Dave Rexroth, WXYZ Meteorologist Hurt By Fireworks Loses Eye

July 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Dave Rexroth Meteorologist Hurt By Fireworks Photo

Dave Rexroth, the meteorologist hurt by fireworks while vacationing in Iowa is currently in the hospital. Dave Rexroth who is the chief meteorologist for Detroit’s television station WXYZ was seriously hurt while manipulating fireworks during the fourth of July weekend and will lose an eye. Dave Rexroth injured his left eye and will undergo surgery this week. The meteorologist will later on receive a prosthetic eye.

Dave Rexroth, the chief meteorologist hurt by fireworks has been hospitalized in Iowa where he will receive an artificial eye (the ocular prosthesis will not provide vision) and will be going through a long process of recovery.

News anchors from WXYZ were sad to break the news earlier today that their leading meteorologist and good friend Dave Rexroth was seriously injured while playing with fireworks during the fourth of July weekend.

Dave Rexroth, an Emmy winner took his wife and three sons to Iowa City for a brief vacation and he was eager to celebrate the 4th of July according to countless tweets and Facebook updates he shared. Rexroth tweeted:

“Still looking good for the holiday on Friday. The only boom-boom should be from fireworks.
The holiday forecast looks SOOOOOOOO good, I am getting a big head over it. Mostly sunny and 78! Enjoy!”

On Friday while manipulating firecrackers they burst into his left eye.

His love ones immediately called paramedics and Dave Rexroth was rushed to a nearby hospital .

Rexroth who has been with WXYZ for over 10 years has lost sight in his left eye and will go through several operations before he can get a prosthetic eye implanted.

The first procedure will take place in Iowa on the 9th of July. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery by September.

Ed Fernandez, vice president and general manager of WXYZ issued a statement on Dave Rexroth’s accident that read:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and his family and they have our full support during this difficult time. As Dave recovers, we’ll provide updates on his progress – and we look forward to his return to Action News.”

Many viewers have flooded the network’s website with well wishes for Dave Rexroth and his family.


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