Coyote Dancer Subway: Cute Girl, Subway Dancers Video Goes Viral

December 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Coyote dancer at subway stop video has gone viral. Members of the band Coyote and Crow, shared a video of a little girl dancing to one their songs at a subway stop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Coyote Dancer Subway

Clip of adorable Coyote dancer at subway station, has more than 3 million views in less than 3 days. In late November, the band known as Coyote and Crow was at the Bedford Avenue subway station in Williamsburg​, New York performing “Me & My Uncle” by the Grateful Dead.

A large group of people waiting for the L train gathered to enjoy the performance including one cute little girl dressed in a pink coat.

The girl, who has been given the nickname of “Coyote Dancer” raised her arms, twisted and turned as numerous train riders clapped and filmed her.

A woman, who appears to be the little dancer’s mother also joined in and showed off her fancy feet. A male commuter also jumped in and danced with the mother and daughter duo.

The clip has gone viral and picked up 3,270,220 views since it was posted on December 4th by the members of Coyote and Crow.

Coyote and Crow is composed of a husband and wife duo, who perform on street corners, clubs and subway stations all over America.

Coyote and Crow dancer subway

Read more about Coyote and Crow after the jump:

“They play a mash up of folk-americana, bluegrass, and old time music with a big influence from rock’n’roll and early 60’s psychedelic rock. Sticking to traditional Jug-Band roots they play homemade and modified instruments. Thomas plays Banjo, Banjote and foot percusion with a homemade suitcase he built into a drum. Jaime plays a homemade Double Banjo Bass/Stand Up BB. They play songs about nature, folk tales, love, life experiences and cultural infulence. With a sound that’s hard to put a name on, they pour their heart and soul into every note.”

Below is the video of the sweet little Coyote dancer at a subway station in New York.


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  1. The Soulless Saint says:

    This is a nice palate cleanser to all the news of greedy bureaucrats and their corporate overlords, or the jackboot police, or the endless amounts of killing across the world. Better than watching cute kittens, as the musicians are pretty good.

    • Huels says:

      One more reason why NEW York is such an amazing city. I have never been on the subway but this looks like fun and people just enjoying themselves.

      • kmiller says:

        yes but right after the song ended a drunk man stabbed 3 people. new York sux, don’t let this video fool you

  2. beka says:

    this makes me smile 🙂

  3. Joyce says:

    What i know for sure….for all the bad there is goodness! Check out the bliss on the little girls face. That’s Priceless! Pray for goodness and Light!!!!

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