Heiress Adopts Lady: Dog Gets New Rich Owner In Florida

August 6, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Heiress Adopts Lady Picture

Heiress adopts “Lady” and is flown to her new home in a private jet. After seeing the sad story of a dog named Lady, an heiress of the Wrigley gum company adopts her and flies her from a Kansas shelter to her Florida mansion where she will now live with 300 other rescued animals. Thanks to the heiress, Lady is now living the good life.

Helen Rich, an heiress to the Wrigley gum company was moved after reading the heartbreaking story of Lady, a senior Labrador that could not find a home.

Lady’s owner died in 2012 and she was brought to the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter in Kansas where she was adopted by a family.

The aging Labrador was returned to the shelter because the family claimed that she was not getting along with their puppies.

Another family adopted the senior dog and she walked more than 30 miles to her previous owner home.

Kelsey Loyd who works at the animal shelter, explained that the two families have refused to give the Labrador retriever a second chance.

Describing Lady, Loyd said she was very quiet and kind, and can not understand why she could not find a permanent and loving home.

Rich an author and animal lover who recently lost her senior black Labrador named Granny, said she was saddened by Lady’s ordeal and rapidly moved to adopt her.

On Thursday, the billionaire who was in Hawaii dispatched her two assistance Chet Ragsdale and Barbara DiCioccio via private jet to go get Lady and bring her back to her new and forever home in Tampa, Florida where she had a room and bed waiting for her.

The animal is now living in an 11,000-square-foot farm with 300 other animals including 70 dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, pigs and horses that were rescued via the On the Wings of Angels Rescue which was founded by Rich.

Talking to local media, Loyd said that he was happy to know that Lady also known as Ma Kettle found an owner and jokingly added that he would have loved to board the plane with the dog.


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  1. Tracy Rue says:

    God bless you Helen Rich! You are doing something so kind with your fortune, you are saving lives and helping animals and this is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, but, could never afford to. We adopted a rescue dog (older) and fell in love with him instantly. So glad Lady has a forever home and will be spoiled rotten~

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