Brazilian Man May Be World’s Oldest Person

July 17, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Brazilian Man Oldest Person

Brazilian man claims to be the oldest person in the world. A Brazilian man by the name of Jose Aguinelo dos Santos is said to be the oldest person in the world at the age 126. The man was born on July 7 1888 to free slaves in the south of Brazil. He is single and is childless. The Brazilian man is very healthy despite smoking at least a pack of cigaret every day for the last 50 years. The Brazilian man claiming to be the oldest person living will have his birth certificate authenticated, until then Misao Okawa of Japan who is 116 holds the title.

A Brazilian man is apparently the oldest person in the world.

The man named Jose Aguinelo dos Santos showed several media outlets his birth certificate that revealed that he was born on the 7th of July in the year 1888, therefore the oldest living person would be 126 years old.

Jose Aguinelo dos Santos was born just 48 hours after Brazil abolished slavery.

The senior citizen was born to free slaves in Pedra Branca in Brazil and had 4 siblings.

The oldest bachelor in the world lived several years in the slave compound where he was born before moving to Bauru where he worked all his life in a coffee plantation.

The retiree now lives in the Vila Vicentina home where he often jokes with other residents.

According to his doctors he is very healthy and only takes vitamins and medication for his lost of appetite.

The old man has his caretakers baffled with his great health because he smokes at least a pack of cigarets per day.

Jose Aguinelo dos Santos loves beans and rice, enjoys singing and hates to take showers.

Ask for the secret for living long, he replied by saying, just live a lot.

Officials at the home have called in experts to confirm that the Brazilian man is indeed the oldest person on earth.


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