Justin Bieber Forgets Lyrics: Ariana Grande Duet Leads To Bieber Flub

March 29, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Justin Bieber forgets lyrics and, of course, the video goes viral. Over the weekend, Bieber joined Ariana Grande on stage in Florida, where he performed the duet “Love Me Harder” with her and the crooner forgot the words to the track. This was the first time Bieber was singing “Love Me Harder,” which normally features The Weeknd.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber forgets lyrics, apologizes to fans, and now all is well. Saturday night, Ariana Grande took her Honeymoon Tour to Miami, Florida where she performed in front of a full house at the American Airlines Arena.

Ariana Grande had a major surprise for her fans – as she was singing her hit single “Love Me Harder,” instead of bringing out The Weeknd, who is originally featured on the track, she called out Justin Bieber.

Bieber dressed in all black got very close to Grande as they performed together. It had appeared that all went down without a glitch, but after the duet, Justin Bieber took the mic and apologized to Ariana Grande for messing up the lyrics. He told the petite diva:

“So I feel a little bad, I forgot the words, Ariana.I’ve been trying to memorize it backstage for like an hour. I feel so bad, I’m so sorry.”

Bieber and Grande shared a loving embrace, and he turned to the audience and told them sorry:

“Can you guys forgive me for forgetting the words? I feel terrible.”

The friends also performed Bieber’s 2012 hit “As Long As You Love Me” – and that went very well. Grande showed her rapping skills by spitting out her boyfriend Big Sean‘s lyrics.

After the concert, Bieber took to Twitter where he thanked Grande for the opportunity and hinted that they might be touring together in the near future. The Canadian star whose Believe world tour ended in 2013 wrote:

“Thank you Ariana Grande and thank you Miami. I missed the stage. See u soon ,Great night. Loved being back on stage. Miami I’m not done yet…”

Many took to Twitter to say they were thrilled to see Justin Bieber, and they did not notice the embarrassing moment. Bieber forgets lyrics, but fans are just happy to see him doing his thing on stage.

What are your thoughts on the little mishap?

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