Firefighter Beat Woman: Cats Prompted Ian Justin Eulian And His Mother To Assault Neighbor

May 23, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A firefighter, who beat a woman for feeding stray cats in their neighborhood, has been convicted. In 2013, surveillance cameras caught Los Angeles City firefighter Ian Justin Eulian, and his mother, Lonieta Fontaine, having a violent confrontation with Rebecca Stafford. The firefighter punched Stafford so many times that she fell unconscious.

Ian Justin Eulian

A firefighter, who beat a woman for giving food to the stray cats in their neighborhood, is facing up to seven years behind bars. In September 2013, a surveillance camera near West Adams community center, captured a shocking scene. Ian Justin Eulian, a Los Angeles city firefighter, and his mother, Lonieta Fontaine, were seen having a heated conversation with Rebecca Stafford.

The mother and her son confronted Stafford because she was feeding stray cats in the neighborhood. At some point during the confrontation, Stafford is seen throwing cat kibble at the firefighter’s face. Eulian retaliated by punching the woman repeatedly until she fell unconscious to the floor.

When the woman awoke, and told the pair that she had no recollection of what occurred, they lied to her and told her that she had slipped and hit her head. The mother-and-son duo helped her back into her Jeep, and Fontaine escorted her to her home.

In court, the woman said she threw the kibble at the firefighter because she wanted him to stop yelling at her. Eulian said he beat the woman in self-defense. The first trial ended in a deadlock. However, this time around, it took jurors less than two hours to find the firefighter guilty of battery with serious bodily injury and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.

“The actions of this member are a discredit to LAFD and the men and women who serve faithfully every day,” LAFD spokesman Peter Sanders said in a statement. “Once the Department has been formally notified of his felony conviction, a Board of Rights will be convened in accordance with Department policy to determine the appropriate disciplinary measures.”

“Ian is crushed by the verdict,” shared Eulian’s attorney, Robert A. Schwartz, who plans to appeal. “He’s a kind, thoughtful person. He’s done good all his life. He’d never been violent before.”

Eulian is set to learn his fate next month but could be in prison for seven years.

What are your thoughts on Ian Justin Eulian’s conviction?


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  1. Cam Q says:

    There is no justification what-so-ever for attacking a kind women who feeds the homeless cat. This fire-fighter obviously has a hidden violent temper and anger outburst against women, and lied about his assault afterward. This is a violent crime which deserves the maximum punishment, including the termination of his employment with the LAPD. I don’t care how much good deed he has done before. He is not fit to be a firefighter period.

  2. John says:

    That was pretty violent. He definitely needs jail time. What’s up with the mother? No wonder he’s messed up.

  3. Rick Smart says:

    And even through all this woman went through you don’t see a bunch of losers out there marching and protesting against two blacks hitting a white woman. I guess it just goes to show whites have more sense when it comes to that sort of thing. No one is rioting,pillaging,or destroying other people’s property. I bet they felt real proud of themselves, two against one, beating the crap out of a white woman, and then lying about it later.

  4. Romaine Reeves says:

    Jail time for sure. He has no business working as a Firefighter….so fire him. His mother should be charged with something and serve jail time as well. Ridiculous ! Thanks only to the cameras ! Also, If they are foreign send their pathetic selves back to wherever they came from.
    Financial restitution is in order for the victim.

  5. tmartens says:

    I seriously doubt he has never been violent before….his mom appears to be a little violent herself. And then to lie and tell the cat lady that she slipped and fell and then the mom took her home! I would not want them knowing where I lived! Prison time is much deserved.

  6. kriss says:

    Violent son and violent mother, they both deserve to be dealt with seriously by the Courts. I cannot believe that he has not been violent before….. he looks like he knows exactly what he is doing as he drags her out of the jeep.

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