one case of a TRANS person being violent in a locker room or bathroom. Now, there are LOTS of cases of STRAIGHT MALES who are perps! Lets ban them from ALL public bathrooms as I feel completely unsafe when any male walks near, is next to or breathes anywhere I might need to pee or change my clothes. Now, that is a solution that ACTUALLY deals with the problem.

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