Dog Stabbed To Death At Pet Store, Pit Bull Clara Was Up For Adoption In Georgia

September 2, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Dog Stabbed To Death Photo

Dog stabbed to death during an adoption event at PetSmart in Georgia. A black and white dog named Clara was stabbed several times in front of children and adults by a crazed man who was angry by the fact the pit bull bit his smaller dog.

On Sunday, families looking to adopt dogs, gathered at a PetSmart store in Georgia where a dog owner by the name of Craig Emory, stabbed a pit bull six times as his young son watched on.

There were many people who witnessed the horrible event and here is what a police officer was able to gather as information. The pit bull named Clara was on a leash held by a member of the Newnan-Coweta Humane Society.

At some point, she got loose and ran to the front of the store where she attacked a Westie Terrier who was at the event with his owner Craig Emory.

The bigger dog mauled the smaller animal’s neck and ear. Emory pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed the dog over and over (some say he stabbed the foster animal at least six times).

As he was killing Clara, the man kept repeating “fuc*ing pit bulls!.” Witnesses said there was blood everywhere and children were screaming as they watched the disturbing scene.

One person claimed that the pit bull did not fight back and laid on the floor as the man ripped through her body with the knife.

The pet owner was questioned by the police, but will not be charged with any crime. The police officer handling the matter said the dog killer had the right to protect his pet.

People at the event said that Emory had warned the volunteer to keep the pit bull away for his white Terrier prior to the attack.

And he did threaten to stab the dog if it approached his pet. The dog’s injuries were so severe that she had to be euthanized.

A Facebook page was created for Clara several months ago, where volunteers caring for her were hoping that someone would fall in love with her and finally give her a home.


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  1. Rick T says:

    Dear Craig Emory,

    You’re so ignorant and insecure that I pity. I can’t believe that you’re that insecure about the size of your p—s that you have to act out in such a way.

    You apparently warned to keep the dog away from your little precious mutt. Well, allow me to do the same, I am warning you that you don’t come near me . . . .EVER! Now that I know that you’ll strike with a knife at any time even in the midst of many children, I will have to assume that you will break out your knife at any time so if you’re ever NEAR me then I’ll have to assume this fact and defend myself.

    You’re a worthless POS and the best news of the day is that I believe in karma.

    Rick T

    • lowT says:

      Holy christ people. The dog was and had been an issue for the past three years. The dog got out of her leash ran back into the store and went straight for that mans dog. Regardless of what he said. What would you have done in that split second to decide? He did what any person would do. And don’t say you wouldn’t because in a crazy split second decisions with everything happening so fast anything could happen. So lets all just let the police do their job cause you all are going to feela fool if the find that man had a right to defend his own dogs life

    • Patrick Shackelford says:
      The humane society has stated the dog Clara was very aggressive to other dogs and this is the reason Clara had not been adopted. When have any of you ever seen a dog, even playful run up to another dog and just start tugging on its ear. These people reporting this came around after the incident occurred. This man was protecting his dog from the attacker. Yelling profanity is anyones reaction when loved ones are getting attacked. I hope you get arrested for threatening the life of Craig Emory. You dont even know the entire story. The police evn said he was acting in defence after the investigation and did not charge him. I hope you dont have kids and never breed. Your a discrace to society. Maybe one day a dog will attack you. then we can say he was only tugging on your ear LOL IDIOT!!!

  2. "Susan says:

    Craig Emory should be prosecuted and his animals should be taken away from him. Clearly, they are not in a safe environment. If he was worried about Clara, why was his little dog still on the floor? The dog (Clara) should not have gotten loose; the people who had her up for adoption should have been more careful. Yes, dog fights can be very scary; if you own a dog you should know which are really bad (very rarely), and how to break one up. Clearly Clara was not trying to kill the little dog or she would certainly have done a lot more damage or killed it in the time it took this lunatic to stab her six times. He is very lucky it wasn’t a vicious dog or he would have been fighting for his life, instead of having a tantrum and slaughtering a defenseless animal. Yes, a dog who will not attack humans is defenseless against them. I hope none of the neighbors kids ever picks on his child, or God forbid, his child talks back to “Daddy” – could be fatal.

  3. Magalis Santiago says:

    The crazy man went to the store looking for a reason to kill a dog! He probably abuses his pet in private! hope he is not allowed to just get away with this!!

  4. joseph says:

    the pit derserved what it got i don’t like pits and would have done the same thing.

    • Danny says:

      So if I don’t like people named Joseph, it okay to stab you?

    • dee l says:

      Joseph, I hope that a pitbull will shred your face till there is nothing left. Well, that murderer who did this to Clara was lucky that I was not present, he would never gotten the chance to stab that dog more than once. This I guarantee it. for crying out loud, Clara did not kill his dog, infortunately, the law is very slow or do not care. To the handlers of Clara, how the hell did Clara got loose? it seems to me that once that idiot told them to keep the dog away from his dog or he will stab Clara, I bet the workers did it in purpose. For all of you who think you could just kill an animal and get away with it, I wish you get CANCER THAT WILL EAT YOUR CORPSES.

  5. Danny says:

    The story I read said Clara bit the dog on the ear and was not drawing blood, or shaking or killing the dog. Yes, the handler was at fault for not keeping better control of Clara BUT, if I was that angry of a person and concerned abut my little dog to begin with, I would have picked my dog up and put her in a basket or held her. They said Emory even stabbed Clara once AFTER the dogs were separated….that just shows that the man has serious anger issues. So when a kid on the playground pushes his son, he’s gonna pull out a pocket knife and stab the kid??… Next time, Craig Emory, keep your angry dumb ass at home. Feel sorry for your kids to have to witness a dad so full of anger to “pummel” a dog with a knife – great role model.. KARMA…

  6. Pitbullluver says:

    Ok when a person warns that they would stab a pit bull if they came over to them or their dog and DOES it. I’m sorry but that sounds suspicious to me.

    Pit bulls are like any other dog. Their behavior reflects the environment that they are raised in. I have had the greatest pleasure to be around 2 pit bulls, and yes they look aggressive. But READ the statistics people German Shepard are more likely to bite and maul someone than a Pit bull.

  7. Tony says:

    Some people on here clearly are delusional.
    Pit bulls (as they are called) are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. You cannot trust them for a moment. The “kindest, sweetest” pitbull will turn on you in a moment. They were cross-bred specifically for their agression. The non-agressive pits were weened out. They have come back now, since white people have tricked themselves into believing that these dogs are friendly pets. There is a reason why drug dealers and criminals have these dogs – they are hired thugs, not cuddly pets.
    You can tell yourself whatever you wish, that your family pit has never been agressive and is so great around your small children, that they just look scary but are great pets and are misunderstood and a product of their environment.
    Fact is, you cannot trust them NOT to maul you to death. Their jaws can crush a human skull. If that’s what you want around your family, then best of luck to you.
    These kinds of attacks are going to keep happening as long as they exist. That anyone can fault this man for protecting his tiny dog that has every right to live and NOT to get mauled is shameful. Shame on yuo for blaming the victim. How on earth is the agressor being defended so vigorously? SMH.

    • DogPassion=love says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about. I am a dog trainer and my experience has been that the most dangerous thing about any bully breed is the reputation that they have gotten over the years. Its just fear mongering assisted by the media. Don’t it seem strange that when you hear on the news you only hear about the ones with “pits” in it. There are thousands of bites that happen around the contoury every day and not all of them are reported. But does everyone want to hear how a tiny yorkie mauled the lad next door.(Yes, this does happen).
      The fact is that ANY dog can turn on you. Every dog CAN bite(even the ones that don’t have teeth.)When you own a dog you bring a little wolf into your home. You can tell yourself whatever you wish that your “PUT YOUR DOGS NAME HERE” has never been aggressive and is so great with your small children, that they are fluffy and cutie and could never do anything to hurt my babies.
      The one you can not trust is the human factor in the human/dog equation. We went from using dogs as tools with a purpose and a reason for being. To being a comfort for our own emotional and philological insecurities. This is highly dangerous because of the gap in knowledge that this has created. Not only that ,we create much confusion in a dogs mind and social order when we do this. As well as the false sense of security we so depend upon. WE loss the control we once had.
      By the way it only take 6 pound per square inch to crush the human skull. A dog is most likely not going to crush a skull for the simple fact that it is too large to get any real pressure on it. Its more likely to crush your windpipe if it intends to kill you. Which most attacks are designed to only inflict enough harm to make you think twice about coming back.
      Now I can not fault the man for believing he was protecting his dog but if he was that concerned about the dog he should have simply left and come back later. For dogs the possibility for getting attacked is a fact of life. They understand that and except it. At anytime they could get attacked by any number of animals. From a house cat to a bear or mountain lion and everything in between.
      It is unfair to signal out breeds like this. We are the problem not the dogs.

  8. Brett Nelson says:

    Every time I hear a dumbass like Tony,Joseph,LowT or Patrick speak it makes me sick. They don’t have a clue about the breed. “These kind of attacks are going to happen as long as they exist”. WTF? So if a certain race of people has a higher ratio of murder convictions than others we should take out the race???? Tough words Joseph. Love to run into you sometime. Your rationale proves how stupid you all really are…

  9. Munna Pimpalkar says:

    Nice job, some dogs must be punished!

    • dee l says:


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