Boy Falls Bodega Head: Boy, 4, Survives 230-Foot Fall

November 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Boy falls at Bodega Head and survives. A 4-year-old boy named Sebastion Johnson, who was hiking with his family when he fell more than 230 feet off the Bodega Head cliff, was found alive and crying on the rocky shore below.

Boy falls Bodega Head

Boy falls at Bodega Head and is alive. On Monday evening, a 4-year-old boy by the name of Sebastion Johnson was hiking with his family near Bodega Bay in California, slipped and fell 230 feet below.

According to the boy’s father, Daryl Johnson, he was throwing rocks into the ocean with his mother Janie Guglielmino.

Mr Johnson revealed that his son was trying to pitch a big rock into the sea when the incident occurred. Johnson who was about 300 feet away, reading whale-watching signs with his two daughters, said that he ran to the top of the cliff when he heard his wife screaming. The father explained:

“She was on her knees, screaming.She couldn’t catch him fast enough.He slipped and went right over.”

Johnson said that he believed that his son fell into the ocean and was swept away because he could not see him. Bodega Bay firefighters rapidly arrived to the scene and used ropes to get down to the child.

To everyone’s surprise, the boy was alive. He was found lying at the bottom of the cliff just a few feet from the water line. The boy was crying due to his numerous injuries.

He had a compound leg fracture, a broken wrist, two skull fractures and several bruises on his face. The child was taken to the Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

He was later transferred to the Children’s Hospital Oakland, where he underwent surgery on his leg, received a blood transfusion and was put in an induced coma.

On Tuesday, his father revealed that he was upgraded to serious condition. The worried father said:

“He’s stabilized.They are just monitoring him to see where things go from here. I’m praying I hear good news here soon.”

Many took to social media to blast Johnson and Guglielmino who they deem to be negligent parents. Johnson explained that the family was picnicking at Bodega Head and they were watching their three children.

He went on to explain that they often go to the Bodega Head beach, but on Monday it was too cold, so they opted to go hiking.


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  1. Sammy says:

    Accidents happen. Hope he pulls through.

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