Ice Girls Recruitment and Uniforms Lead to Protest

July 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ice Girls Recruitment

Ice Girls recruitment sparked protest and petition. The San Jose Sharks recruitment of Ice Girls to entertain the crowd during matches is being blasted. The ice hockey team announced on their website that they will be auditioning athletic young women to become Ice Girls to energize their fans during their home games. Supporters of the Sharks replied with a “Say NO to Sharks Ice Girls” petition and are threatening to cancel their tickets.

Recruitment of Ice Girls for The San Jose Sharks goes south.

Recently the professional ice hockey team known as the Sharks posted an announcement on their official website that they were searching for athletic men and women, with positive attitudes and great communication skills who can skate to audition in August and become part of the Ice Team.

The post explained that the organization wants to have cheerleaders on ice so they can energize the crowd during entire matches.

The San Jose Sharks also shared photos of what the potential uniforms of the Ice Girls and Ice Boys would look like.

The men of the team would sport Pacific teal sweatshirts with the team’s logo on the front with black sweatpants.

The Ice Girls would be wearing jerseys tied in the back to expose their flat stomach and black legging to show off their tight butts.

Almost 1,500 fans of the Sharks were outraged by the uniforms and started a petition on Facebook called “Say NO to Sharks Ice Girls.”

One person who signed the petition find the the uniform of female ice crew members very degrading.

Another asked why isn’t the male showing off his hairy belly?

A third commentator revealed that fans have not seen anything yet, because after hiring the Ice Girls each year that goes by the tops will get shorter and the pants will get tighter and they will look like Hooters waitresses.

A last person said that it was a slap in the face and she is asking for a refund of her season tickets.

Despite the backslash, the San Jose Sharks have plan to join the other 22 teams in the National Hockey League (NHL) with Ice Girls.

Ice Girls Recruitment Photo


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  1. Christine says:

    It seems in this day and age women are more and more degraded. It has become such the norm that even women are accepting this. Very sad for our little girls that think this is what their goal should be… sexual objects for men.

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