Geraldo Rivera Daughter Simone Cruickshank Escapes Paris Attacks

November 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Geraldo Rivera broke down in tears while talking about his daughter, Simone Cruickshank Rivera, who was forced to flee for her life after a suicide bomber killed himself at the Stade de France in Paris, France on Friday. Mr. Rivera wept as he talked about the horrific Parisian terrorist attacks that have left over 150 innocent people dead.

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Geraldo Rivera cried as he spoke about his daughter, Simone Cruickshank Rivera, and several of her friends, who were among the thousands who got caught up in the Paris attacks on Friday night. Appearing on Fox News, Mr. Rivera explained that his 21-year-old daughter Simone, who is studying in France, was among the more than 79,000 people, who were attending a soccer match between France and Germany at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, Paris, when numerous bombs went off in front of the stadium.

France’s President François Hollande was at the stadium when the bombs detonated – he was thankfully taken to safety. It was later revealed that suicide bombers possibly with ties to ISIS perpetrated the attacks. The veteran news anchor teared up as he explained that his daughter and three pals fled to safety. The father of six said:

“It’s very upsetting. It’s a lot easier to report these things and to experience them myself than if it is your child.”“She heard the three explosions near half time,”

Rivera went on to say that his daughter did briefly call him and said that she saw a SWAT team armed with rifles running towards the Stade de France. Despite the horrible events, Rivera’s daughter will remain in Paris to pursue her education. Furthermore, the family will not annul their plans to spend Thanksgiving in Paris, la cité de la lumière. Rivera added:

“I just thank God she wasn’t at the rock concert, but was at the soccer stadium where, because of the President’s presence, there was considerable security. You can imagine what it was like for us as parents, waiting for her to communicate with us. We are very concerned. We won’t rest until she is in her apartment.”

The latest update on the Paris drama revealed that over 150 people, (among them are four police officers), have been massacred by the 7 or 8 attacks. It has been confirmed that 118, who were held hostage, perished at the Bataclan where they had gathered for a concert by the American band, Eagles Of Death Metal, and 11 were shot down at a Cambodian restaurant.

Over 200 people are currently in the hospital, and half of them have serious injuries. Hollande declared a state of emergency for the whole country and closed its borders. You can watch the clip of Geraldo Rivera getting emotional over his daughter after the jump.


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