Chocolate Twinkies Return, Fans Of Chocodiles Rejoice

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Chocolate Twinkies Return

Chocolate Twinkies return is for good this time. Hostess Brands have announced the official and permanent return of the elusive chocolate covered Twinkies called Chocodiles nationwide starting this week. Chocolate Twinkies like McDonalds’ famous McRib are so rare that they have become cult. At one point a box of chocolate Twinkies was available on eBay for $50. The return of Chocolate Twinkies will be followed by banana and strawberry Twinkies.

Chocolate Twinkies return after 15 long years. In a lengthy press release, Hostess Brands, LLC was happy to reveal that they have decided to make chocolate covered Twinkies again, but this time around the mysterious sweetness is here to stay.

The company discontinued the pastry in 1999 but boxes of Chocolate Twinkies aka Chocodiles would sometimes pop up in stores on the East Coast and on eBay.

A box of the iconic snack cake would go for as much as $50 on eBay. The bakery company which filed for bankruptcy in 2013 revealed that pastries dipped in chocolate are on high demand on Twitter and Facebook.

William Toler, president and chief executive of Hostess Brands added that they have chosen to listen to their clients and bring back the favorites in order to satisfy their cravings.

The sweet snack with the edgy name will be available in stores nationwide starting this week.

A box containing nine Chocodiles will retail for $3.99.

This new generation will discover smaller, fun size Chocolate Twinkies and the taste has been slightly modified.

Hostess that is trying to re-brand the company has launched the Summer of Twinkies® campaign where they are asking fans to summit Twinkies recipes online for a chance to be featured in the latest edition of The Twinkies Cookbook.

As part of their Summer of Twinkies® event, the Missouri based company will be launching new flavors of Twinkies like Strawberry Crème, Banana Crème and of course Chocolate Crème.


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