Dustin Lynch Injured By Flying Can Of Beer At Florida Concert, Man Gets Away

October 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Dustin Lynch injured at concert by a beer can and still kept singing. Last week, the country star was hit by a can of beer, thrown by a rude man at a concert in Florida, despite his bloody face, he kept performing.

Dustin Lynch Injured

Dustin Lynch was injured by a beer can, but like a real professional, the show must go on. On Friday, the country star and his band performed at the MulletFest in Niceville, Florida.

Dressed in blue jeans, a James Bond t-shirt and a cowboy hat, Mr Lynch was belting out Garth Brooks’s “Friends in Low Places,” when a can of beer flew straight to his face.

A rude fan, who may have been intoxicated, pitched a full can of beer that landed right under Lynch’s right eye. After being smacked with the can, the performer who was left with a bloody face, angrily asked:

“Who threw the beer can?”

Several concert goers, pointed to the man who committed the crime. According to reports, the man who injured the singer got into a fight with few other fans, who were displeased with his action.

By the time security guards got to the spot, where the can was thrown, the wild concert goer was already gone. The man has not been arrested by Florida police.

With blood running down his face, Lynch finished singing “Friends in Low Places.” Via Twitter, Dustin Lynch explained that after the show, he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he received few stitches. The “Hell of a Night” artist wrote:

On my way to the hospital for a few stitches, I’ll be okay … I appreciate all of you. Fyi the guy who hit me with a beer can got away …

Lynch went on to explain that what the man did was wrong and confessed whether it had rained or snowed that night, he was determined to finish his song.

Check out a clip of the crooner belting the song away, despite being injured.


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  1. Summerbreeze says:

    Wow — not a country music fan but what a class act this young man is. Heck — how do you think that POS Kanye West would have reacted had this happen to him — LOL!

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