Christian Roe and Olivia Kean found: Michigan runaway teens found In Florida

November 15, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Christian Roe and Olivia Kean found alive and well in Florida. Roe better known as Chris, 15, and Kean, 14, who vanished on October 15th from Michigan, have been found in Jacksonville.

Christian Roe And Olivia Kean Found

Christian Roe and Olivia Kean found after three weeks in Florida. The two teenagers, who vanished from Bay County, Michigan on October 15th, have been found in Jacksonville, Florida.

Roe, 15, and Kean, 14, fled in Olivia’s family’s 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck with Michigan license plate number WLP50. Olivia Kean had stuffed numerous personal items into two suitcases and took some money before leaving.

Christian Roe left with the clothes he was wearing. According to friends and family members, the pair was not dating, but Roe had recently split from his girlfriend and became depressed.

On November 12th, Christian Roe aka Chris called his father, Jay Roe, and told him that he was injured and wanted his parents to come and get him. The teenager revealed that he was in a police station in Jacksonville, Florida, but had no idea where.

Christian’s dad, Jay Roe, his mother, Kari Roe-LaFramboise, and his stepfather, Joe LaFramboise, all drove to Florida, hoping to pick their child and search for Olivia.

Mrs Roe-LaFramboise told local media prior to the trip:

“He said he was safe, that he’d hurt his ankle, and that he was no longer with Olivia.He borrowed some lady’s phone on the road so he could call and say he wanted to come home.”

She went on to add:

“I just have a huge relief, of just knowing he’s alive and OK, and that he wants to come home.I’m nervous for what will happen when we get him back.”

Olivia Kean’s mother, Katrina Kean, made a very public plea to her daughter, begging the child to come home after 27 long days. Kean said:

“Some times, things seem worse than the they really are. Even less will happen if she decides on her own to come home. The whole town will celebrate your coming home safely and we all will finally breathe a sigh of relief.”

Kean also explained that her daughter has a serious medical condition that requires attention. The four parents searched the area where Roe was found, and Joe LaFramboise eventually spotted Kean walking on the streets.

Christian Roe has been released to his parents, while Olivia Kean, who is on probation and had cut off her ankle monitor, has been taken into police custody, where she remains.

Roe-LaFramboise said that Christian, Olivia, and her pet chihuahua, Salasa, were living out of their truck in Florida for about three weeks. Police are investigating the matter.

Christian Roe and Olivia Kean found alive, bringing relief to an entire community.


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  1. JOJO says:

    An ankle bracelet at age 14? Seems the 14 year old was corrupting the 15 year old guy and he knew enough to get away from her finally

  2. JOJO says:

    An ankle bracelet at age 14? Really? And already on probation? Seems the 14 year old was corrupting the naïve 15 year old guy and he finally realized he needed to get free of her.

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