Briggs Fussy And Brittney Husbyn Married: Flower Girl, Ring Bearer Wed 20 Years After

January 13, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn met over 20 years ago at a wedding when they served as ring bearer and flower girl – last week, the pair became husband and wife. Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn, who are both students at the Minnesota State University, said that they are happy that destiny brought them together, and are eager to share their story with their children.

Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn Picture

Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn are; now, husband and wife, but this is not the first wedding they have attended together. In 1995, Fussy and Husbyn, who were only 2 years old served as ring bearer and flower girl at a couple’s wedding.

Fussy’s godmother was getting married and was unable to find a flower girl, which is when she turned to her friend and co-worker who happened to be Husbyn’s mother. The two children attended the wedding where Brittney Husbyn ran around, while Briggs Fussy was well behaved.

They never saw each other again until 2007 while they were both students in the same ninth grade class at Blaine High School, north of Minneapolis. According to Fussy, Husbyn remembered his peculiar last name, and started talking to him while they were in class. The newlywed said:

“Brittney and I met in high school when she sat in front of me in government class. One day, she went home to ask her mom about me. I have a pretty unique name [Briggs], so that must of stuck out to her.”

Brittney Husbyn brought the picture of the wedding they attended almost 20 years ago and they laughed about it. Mr Fussy added:

“We were in class and she had a picture with her from the wedding. I started to laugh because it was the same one we had hanging in the hallway at home, but I never knew who she was. That wedding was the only time I ever saw her. It’s funny how God’s plan came into place. I didn’t even know her before she turned around in class and told me that.”

The couple has little recollection of the wedding ceremony other than one person being quiet and the other having fun. Fussy told the reporter:

“I’m standing up there straight, and Brittney’s running around, making commotion.”

Husbyn added:

“I don’t remember too much about being a flower girl.”

The duo who was dating other people at the time became friends. In 2009, Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn started dating, and went on to attend Minnesota State University.

On Saturday, January 10, Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn married in front of 310 family and friends in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. There was one special guest at the wedding – the godmother who united them for the first time in 1995. Fussy explained:

“Everybody loves it — especially my godmother, she takes all the credit.It’s constantly brought up that we walked down the aisle together again.”

The lovers, who plan to go on their honeymoon in the Caribbean, said that are enjoying all the attention because it gives them lots of video footage and newspapers clipping to show their future children. In case you were wondering, the ring bearer and flower girl at their wedding are both related to Brittney Husbyn, and; therefore, history will not repeat itself.

Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn have an amazing story that has restored some faith in romance.

Briggs Fussy and Brittney Husbyn


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  1. Molly says:

    The most wonderful story I have heard in many years! I wish them the best always!

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