Kelly Gissendaner, Georgia Death Row Inmate With Massive Last Meal Request, Execution Delayed

February 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kelly Gissendaner, a Georgia death row inmate with a massive last meal request grabbed headlines, now her execution has been delayed. Mrs Gissendaner, who was set to die in few days, had requested a rather large last meal, which included two Burger King Whoppers, fries and ice cream. Many are asking: Why are tax payers handling the bill for an inmate who murdered her husband?

georgia death row inmate massive last meal

The story of a Georgia death row inmate’s massive last meal has gone viral and is creating a bit of controversy. Death row inmate Kelly Gissendaner is scheduled to be put to death on February 25 at 7 p.m. at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson.

Kelly Gissendaner was found guilty in the death of her husband, Douglas Gissendaner. Kelly Renee Gissendaner, 46, will become the first woman to be executed by lethal injection in Georgia since 1945.

The first female inmate executed in Georgia was Lena Baker, who was electrocuted in 1945 for the fatal shooting of her employer. In the state of Georgia, only three offenses are punishable of death – murder, rape and kidnapping.

The inmate’s massive last meal includes few burgers, fries and a salad. She has also asked for ice cream, pop corn and boiled eggs. Here is the Georgia death row inmate’s massive last meal request, which might or might not be denied:

Cornbread with a side of buttermilk
Two Burger King Whoppers with cheese
Two large orders of fries
Cherry vanilla ice cream
Salad with boiled eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, carrots, cheese and Newman’s Own buttermilk dressing

Gissendaner has been on death row since November of 1998 after being convicted of recruiting her boyfriend to kill her husband. On February 7, 1997, Kelly Gissendaner instructed her lover, Gregory Bruce Owen, to kidnap and kill her husband, Doug Gissendaner.

As Kelly Gissendaner partied at a nightclub with a friend, Owen kidnapped Mr Gissendaner, drove him to a remote location, beat him with a nightstick, and stabbed him repeatedly in the neck and back.

Mrs Gissendaner later drove to the location to make sure her spouse was dead and gave Owen kerosene, so he could burn the victim’s car. The Georgia death row inmate’s massive last meal is making waves and many are wondering: Why are tax payers handling the bill for a woman who killed her husband?

Some say all prisons should follow Texas and ban last meals. The Lone Star State ended the tradition in 2013 after convicted murderer Lawrence Russell Brewer requested a long list of items that included two chicken fried steaks, a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, fried okra, a pound of barbecue, three fajitas, a meat lover’s pizza, a pint of ice cream and a slab of peanut butter fudge with crushed peanuts, and refused to eat any of the food.

What are your thoughts on the Georgia death row inmate massive last meal story?


The state of Georgia has issued a statement explaining that the execution of Kelly Renee Gissendaner was delayed due to a winter storm and associated scheduling issues. Gissendaner’s execution has been reset for Monday.


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  1. Jim says:

    Are you kidding, feed this dummy arsenic , a beat down with a club and made to drink kerosene as a drink. What the hell is wrong with women today, no loyalty at all just being selfish and self-centred

    • Deb says:

      Jim – “what the hell is wrong with women today”
      Ummm….this is the action of ONE woman.

      For every woman that kills someone, there are probably tens of thousands of men who do. Much more common for a man to kill their wives than the other way around.

    • Dan says:

      They should just give her a Michelle Obama school lunch meal!

      • Johnny says:

        I agree – a Michelle Obama school lunch Ha ha ha.

      • tony says:

        But that would be cruel and unusual punishment

      • Curious says:

        Hey Dan,

        What is your problem with Michelle Obama, what has she done to you, please be specific.

        • Eric says:

          She has wasted countless taxpayer dollars dictating what our children eat at school. The whole thing has been a dismal failure as most kids throw it out. Do a little research on the subject.

          • TruthinNews says:

            You should research as well sources other than FOX news. People like you try to come off as being informed and yet you are still sheep being lead by the wolf, and are too blind to see it. Do a little research on the subject…..

          • Melvin says:

            And what did Nancy Regan, Barbara Bush and Laura Bush do while serving as First Ladies? Nancy coined the phrase “just say no” and what has that done for our country? Oh, it got us into this war on drugs that her husband started that has been futile at best.

          • JB McGoverm says:

            Actually Eric the hungry children that need a “good lunch” the most would eat anything you put in front of them. The fat over feed picky junk food eaters need to skip more than a few meals anyway. So that they too will eat what good food is put on their tray. Now I suppose you want to start with where is my proof. Shut you yap and think just a little while. Common sense is very refreshing too.

    • Swamptrotter says:

      Sounds like you’re the kind of man that “needs” killing! We women are not killing any more or any less than we ever did. In fact, I’d bet it’s less these days. However, an educated, sensitive, and loving fellow like you is right up there on the list of garbage that needs dumping than most. If you’re married, I hope you think twice before eating some of those cakes and pies your wife bakes for you. A few yew berries or some seeds from foxglove aught to do the trick.

    • garry wayne says:

      And God said….. Thou shall not kill.

      It does not say the state shall not, the county shall not.

      What is wrong with a 9 by 9 room with feeding only to sustain life?

      That way the innocent are maintained and punishment is served.

      • Angel says:

        The Bible also says that, if someone takes another’s life, it’s up to US to take their life away. AN eye for an eye.

  2. Linda says:

    Give her the same last meal she gave her husband. Let her spend her last hours chewing on a nightstick and matchsticks. She was out dancing and having fun, knowing all along exactly what her boyfriend was doing to her husband. What an animal. Shame it’s not the electric chair.

  3. McDonald says:

    The State has been feeding her too long. They should have been put to death Feb 8,1997 along with her boyfriend

    • JB McGoverm says:

      Excellent idea…… You got my vote. Only I would still allow time for a fare trial. So it may have needed to been done late in the evening of February 8 1997. Still before dinner time no doubt.

  4. Elaine says:


    • EK21 says:

      Easy on the caps lock rock star

    • Reverend Loveslug says:

      So let me get this straight. You are fine with the state killing a convicted murderer by the way the victim was killed. So, If someone in your neighborhood was kidnapped and killed by being skinned alive, and you were mistakenly arrested and convicted for the murder, you would be fine being skinned alive until you died in great agony? Would you be saying on death row,”Please make sure you kill me with the most pain you can!” or “Why are you being so cruel to me?”? We need executions to be humane just in case an innocent is killed.


  5. Jerry Messick says:

    She is obviously deranged or she would not have asked for Burger King as a last meal? As you can see the taxpayers have done right by her she has been eating real good on our dollar.The most amazing part of this story is that she had a boyfriend and a husband, I guess you really can drink someone pretty

  6. Al says:

    I agree with McDonald. I want to know why it takes 15-17 years to complete the execution. Why I have to pay for her food and “up-keep” for all these years?

    • JB McGoverm says:

      Because “Rich Folk” make lots of money on feeding and housing them. It is always about money. As in Rich getting Richer.

  7. captain ern says:

    cheeburger, cheeburger, cheeburger…………no coke, pepsi!

  8. Barbara says:

    Just give it to her, she will die with it and it will rot her quicker…

  9. Mick says:

    Thats a small price to pay to be rid of her. Just feed her this one last time.

  10. Marie says:

    She’s had plenty of time to think about what she’s done, and she’ getting ready to meet her maker, let her enjoy the things she’s missed since she did what did, it doesn’t matter, she’s dying anyway, she’s paying for her crime. May as well die with a full stomach, and have the taste of the foods you enjoyed while you were here on earth. Hope she made peace, with the Lord, she’ll be seeing him soon enough

    • Kelley says:

      Very well said Marie. It is not for us to judge on earth. Who should really care what she eats or any other death row inmate. Yes they had to have did something terrible to get on death row. But as you said they are paying the ultimate price for taking a life. She certainly was cruel hearted.

    • JB McGoverm says:

      I know you are correct Marie. The wrong part of this is housing & feeding killers/Rapists/kidnappers 15 to 20 years on tax payers dime. Way to many folks making money on our broken system.

  11. Lindsey says:

    She can stuff her gut full, too bad she couldn’t have filled her soul with something other than hate! Good riddance. Hook her up and juice her!

    • shelley says:


    • Jaemae says:

      How could anyone even think about eating when they’re about to be executed? I think I wouldn’t have much of an appetite. As a matter of fact…I would be puking from fear. Do away with this last meal nonsense. It’s just bullshit you would see in a movie…it’s make believe. Be done with it.

  12. Claudia` says:

    She doesn’t deserve to have a last meal. Texas has the right idea.
    Why should we keep paying to keep killers, sex offenders, wrong is wrong.

    • george tirebiter says:

      because we’re not as barbaric as the killer … or the poster called Elaine above. Go join ISIS if you like the subhuman behavior.

      • cb says:

        Somewhere in between barbaric, eye-for-an-eye punishments and food and health care opportunities in prison which are better than what’s available to the lower- to lower-middle-class is probably appropriate. If we all didn’t have to live so definitively on one side of the fence or the other, we could find a way to provide viable sustenance for a short (and inexpensive)amount of time until we hurry along their punishment. Fascinating that we have to show pitiful commercials of starving children to elicit folks to contribute 30 cents a day to provide food (not Whoppers, fries, and ice cream btw)to them, but the government can use our tax money to feed a law breaker whatever he or she wishes – at FAR more expensive than 30 cents a day – even when it’s standard prison fare and not just the final meal. Confounding…

    • Tony says:

      Guess we should just open the prison doors and let them all leave…

  13. MsZulu says:

    I worked at a Maximum Security Prison, that also held Death Row Inmates, when I started, some 20 years ago. I spoke daily with the men housed on Death Row, and I have seen inmates order those gigantic last meals, many times. Here is a point of view from some of those waiting to be put to death… (I know this is hard for a rational, free person to grasp, as it was for me). However, here is the deal for “some” of those on death row… they consider this as their very last bit of retribution, against their “keepers” / “guards”. The inmate eats all of this food, and when they finally take their last breath, their bowels release through the natural process of death, and the doctor, who must pronounce the death, along with others who must handle the body until the coroner takes over must deal with the very last vile intentioned act of the inmate, against any and all mankind. Think about it, this is why some of them eat that last gigantic meal.

    • Tony says:

      Well, these people have been crapping on everyone their whole lives, so…….why stop now?

    • Cindy says:

      Listen to this man….prepping him for his final punishment should be a FAST….not a binge eating that would cause more problems for those having to do their job.

    • Barbara Vacek says:

      I agree ,perhaps we could put a large heavy weight garbage bag duct taped at the waist with a long gown ,disposables so the garbage bag does not show and than strap down the legs over the gown very, very secure and they can be buried ASAP in their own waste. Just a thought…

    • Johnny says:

      I once was involved with “processing” animals for slaughter as part of a USDA approved program. We always stopped feeding the animals about a week before slaughter to prevent build up of decomposing stomach contents – it made butchering much more cleaner.

      Such funny rules’ we couldn’t shoot them with lead bullets but we could with alloy projectiles or full copper clad / steel insert bullets like used in the military’ due to possible lead poisoning’ go figure?

    • Jean says:

      I have no problem with the last meal being granted and if they ask them what they want then you cannot fault that person for what they order. I was wondering if they ate the food I didn’t think they would even have an appetite to eat. I was thinking about that when they pass all the bowels and bladder do release from working in a health field. Actually the people I have been around most of the time the body doesn’t require food and they don’t asked for it when going through the dying process but that answered my question why would they eat it makes sense now they do it for spite but that’s too bad becasue that time left should be for repentance.

      • JB McGoverm says:

        Most are not the repentance sort or they would not be there.

      • Jaemae says:

        depending on the time between the meal and the execution…that meal may well be still in the stomach. Where it will stay till processing. I don’t know if there is funerals for these individuals or are they cremated? But that last meal may not be what’s coming out.

  14. Chondale Pore says:

    I do NOT believe anyone in prison and for sure on death row should be given what they want for a last meal! Did the person they hurt or killed get one last meal of their choice? The taxpayer pays for these creeps to be kept fed, watered and sheltered for the rest of their worthless lives!!! and yet our men and women of the service are left to fend for themselves! makes me sick!!!

  15. Tom says:

    Give her nothing.Doesn’t look like she’s missed too many meals!

  16. Les says:

    Kill them all and let god sort it out. The ultimate punishment. You could always send them to Syria with the word Cristian tattooed on there forehead.

  17. timothy duff sr says:

    are you kidding , burger king food will kill you n!

  18. Tony says:

    Terrible food choices that can lead to health issues down the road!!

  19. JUAN says:


  20. Jack says:

    I would hate to be the person that has to clean up her mess after she is dead. Bowels do release fluids at death…eeewwwwwwww yuck

    • Cindy says:

      AGREE !!!! Forced FASTING as a prep for the body subject to execution (death). This should be a protocol not a privilege. This person is a felon…with NO RIGHTS.

  21. Rego Anon says:

    Compared to the cost of having kept them on the row this long, it’s a tiny pittance. If everyone is worried about the “cleanup” after, then don’t let them sit around waiting and waiting – set the timer to be underway within the hour after food is delivered. Burger King is a strange choice for a request anyway.

    • James P. says:

      Right, we’re killing them after all. So the least we can do is give them a good last meal. And the public has no good reason to hate this woman. She wasn’t a serial killer, she just killed her husband. And maybe she had a good reason to, how do we know?

      • Tony says:

        Agree wholeheartedly – I like how many folks keep bringing up God and how she deserves to die – and rightly so, she did a terrible thing… but God isn’t killing her, we are. It’s only fair to give her whatever last meal she wishes… like in the movies when the bad guy gets one final puff of the cigarette before being shot.

  22. Barbara Vacek says:

    Give it to her, she looks like she could eat it and then some. I would give every death row inmate a meal if it is something reasonable that a normal person would eat or put a calorie amount restriction ,maybe 5000 calories

  23. Jan Marie Brown says:

    Just look at the comments below. As a person is preparing to die for their crime, we would deny them the small, final pleasure of a meal of their choosing? Said in comments “she doesn’t deserve it,” “why feed her on taxpayer dollars,” “Hook her up and juice her,” “NO ONE ON DEATH ROW SHOULD RECEIVE ANY KIND OF KINDNESS!!!” Or ” Just give it to her, she will die with it and it will rot her quicker.” I bet you are the same people who ask often “what is this world coming to?” Granted, probably none of you have committed murder, and it was a horrible thing she did, but really, I don’t see these mean spirited, nasty people as being much better than her. If we were punished for our meanness, well, I think a whole lot of you would be very uncomfortable right now. Bet most of the people saying this stuff are “Christians” too. Am I right? And conservative politically, am I right? God and the good ole USA, right? Well, I think you’re all a bunch of mean hearted, nasty people. Yeah, yeah, she did the crime.. Whatever, two wrongs don’t make a right. Doesn’t mean you are a good person just because you never killed anyone. What is wrong with being kind? Do you think YOU deserve kindness when you act this way?

    • vi says:

      agreed. It doesn’t seem too excessive or expensive. A salad, an entrée, and a dessert.

      • Anne says:

        Agreed. People are incredibly blood thirsty and vindictive. All we know is that she was convicted. We don’t even know whether she was actually guilty. The justice system is flawed and at times “innocent until proven guilty” is a joke.

      • Linda says:

        Well, since you are such a fine Christian and such a sweet person, why don’t you travel to the prison and hold her hand while she is getting juiced. Obviously, you have never been on the other side when someone like her hurts or kills a member of your family. Being nice or forgiving is not an option. Wake up lady!!

        • Tony says:

          it’s not about going and protesting the death penalty or holding a vigil outside the prison, or even holding the woman’s hand while she’s getting “juiced” (i like that term you used Linda) – it’s about taking her life (regardless of how heinous her crime was) and affording her one last meal before she gets “juiced.” Just because she was barbaric in her actions, doesn’t mean you nor I should stoop to that level.

          Food for thought.

        • Jan Marie Brown says:

          Surprise! I’m am atheist. I feel horrible for anyone who has lost a loved one to senseless tragedy. But, really, what does THAT have to do with a last meal for before execution?

          • Jaemae says:

            You’re the one who brought Christianity into the conversation…why are you asking what it has to do with anything now? And comparing mean comments on the internet to a murderer and not seeing much of a difference between the two is ridiculous.Get off you high horse once in a while. Yes people have strong opinions on the death penalty and I’m sure if she were married to your son and had him may feel differently. And @Linda..being forgiving is always an option. Most likely not for me but many people have said forgiveness was the only way they could move on with their own lives. Back to the subject at hand…I think the last meal could be done away’s just drama and nonsense. Here…eat what your given and like it …or don’t. It really doesn’t make much difference at that point does it?

      • shelley says:

        are you kidding me?

  24. James P. says:

    She should have ordered all that food, plus a diet coke.

    No one stops to think that maybe her husband was a jerk, and maybe he deserved to be killed. How do we know? So I think the least we can do is follow through on their last meal request. Her meal would cost around $30, and that’s not much.

    • Terrail says:

      Doesn’t matter what he was like if she was at the club she could have left him and they both could have their lives. No excuse, reason, or cause for someone to take another persons life if they can safely get away and she surely could

  25. nonstopjoe says:

    Bread and water, and not too much of either. She looks overweight and
    could benefit from a low calorie diet.

    • Patty says:

      joe, you’re killin’ me….. “could benefit from a low calorie diet”. Will it help her breathe easier before she’s juiced? I’m crying I’m laughing so hard at that comment. A lot of these commments are seriously hilarious.

  26. Jacquie Joubert says:

    Request: DENIED!!!!!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I honestly believe that she should get exactly to eat what everybody else in the prison gets that day. It should not be any more special than anybody else’s meal. That is just my thinking.

  28. D A Martin says:

    I think you are to lazy to find something to write about.

  29. Terrail says:

    Granting someone on death row a last meal…..why don’t they just get their last wish too like getting their hair and/or nails done????? OK give them a “special” last meal but it should be prepared by the facility not brought from an outside restaurant, which means if the other inmates don’t get popcorn and ice cream you don’t get popcorn and/or ice cream. Stop the madness already!!!

  30. Ty Treadwell says:

    To be honest, this hardly rates as a huge meal. I’ve been researching and writing about last meals for nearly 20 years, and I’ve seen many that are much, much bigger! (author of Last Suppers: Famous Final Meals from Death Row)

  31. Linda says:

    Wow! What a stupid, stupid country we live in. Why do we continue to help/assist people that have no compassion for anyone else but themselves. This includes all the tourists and other aliens we let into our country only to have them kill our people. Does 911 ring a bell?! Kelly is a pig and she needs to squeal all the way to the end. Giving her ice cream is a joke. Is that supposed to make the needle go in easier, I think not. Some Americans don’t have the luxury of having ice cream or Whoppers, as they are homeless and cannot afford a meal of any kind. Some of our people are eating out of trash cans. They need to take the $40 it costs to feed that fat B-T-H and give it to a homeless person or a family in need. The news media is to blame for a lot of this. They should not publish this kind of story at all. That’s exactly what people like Kelly wants, publicity. It gives these criminals the last word and they don’t deserve it. They are killers and it is a shame that the courts allow these animals to stay alive as long as they do. Why do we continue to feed and clothe them for years when the inevitable will happen? Once a person is convicted of a brutal crime, they should be taken outside the courthouse and shot and their bodies then given to their families to bury, etc. Why should taxpayers pay for not only their living expenses, but their burial expenses as well. Wake up America!!!!

    • bill says:

      Would you concider running for president?

    • JB McGoverm says:

      Killers/Rapist/Kidnappers all are housed and feed for 15 to 20 years because there are way to many folks making tons of money on our current prison system. RICH WEALTHY folks make our laws to benefit their own families. Same with spending costs for Military/NASA and Highway Construction just to name a few.

  32. Kevin says:

    There are roughly 50 executions in the US per year. She is going to die for her crimes in the next couple days, I’m fine with giving them their last requested meal. Maybe cap it at a dollar amount or something though, $200 or something. Again, she is going to die and reap the punishment for her crime

    • JB McGoverm says:

      You are insane too. $200 Horse s— I am 57 and never spent $200 on a single meal even in a restaurant.

  33. Ejon says:

    Aren’t all death row inmates entitled to a last meal. What makes her request so special? I believe there was an inmate years ago who ordered steak and lobster tail. She’ll be dead soon enough.

  34. Wendell says:

    All they have to do is keep feeding her that request when she first went to jail and she would have been dead in a month of cardiac arrest. Total of $40 a day for 30 days equaling $1200 vs. the millions sent with housing and court appeals.

  35. Manny says:

    She really needs to watch her cholesterol

  36. Melinct says:

    I see no harm in giving this woman whatever kind of last meal that she wants, she’ll be dead soon enough and how she is treated in those final minutes will not bring back her husband. She will pay with her life for what she has done and as a Christian my belief is that she will be also be judged by her maker as well, it isn’t my place to judge her. I hope her last meal brings her some sort of comfort as she contemplates her death and what is beyond that.

  37. Ashley says:

    She didn’t ask her husband what he wanted for his last meal…

  38. Barb says:

    I think she has ate well for many years, better than her husband has. To me our tax dollars are wasted on giving these people 3 hots, and a cot for way to long. Until they get their just do! You do something this horrible you don’t deserve to live like a normal human being, I don’t why we give them so much respect, they get better food, medical benefits, etc. than most of the people in the United States and they murdered people. Let them rot! Don’t give them benefits on my dollar. Sure as heck don’t give them more than what I can provide for my family!!

  39. Stacy says:

    Well, I think this is great (sarcastic). The question that is asked is why are tax payers handling the bill for an inmate who murdered her husband? Well I use to work in the GA prison system as a nurse, if the tax payers really knew what kind of medical treatment they were paying for well you can only imagine. The state pays for HIV meds and hormonal treatment for one dude that wants a sex change, but stopping the hormonal treatment could just do something terrible to him? All that for one month, let’s see about $3000. Some of the things our state tax dollars go to for these inmates is freaking ridiculous. Ball and chain, digging ditches, what happened to those days, make them earn there keep. Nope that’s inhumane. Right. It’s all politics. Figuring up her list, what is about $20 for this chicks last meal, a drop in the bucket.

    • john says:


    • JB McGoverm says:

      Absolutely correct Stacy…. Way too many people making tons of money on our broken system. Prisons/NASA/Military costs and Highway Construction just to name a few. Billions being paid out to Wealthy people that make the rules.

  40. Tugg Speedman says:

    “Sorry honey the drive-thru was closed we’ll have to go along with the execution.”

  41. john says:


  42. Manon Babier Nery says:

    At this point, might as well can’t go wrong with the price. The prison system pays for sex change, counselors, medical and if one is interested they can get out of jail with a master degree.

  43. Greg says:

    I heard that when you die that you crap your pants. Why give her all that food that a prison employee has to clean up. yuk

  44. Alex says:

    I say give the fat pig a salad with NO dressing! She lost her rights and privileges when she brutally murdered her husband!! Her death should be just as painful!!!

  45. Stefano B says:

    I agree with McDonald and Al. Opponents say that the death penalty is not a deterrent. That is because it takes 15-20 years or more to complete the execution. I believe that if justice was swift, it would be more of a deterrent. I mean just look at CA. Manson is still alive; been in prison for 40+ years. Why do we have to pay for their food and “up-keep” for all these years? I am not saying to eliminate appeals, but at least limit them.

    • Dan says:

      Manson is still around because in the 70s our wonderful penal system eliminated the death penalty and all those that had been given the sentence got it changed to life. Rose Byrd and Jerry Brown, gotta love them

  46. tony says:

    Cost $20-30, inconvenience of having to drive to BK within that hr is more of a problem.
    Final meals is a gesture to show that society is humane.

    As she was not serial killer, I think she should have gotten life in prions instead to show that we are humane. would saved tax dollars anyway.
    People how murder their spouse for life-insurance money maybe is different, but why are they selling 1million insurance anyway, it’s just like you are asking for being a target, keep it at $50K

  47. Michael says:

    I don’t care what or how much they have as a last meal. We should not be concerned about how much a last meal costs tax payers. What we should be concerned about is how much money it has cost to house this convicted CRIMINAL on death row for nearly TWO DECADES! FIND OUT WHAT THE COSTS HAS BEEN FOR THE LAST 18 YEARS TO FEED, HOUSE, AND PROVIDE HEALTH CARE FOR THE CONDEMNED INMATE! THEN CPOMPARE THAT TO THE COST OF THE LAST MEAL. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  48. GOAT says:

    When one of these people are found guilty of capitol murder and sentenced to death, the clock should start ticking at that moment. Give them 18 months to explore appeals, refute evidence and exhuast all appeals. 18 months to the day when you were found guilty will be your execution date. No stay’s, no nothing, this is your death date. This would stop all the 10-20 years on death row b.s. you kill someone you will die in return. You benefit from 18 months of additional life to make peace with your maker and/or find an appeal that benefits you. 18 months your victim never had, and thats all you get. Last meal is whatever is on the menu at your prison, enjoy.

    • shelley says:

      love it !!!!

    • Patty says:

      They could also have a court set up just for death row inmates to speed the appeals along. Civil rights for a murderer violated? Did the victim/s have any civil rights? Their rights were taken, as should be the murderer’s. The ones fighting against lethal injections because “they will suffer”…..did their victim/s suffer? So should they. If it was lethal injection they are out of it asleep, so any noise they make isn’t suffering, it’s the way they sleep. They aren’t feeling any of it. If they didn’t inject enough to do the job, they can inject more. It’s not like the injectee is going to jump up and complain “it hurt”. The ridiculous costs of maintaining inmates should be taken out of their own allowance/account. If they don’t pay for their own healthcare, so be it. They shouldn’t have put themselves in their position. We shouldn’t pay for tv, education etc. Let them work it off if they want stuff.

  49. Sheila says:

    I think the big problem is the fact that tax payers have been paying for this women to sit on death row for 17 years!! They get food, shelter, health care, vision, dental, and free education. That is the big problem not that she wants a big last meal. If we are going to complaine lets not do it over one meal but over the whole way the prison system is set up in this contry.

  50. Sandy says:

    Are you kidding me? Inmates, in my opinion, deserve no last meal. We the taxpayers, are already paying too much for them to be in prison/jail. This female has been in prison since 1998, we have fed her and given her privileges that we don’t even give to a large population that have never committed a crime. When you have been convicted of a crime, you should loose all your privileges. Give them 3 meals a day, a bed with bathroom facilities and that is it. For some that is too much. If you have murdered someone, you should be put to death within 30 days of conviction. Why should it take almost 17 years to put a person to death? It makes no sense to me.

  51. R Scott Grimes says:

    Some rag trying to create news where there is none. This is a minor last meal compared to many others I have read about. It will cost what, about $20? For those complaining, $20 is cheaper rather than housing and feeding this pig the rest of her life.

  52. Terry says:

    Give her nothing like Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Al says:

    The biggest question in all of this is, “how in the heck did that woman have both a husband AND a boyfriend who was willing to kill to be with her?!”

  54. jmac says:

    let he who is without sin….if she had enough money you wouldn’t be reading about her.

  55. Marilyn says:

    Its their last meal let them have what they ask for

  56. spooner says:

    Just feed her a salad she could lose a few

  57. Alex says:

    Who are we kidding. The cost of last meal is nothing in comparison to cost of her incarceration for over 10 year and legal bill of appeals etc. Let her have her meal and off her at the earliest possible time.

  58. patti hileman says:

    Why do we need to feed these people a meal of their choice before dying? We are already paying for their room and board, food, laundry and everything else, give them the prison fare like always and let it go as that.

  59. Teresa says:

    I say follow Texas, ban their last meal. What’s the point.

    • Jay says:

      Wow! What’s with the comments on weight? What difference does that make? What does that have to do with the subject? Feel like I am back in high school.

      Execute them immediately after the trial? What about those found innocent 29 years later – recent event and anymore not so odd.

      I am a big fan of making prisoners work – almost a chain gang type thing. Death penalty – how does that make us any better than them?
      Have them give back to society for their keep. One guard on 40 prisoners doing the work of one unchained person, employer contributing to the cost, I can live with making up the difference.

  60. AmyinOaktown says:

    With any luck she’ll choke on it….dying by lethal injection is just too easy. She should be forced to hear from victim’s family while she’s eating.

  61. Grayson Ravenwood says:

    Let them have their cake and eat it to. Executions are down and a few whoppers isn’t going to break the taxpayers bank. Their dead, isn’t that the main goal anyway?

  62. Goduto says:

    Apparently they need to have classes in prison for this. You are allowed anything you want and you pick a couple whoppers? Seriously?
    No kobe beef steak, fresh seafood, or creme brulee? So sad that is the best she could do. Certainly a crime in and of itself.

    Maybe Burger King paid her for the advertising rights “this Whopper is to die for”

    • shelley says:

      I love this comment !! too funny!!

      • Goduto says:

        Thanks Shelley.

        My favorites are the ones that think this plus size model is doing it for a bigger poo. Clearly, she just wants to die with a full belly. I doubt she ever waited an hour after a meal to swim in either.

        Tragedy plus time does equal comedy.

  63. jd riprock says:

    My God, you cant feed her that crap. It’s not healthy!!!!!

  64. Joe Book says:

    Give the girl a Burger King! Come on people!

  65. jenjen says:

    Texas has banned last meals since 2013? I live here and didn’t know that. Gotta give em props…..Texas knows how to do it right.

  66. Anastacia says:

    I look at it this way for death row inmates and their last meal; I don’t think the taxpayers should pay for it. If they want a list of food for their Last Meal make them pay for it. If they have money on the prison account they can have whatever they want as long as they have the money to cover it. If they don’t have money then they don’t get the Last Meal.

  67. Mel says:

    Her husband didn’t get to choose his last meal. He didn’t even realize it would be his last. I am struggling to understand why we cater to those who break the law. That’s premeditated murder in cold blood!! Plot, plan, and then dance the night away, only to go check and make sure he’s dead!! The victims never get the “privileges” of deciding what to eat, what to do, the last thing to say, so why do we offer it to those who committed the crime?!? I’m appalled that the criminals get more freedoms, choices, and rights than the victim!!

  68. Otis says:

    She should only get what the other inmates get.

  69. baba says:

    by the looks of her , i think this is just a normal meal !!!

  70. Gene says:

    Ridiculous – – their last meal should be the same as every other person in jail that taxpayers are already paying for. The crime is that they are in jail and costing all of us money rather than working to offset the $100,000 a year taxpayers are getting dinged for these criminals to be in jail. Put them to work to offset the cost of prison or find another solution so that all these criminals are not drains on hard working Americans. No special meals for criminals – you lost that right when you committed the crime.

  71. bobbiej says:

    Why do convicted felons have more rights than free people?

  72. amy says:

    NO inmate should even be fed a “last meal”!!! Did her husband get one before he was murdered?

  73. Pamela says:

    THIS IS INSANE fix the homeless population, these murderers are housed, fed and have entertainment at that. Starving children and our soldiers eat worse when overseas. I don’t want my tax dollars being spent this way, time to change the law to accommodate nowadays.

  74. Marc says:

    You are what you eat….

  75. ray says:

    Give her, her last meal. They are going to die, they know they are going to die. Unlike their victims who die quickly w out notice. They live on deathrow for 20 years knowing they are going to be killed. We can afford $ 20 bucks to give them 1 last quality meal. No I don’t agree with their actions, but what else do you want from them? already taking their life.

  76. Joe Sixpack says:

    what is the big deal the whole meal probably cost $20.00 that’s cheap
    and these people are complaining. Do they think a whopper and fries are 5 star meal????? geeez

  77. Don says:

    Whats the big deal? After feeding and housing her for the last 7 years, we’re worried about giving her ice cream, a few burgers and cornbread? Seriously! Besides, its the humane thing to do IMOP.

  78. bossy mom says:

    what would you all want if it was your last meal???? we also pay taxes on far worse crap then some ones last supper wishes… the hundreds plus prisons we pay to feed three meals a day too…..etc etc

  79. Eric says:

    Her crime is not up for debate, it’s been decided that she will die. There’s nothing wrong with fulfilling her choice of her last meal, it wont’ change the outcome.

    We live in a society that is governed by justice and I mean Fair justice. She might have done some awful things but she’s already paying the ultimate price. A few cheeseburgers and icecream doesn’t seem all that unreasonable when we’re talking about taking someone’s life ending.

    I don’t know how this even became news worthy.

  80. keith says:

    Damn, give her the food

  81. Thomas Driscoll says:

    Its less then $20,It costs more a day to house her,Feed her and then do what should have been done 17 years ago.

  82. Pat Reed says:

    It’s sad and unreasonable that they can eat better than our regular population!

  83. juli says:

    Id rather pay to have their last meal on the first day they arrive, then be put to death immediately so my tax money isn’t wasted for years.

  84. Sonia says:

    This seems oh so funny that people would quibble over a what $30-$40, but don’t have a problem with the cost of what it takes to house these death row inmates for years. I say if it gets them to the gurney quicker feed them like a king for their last meal and quit housing them for so long.

  85. Ahern says:

    We are really missing it as a society what was her husband last request and was it approved. The only thing she should get is death and it should of been a lot sooner than NOW

  86. tom says:

    well looks like she hasn’t missed any meals anyhow, could be the daily diet.

  87. S Reagan says:

    Is there some double standard between what a man on death row gets versus a woman? I say give her what she wants. It’s not as if she is asking for anything especially expensive or hard to find. Other death row inmates have requested steaks, shrimp or lobster as their last meal. One death row inmate executed in Mississippi in 2012 ordered one Pizza Hut medium Super Supreme Deep Dish pizza with double portions of mushrooms, onions, jalapeño peppers, and pepperoni, a second pizza with three cheeses, olives, bell pepper, tomato, garlic, and Italian sausage, 10 8-oz. packs of Parmesan cheese, 10 8-oz. packs of ranch dressing, one family size bag of Doritos nacho cheese flavor, 8 oz. jalapeño So why are they complaining about giving her a few Whoppers?

  88. Ciff says:

    Isn’t she worried about her health, eating all that junk food?

  89. Kristal says:

    Might as well let her eat whatever- Anyone who has had any kind of stint within the criminal justice system can tell you: The stuff that you have to eat in jail isn’t exactly great. Or always edible for that matter. Besides, she has probably been eating nothing but, ahem, her cellmate for the last however many years anyway.

  90. Robert Enox says:

    Looks as though she should be dieting. Being overweight is downright unhealthy. Oh well, so is taking drugs intravenously. Looking forward to February 25th.

  91. RAPendergast says:

    Wait…how the hell is this meal “massive”???? If this was 2 four pound lobsters with fries, slaw, chowder, corn on the cob, fresh salad, drinks and desert, yeah THAT would be “massive”. This? Hell, that’s TYPICAL of a take out fast food meal except for the salad!!!! Get over it people….feed the cow and then slaughter it…as she deserves.

  92. Vanessa says:

    A SIMPLE THOUGHT. I wonder if she gave him, a requested last meal. Just saying.

  93. shelley says:

    I agree all the way

  94. JoJoBean says:

    Honestly, who gives a flyin’ f*ck! This meal will cost the tax payers all of maybe $20.00. So what?!?! This poor, fat, ugly, disgusting woman is going to be put to death soon. We’ve been paying somewhere around $22,000.00 a year to house and feed her, what’s an extra $20.00 at this point.

  95. Bud says:

    You all make a lot of sense. Putting her to death doesn’t send her a clear enough message that what she did is wrong. They should deprive her of her last meal, because feeding death row inmates 15 dollars worth of food one time is the real tax burden on the public. Also, not allowing her to have whoppers will definitely make her regret ever having somebody kill her husband. Lastly, if you can’t detect the sarcasm in this comment, you probably don’t have business responding to it.

  96. Killhim says:

    That’s cheap compared to some inmates last meals..You can get what ever you want and some have got surf & turf plus whole pies.I don’t see more than $40 if that for this be gone.

  97. Dave says:

    funny….they question tax payers paying for her giant last meal…but no question about tax dollars paying for her meals every day in jail. after eating all that they wont have to put her down.. her heart will stop all on its own.

  98. Doug says:

    Hell, let him have his cheeseburger. I’ll even leave the tip. Let’s just get on with it.

  99. T McAlister says:

    I feel she and all death row inmates last meal should be no different than the other inmates are eating.
    Bottom line these people broke the law and are in prison, being found guilty by a jury of their peers.
    Since when do they earn the respect of a glutinous last meal at tax payers expense. We already pay enough for the long term incarceration of these people. REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Imagineer says:

    What I’d like to know is WHO exactly is going to do this horrific thing to the prisoner? And who collect the money to arrange such a thing? If it’s a US citizen that legally doles out the punishment, then we’ve got one creepy and dangerous nation. Very few countries in the western world even have a death penalty at all or would consider one. It’s morally wrong to most. The people of the US are different that way.

  101. D. KENNEDY says:


  102. Angel says:

    That has to be the stupidest reason EVER for delaying an execution. The weather??? GIVE ME A BREAK!

  103. Chris says:

    There is a difference between anything you want for a last meal and everything you want for a last meal….

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