Close Call At Air Show For F-16, Crowd Ducks And Covers

July 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

F-16 Air Show Close

F-16 air show close call video will make you hit the ground. Over 150,000 spectators gathered at the RAF International Air Show in Waddington, Lincolnshire, England which took place between the 5th and the 6th of July, where they witnessed a Turkish F16 make a close call while landing on the runway. The Turkish F-16 air show close call was not an accident, the pilot wanted to give the audience something to remember and almost “crash landed” on the tarmac in the process.

The F-16 air show close call will be remembered by the thousands of people who attended the annual RAF International Air Show in Waddington, England on Saturday.

The two-day event which raises money for charity was held at the Royal Air Force Waddington, Lincoln is usually attended by 150,000 people who are passionate about aviation, war aircraft like the Red Arrows and historic planes.

A group of plane-enthusiasts gathered on a field just few feet from the tarmac to get a close view of a Turkish F-16 landing. It appears that they were too close or the pilot was a bit careless.

As the fighter jet was about to land, the pilot decided to buzz the onlookers, which means he intentionally tried to land as low as possible.

But in this case, he went too low.

As the F-16 spectators approached the airport at a very high speed, just inches away from the spectators’ heads, amazement was quickly replaced by fear.

As the plane blasted over them, people could be heard screaming and yelling “Oh my God” as they ran for cover or ducked under their chairs.

One man could be seen rolling on the ground while another lost his hat in the process.

But few were brave enough to pull out their cameras and snap photos of the super fast aircraft as it made the hair on their heads move.

A statement from the RAF International Air Show in Waddington revealed that no one was hurt but few attendees were freaked out.

The air show will be canceled next year, not because of the F-16 close call but due to renovation of the runways.

Several people who witnessed the close call said it was coolest thing they have ever seen.


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