Anthony Cumia Won’t Apologize For Tweets

July 14, 2014 | By TheSpreadit More

Cumia Apologize

Anthony Cumia will not apologize after he was fired for comments some found offensive and even hateful. Cumia, a now former Sirius XM talk radio host appeared on FOX News’ “Red Eye” on Saturday morning to tell his side of the story and defend himself against any racist charge. So, how did we get there?

Anthony Cumia who was a host on “The Opie & Anthony Show” went on a Twitter rant earlier this month after he was allegedly attacked by a black woman in New York City. Cumia said he wanted to take pictures during a visit in Time Square, but the woman was in the frame, she ended up punching him in the face. He called her the C-word, she punched him some more.

From there on things went from bad to worse, as 5 black men allegedly came to the woman’s defense. On his Twitter rant, Anthony Cumia referred to the woman as a “pig” and an “animal.” He then went on to portray white people as defenseless in the face of black violence.

After the Twitter rant went viral, SiriusXM wasted no time and fired the radio personality for what they deemed were “racially charged and hate-filled remarks.”

Fans of Anthony Cumia rushed to his defense with some even going as far as cancelling their subscription. The story created a real media firestorm, sensing that he could turn all of this to his advantage, Cumia announced few days after getting fired that he will launch an internet-based show “Live from the Compound” in August. His supporters are already looking forward to the paid program.

On the other side of this story, some people are suggesting that his encounter never happened at least not as depicted by the shock jock and that he ran with it to advance his career.

More sensible voices are saying that the woman at the center of all did allegedly tell Cumia to stop taking pictures and he would not listen. Cumia allegedly cussed at her several times before she hit him. According to rumors, the alleged black woman will soon be coming forward with her version of the events that took place on that day.

As for now, Cumia won’t apologize and he probably will never have to since this scandal has revitalized his career in more ways than he could have ever imagined.


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  1. Brian Gomez says:

    If you think he made this all up and no one has come forward to support his story, then explain why the scantitly clad woman out at 3am has come forward to denie it either

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