Homecoming Queen Shares Crown: Texas Student Shares Crown With Bullied Friend

September 20, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Homecoming Queen Shares Crown

Homecoming queen shares crown with best friend after cruel girls pranked her into believing that she was nominated. Anahi Alvarez is named homecoming queen at the Grand Prairie High School in Texas and she shares the prestigious honor with her longtime pal Lillian Skinner.

Here is a story that will restore your faith in humanity – amazing Texas homecoming queen shares her crown with her wonderful best friend after she was teased and pranked by other students.

On Friday, Anahi Alvarez was crowned homecoming queen in front of a crowd of thousands and she decided to share the honor with Lillian Skinner. The heartwarming moment took place at the Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Last week, Lillian Skinner was tricked into believing she was nominated to be homecoming queen. When the 17-year-old learned that it was all a prank, she was heartbroken. Skinner’s two best friends Anahi Alvarez and Naomi Martinez made a pact that if either of them won homecoming queen they would give it to her.

Both Alvarez and Martinez were nominated and Alvarez was given the title. The 17-year-old enlisted the help of Principal Lorimer Arendse who guided Skinner to the Gopher-Warrior Bowl under the pretense she had to take pictures of the event.

When Arendse revealed that Skinner was named 2014 homecoming queen, she was stunned, confused, and happy all at the same time. Talking to local media, the teen explained that it was like a dream come true and she had to pinch herself.

She also confessed that her philosophy in life is to look beneath the skin to see a person’s true color. Arendse added that since being in his profession, this was the kindest gesture he has ever witnessed.

He applauded Alvarez and Martinez for being so kind and true. Alvarez added that the real homecoming queen is Skinner, she just ran in her place. Martinez said that she is happy they stuck to the plan because their pal is really happy.

The story of homecoming queen shares crown with pal is inspiring and uplifting. It also has many saying that those three girls will be superb women one day.

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