Daevid Allen Dies At 77: Rocker Behind Gong And Soft Machine Is Dead

March 17, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Daevid Allen, an Australian poet and musician, has died at the age of 77. Daevid Allen born Christopher David Allen, who was the founder of Soft Machine, passed away after battling cancer.

daevid allen

Daevid Allen, a visionary and rock legend, has died at the age of 77. Via Daevid Allen’s University Of Errors page on Facebook, his son, Orlando Monday Allen, posted a funny picture with a message in English and French that read:

“daevid est mort, daevid is dead.”

On Friday, March 13, Allen passed away in his native Australia with his fours sons by his side. In 2014, Allen underwent surgery to remove a cancerous cyst from his neck and did radiation therapy.

Early February of this year, Allen shared with his fans that the cancer had returned and spread to his lungs. He also explained that he had about 6 months to live and was not interested in radiation, operation and medication to extend his life.

Mr Daevid Allen said:

“The cancer is now so well established that I have now been given approximately six months to live. So, my view has changed: I am not interested in endless surgical operations — and, in fact, it has come as a relief to know that the end is in sight. I am a great believer in “the will of the way things are,” and I also believe that the time has come to stop resisting and denying and to surrender to the way it is.”

Daevid Allen went on to add:

“I can only hope that during this journey. I have somehow contributed to the happiness in the lives of a few other fellow humans.”

The “Eat Me Baby I’m a Jellybean” artist was born Christopher David Allen on January, 13, 1938 in Melbourne, Australia. In 1960, Allen moved to Paris, where he stayed at the Beat Hotel and lived in rooms once belonged to Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky.

While in France, he earned a living selling International New York Times. One year later, he moved to England, where he formed Soft Machine with bassist/vocalist Kevin Ayers, drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt and organist Mike Ratledge.

After touring the UK, he returned to France where he was stranded due visa issues. After taking part in the 1968 Paris protests, he became a police target.

He fled to Spain along with Tim Blake, Didier Malherbe, Pip Pyle, Gilli Smyth, Steve Hillage, Francis Moze, Mike Howlett and Pierre Moerlen, and they created Gong.

Allen split from Gong in 1975 and continued to make solo records. He revealed that he hoped the band would continue long after he is gone. Allen shared:

“I will die soon enough, and then if Gong dies too, I would consider that this project will have fallen short. I see Gong as a tradition, a way of living music, not just a band.”

One of Daevid Allen’s last appearances was in 2013, in Devon, England, where he performed few songs and shared a poem.


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  1. Paul says:

    Sounds like he was a very nice guy,,,,

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