Driver Killed: Short Track Accident Leaves 21-year-old Amanda Gambacorto Dead

August 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Driver Killed Short Track

Driver killed at short track was only 21 years of age. The young female driver killed at a New Jersey short track, has been identified as Amanda Gambacorto. The driver of the three-quarter midget was killed after slamming into the wall at Wall Speedway.

A young driver was killed at a short track in New Jersey on Sunday and she was not even racing.

Amanda Gambacorto was taking part in a clinic on how to drive race cars over the weekend put together by the Green Flag Driving Experience.

The driving clinic was held at the Wall Stadium Speedway at Wall Township. According to the police, at around 12:30 p.m, Miss Gambacorto who was driving a three-quarter midget alone; lost control of the vehicle and went head-on into a wall.

The 21-year-old who was a marketing intern for the Department of Athletics at Stony Brook was not racing at the time of the deadly accident; she was following a pace car.

The Stony Brook University student was rushed to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune where she died due to her head injury.

Green Flag Driving Experience spokesperson Gary Conklin, issued a brief statement where he presented his condolences to Gambacorto’s family and revealed that the event had been postponed for the following day.

Conklin added that the double major in environmental humanities and philosophy, was taking part in the “novice three-quarter midget racing program.”

When reporters asked if the Middletown resident was a novice driver, Conklin declined to answer.

It appears that the beloved student who had a passion for racing was behind the wheels of a small scale race car with four-cylinder engines.

Police are investigating the death of the charity worker to find out if the company followed the rules and regulations during the clinic.

Other race promoters are already blasting Green Flag Driving Experience, saying they must have ignored the security guidelines because fatal accidents during clinics have never happened before.

Amanda Gambacorto’s Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters posted the following heartfelt message about her on their Facebook page.


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  1. iTDude says:

    Someone failed to do their job properly. RIP.

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