Councilman Kenneth Stokes: Cops Need Rocks And Bottles Thrown At Them

January 7, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Councilman Kenneth Stokes advocates for residents of Jackson, Mississippi, to throw rocks and bottles at police officers, who are failing at their job. Mr. Stokes’ outrageous comments rapidly went viral, and many are asking Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to investigate the councilman.

Councilman Kenneth Stokes

Councilman Kenneth Stokes, of Jackson, Mississippi, is so fed up with the ill-trained and ineffective police officers in his district that he is telling constituents to throw rocks, bottles, and other objects at them.

Stokes, who is known for making outrageous comments, (in 2014, he claimed that Mayor Chokwe Lumumba was murdered despite confirmation that he died of natural causes), is being bashed on social media with many asking Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to take legal action against the councilman.

This week, in an interview with a local television station, Stokes was talking about a recent police chase, which had upset him. The chase went into Jackson from Richland, and it included police from surrounding jurisdictions pursuing an armed robbery suspect from Walmart. The man was accused of assaulting people in a Walmart parking lot after shoplifting, according to police.

Kenneth Stokes said that he found the chase unnecessary because the police officers were putting the lives of innocent residents in harm’s way. Stokes said:

“It was a misdemeanor. They could easily break off the chase, get the tag number. We’ll pay for whatever they stole to make sure that our babies are not harmed. We want the same respect that they give to their neighborhoods given to Jackson neighborhoods.”

He went on to suggest that residents should pitch bricks at the cops when they disagree with their actions or when they want to say “we don’t want you here.” The controversial councilman added:

“Let’s get rocks, let get bricks and let’s get bottles and start throwing them and then they won’t come in here anymore.”

Stokes later appeared on another network, and he made the weird suggestion again. He claimed:

“When you have these police officers coming from other jurisdictions and they will not respect human life, then I said we should use rocks, bricks or bottles to try to get the message over: stop endangering our children.”

The statements made by Councilman Stokes have political leaders frustrated and beyond angry. Bryan Bailey, the Sheriff of Rankin County, shared:

“Councilman Stokes is the one citing racism and violence against police officers which is totally unbelievable for an elected official.”

Michael Guest, the District Attorney for Madison and Rankin County, added:

“I believe it is ludicrous for an elected official to make those types of statement.”

The governor of Mississippi had the following to say about Stokes:

Below is my full statement regarding Jackson city councilman Kenneth Stokes’ remarks about law enforcement officers. “…

Posted by Phil Bryant on Friday, January 1, 2016

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber also distanced himself from Stokes’ insane idea with a tweet that read:

Via social media, one person said that Stokes should be fired:

“Councilman Kenneth Stokes Stokes is a joke! And a jerk and he needs to be fired as soon as possible, he is making black people like me look bad. As an educated black man with many diplomas, I don’t believe in using violence (rock, bottles) to resolve a matter. “

Another wrote:

“Stokes is a racist man who supports Obama, the the thugs causing the riots should be stoned, not the officers doing their jobs”

Moreover, a third person called him a racist in a message, which says:

“Stokes is a real role model, the Councilman reminds me of typical race baiting liberals like Obama. Scream racism and hope there is some cash to be had in playing victim. he might need police protection soon, get him out a office, we need a special election next month.”

What are your thoughts on Councilman Kenneth Stokes’ statement?


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  1. ssgtnelson says:

    Yet when a black guy breaks into his home this fool will be the first screaming that the cops come and help him.

    • Beverly Prather says:

      ??? Cops help YOU, when black guys walk in your house to assault your daughter??? I have been going to police in four states on serial assaults, murders , stalkers, home invasions, String of dead University girls here in VA……….Jesse Matthews is a brutal way to die……..COPS HELP WHITE PEOPLE????

  2. chuck says:

    He should be throwen out of office for making threats to our public servants there is enough violence going on in this world. No need to insight more violence.

  3. ernie says:

    if this comment had been by a white offical to throw rocks and bottles at law enforcement you can bet they would be fired asap.this a classic example of black racism that people refuse to admit exsist among blacks.Wake up america

  4. says:


  5. LisaMarie says:

    Hope you’re prepared to throw bottles and bricks if you’re ever in trouble instead of calling the cops to come save you jackass!!!

  6. Patrick says:

    Kenneth Stokes is a fat POS who should be arrested for threatening law enforcement.
    If I urged people to throw rocks at the Obama family I would be arrested.

  7. Peanut says:

    This is just a failure to communicate.
    He basically was attempting to convey the message of cohesive community policing.
    Everybody knows rocks and bottles are no match for Police weaponry.

  8. Karla Katz says:

    Perhaps a polite card, email, or phone call would help enlighten the honorable Mr. Stokes:

    Kenneth I. Stokes
    Age: 60-64
    2338 Morton Ave
    Jackson, MS 39213-7428
    • 601-968-1907
    • 601-352-3362
    • 601-960-1090

  9. Beverly Prather says:

    There is a lot of cash flow going into the black community on police shootings. If they fling rocks, police shoot, and then the big payoff………6.5 MILLION DOLLARS CIVIL RIGHTS PAYDAY !!!!

  10. David Tesla says:

    Removed from office? How does this not rise to the level of a terroristic threat to be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law? Law enforcement officers are duly appointed to uphold the law. They do not need permission to act in accordance with the training they’ve received and the oath they swore to. President (and I use the term laughingly)Urkel needs to address this for what it is and stop believing he’s going to remove my right to defend myself against these racially motivated invitations to create widespread violence against those of us who attempt to live peaceful productive lives. The backlash that will ultimately occur when enough is finally seen to be enough will be the doing of those who refuse to act as their position in elected office demands.

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