Ellie Goulding Awkward: Lewis Hamilton And Ellie Goulding Share Weird 2015 BRIT Awards Moment

February 26, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ellie Goulding’s awkward moment with Lewis Hamilton at the 2015 BRIT Awards has gone viral. When Lewis Hamilton and Ellie Goulding took the stage last night to announce the Best International Female Solo Artist, they shared what is being called the most awkward and unfunny moment of the BRIT Awards – which included a weird comment about a wedding dress and a failed attempt to get the audience to clap.

ellie goulding awkward

An Ellie Goulding awkward moment has many laughing. Last night, someone had the bad idea to pair Ellie Goulding and Lewis Hamilton as presenters at the 2015 BRIT Awards held at The O2 Arena in London, England.

It seems that the duo did not have a script to read before announcing that Taylor Swift was the Best International Female Solo Artist – so they invented strange jokes. This is how it went down: Lewis Hamilton took the stage and asked the crowd to make some noise.

All he heard were crickets, no one clapped and no one cheered. The awkwardness continued with Ellie Goulding, who was wearing a design by Alberta Ferretti, saying that her dress was very uncomfortable.

Miss Goulding, who was wearing a white gown with a sheer top that featured floral motifs, stated:

“Sorry, I have to hold myself, I can’t stand.”

The current Formula 1 world champion, who recently dumped on-and-off girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger because she might have been pushing him to get married, replied by:

“Your dress …You going to a wedding or something?”

Surprised by the answer, Ellie Goulding said:

“Excuse me! Er, yeah, excuse me… ours!”

Several seconds of silence passed and Ellie Goulding tried to make things less awkward by adding:

“That was a good one.”

Hamilton, who is allegedly allergic to the word marriage quickly responded with:


More silence and Taylor Swift finally takes the stage to end the bizarre moment. It has been revealed that the pair was randomly chosen after Ant and Dec pulled out bingo balls with their names on.

Lewis Hamilton claimed to have recorded over 30 songs and is hoping to release a rap album with Drake, maybe Ellie Goulding can sing backup for them. One person had the following to say on the Lewis Hamilton and Ellie Goulding awkward moment:

“Ellie Goulding and Lewis Hamilton combo was the most awkward thing ever seen.”

Another added:

“I feel sorry for both of them, how weird.”

Goulding has put out a statement to address the controversy, she said:

“Myself and @LewisHamilton are good friends and I told him to say my dress looked wedding-y as a bit of bants FYI not that I need to justify.”

What are your thoughts on this Ellie Goulding awkward momnet?


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