Baltimore police sued by 6 men arrested during Freddie Gray protests

April 21, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

The Baltimore police have been sued by six men, who claimed that they were beaten during the protests after the death of Freddie Gray. In their lawsuit, the men said they were wrongly arrested and manhandled by Baltimore police officers – one of them alleged that an officer broke his arm.

Baltimore police sued

The Baltimore Police Department was sued by six African-American men, who say they were wrongly arrested and beaten in 2015. The suit was filed against dozens of police officers, as well as the state of Maryland, and former police chief Anthony Batts – who have declined to comment on the matter.

Each plaintiff is asking for more than $75,000 in damages plus interest and costs. They have also requested over $75,000 in damages per plaintiff from Batts, the Baltimore Police Department, and another $75,000 from the state for hiring the police officers.

In documents filed in the Baltimore Circuit Court, the men reported that they were arrested yet never charged during the protests/riots that occurred after Freddie Gray‘s death.

In April of 2015, Gray, a 25-year-old man, was arrested by Baltimore police officers for carrying a switchblade. While being transported in a police van, Gray, who was not secured, fell, injured his spinal cord, and later died. A series of violent protests occurred downtown Baltimore resulting in 34 arrests and causing injuries to 15 police officers.

Among those, who have filed a police brutality lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department, is Larry Lomax, a 24-year-old from Baltimore, who was seen by millions in a viral video being pepper-sprayed and weeping. According to court documents, Lomax said he:

… suffered burning and intense pain from being targeted not with the normal pepper spray carried by officers, but with an incapacitating spray used to disperse large crowds.”

Two other plaintiffs – Mr. Albert Tubman, 45, and Mr. Roosevelt Johnson, 44 – stated that they were trying to avoid the protests when police officers violently beat them. Eric Glass, 27, claimed that he was filming police when he was attacked by an officer, who threw him to the ground, kicked, and punched.

As for Andrew Fischer, 21, a reporter for News2Share, he was arrested for violating the curfew, from which media were exempted. Moreover, 21-year-old Myreq Williams said police inexplicably pulled him off a public bus one night after a protest, beat him, broke his arm, took him to a hospital, and left him there without ever charging him.

The six men are being represented by William H. “Billy” Murphy, the same attorney, who negotiated a $6.4 million settlement for the family of Freddie Gray.


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  1. JeffTech says:

    These cops need to be charged for these crimes also.

    • Joseph Nova says:

      Right. The group of thugs that were rioting probably didn’t do anything to warrant a strong physical response from the police right? Because we all know riots are just really peaceful protests.

      Fact is, it is probably a group of 6 black people looking for a handout just because white police have been in the news so often the past half a dozen years.

    • John says:

      Sure, as long as they can provide proof of these accusations…

    • Ben says:

      If idiocy was a crime then you’d be charged as well. How about the 15 officers injured during the protests? Why aren’t they suing the filthy blacks that injured them??

  2. juan says:

    Filthy black gang members looking for easy money, send them back to Africa.

    • djp says:

      You know, if you want them to go back to Africa, why don’t you go back to where your people came from and give the land back to the indians, now that sounds like a fair trade, don’t you think so? I think so.

      • nonya says:

        Hey djp, you need to go back to school and learn not everyone who posts on comment boards is either black or white. I think what Jaun said is if gang members of the black race hate the whites so much then ya they should go back to where their ancestors came from. The U.S is a melting pot of different races, cultures ect, BUT we are all suppose to respect the LAW and rioting is NOT respecting the law.

      • Jason says:

        Mexicans and Indians were on North America before a bunch of Italians got lost on the way to India. Study history before sounding like a jackass.

  3. noneofurebusiness says:

    Your Black Community at work again . . .

  4. Pam says:

    Juan, you are a racist coward hiding behind a computer. Police need to be held accountable for excessive force. That’s not an outrageous idea.

  5. Cornell Kimball says:

    I agree with what Juan said.
    And instead of Baltimore police officers being sued, the Baltimore Chief of Police, Anthony Batts, and the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, should be sued for telling the police officers who were handling the riots to NOT do their jobs but instead just stand there and watch businesses get destroyed. Store owners should be suing the Police Chief and Mayor, and individual officers who worked the riot should sue the Chief and the Mayor for putting them at risk by telling them to basically not do their jobs, and by not letting them wear riot gear. Some officers were injured when 4x4x4 paving blocks were hurled at them. Those officers should definitely sue the Chief and Mayor of Baltimore.

  6. baru says:

    Here comes the money grabs b y these instigators.

  7. djp says:

    after all, they were here first. Black people are the only race that came here under force, not by wanting to come on their own terms. If it wasn’t for a bunch of lazy people who couldn’t work the land on their own, black people would have came here on their own to live here and be welcomed on Ellis Island like the rest of the immigrants.

    • klo says:

      wow djp, do you not realize they would not have been sold into slavery if it weren’t for the fact. Blacks capturing then and selling them on the world market. Their own people were selling them into slavery. If their own people would not have done this. Would not have been slavery if it weren’t for blacks selling their own into slavery for money. something blacks will never admit. It was blacks selling blacks into slavery.

  8. nonya says:

    Peaceful protestors? NOT.. Yeah we all saw the photos of police cars being smashed, burning buildings, looting stores, ect.. So a big guy wearing a F..k the police t shirt who aggressively walks towards cops is upset he got pepper sprayed?
    He also dared them to arrest him. The hair pulling did seem unnecessary though, but given the situation I would guess it was pretty scary for the cops as well as my guess is the whole riot thing probably caused many of those cops to have PTSD. I wish the government would put the national guard in those situations because IMO it is more like war and not a so called “peaceful” protest.

  9. polo says:

    “The Baltimore Police Department was sued by six African-American men,”
    lol why does someone skin color matter? who gives a crap about their color? gender?

  10. justin says:

    This lawyer looked around and picked all the best cases from all the complaints and is now lining himself for a payment and some free advertising. The state will settle, these people will get money and then another 10 lawsuits will pop up at his door for the same result. Talk about an ambulance chaser.

  11. wk says:

    Peaceful protests — yeah right. They destroyed the neighborhood and now the businesses pulled out. They now have no grocery stores or drug stores and decent folks living there have to take taxis across town to get food. All because of a few idiot thugs inciting riots. The police did not arrest one single peaceful protestor.

    And to the poster who states “Your Black Community at work again.” You obviously have never met people in these communities. Most are decent folks just trying to get by and live in peace just like you. The thugs are the minorities but the community cannot deal with them without getting caught in a drive by shooting. They don’t like these thugs any more than you do but their social and economic situation forces them to live in these communities.

    Larry Lomax and the others were ordered to back up. Lomax approached the police in a threatening manner yelling threats with saliva running from his mouth like a wild animal. If he were white, he would have received the same treatment — probably worse. Idiots are idiots and thugs are thugs no matter how you try to reason with them. Believe it or not, white thugs and idiots get beat down and shot by police too. He was trying to force a confrontation and he got one. They won’t get crap if this goes to a jury and they play the tapes. Pepper spray is not excessive force – it is the least amount of force for a threatening situation and is clearly in policy for dealing with riots.

    • RogerQ says:

      So the “black communities” have no responsibility for Thugs is what you’re saying? Because they’re being held down socially and economically and forced to live in these areas they’re are a victim of circumstances?
      Are the Thugs in these communities shuttled in from prosperous areas or do they also live in these black communities?
      Are Thugs spawned from nothingness, from a test tube, no family such as a mother or father? I think not! These POS are the children of someone whom likely did little to raise their Thug as the rest of the community’s little angels.
      Wonder if all the minority cops on the Baltimore PD also are suppressed or perhaps they wanted to do something with their lives, wanted something of their own earned honorably instead of handed to them from the government welfare as others do. Others in the community who sit around complaining about how bad they have it while the businesses they say won’t build in the “black communities” are targeted by (black) looters.
      Businesses know what the expectations for profit and loss are in communities and I like them would never waste money building out my company in an area that will cost me more to keep open than the company takes in from sales.
      Drive through nearly any “Black Community” in nearly any city in the U.S. and it’s obvious to see the businesses that remain usually have bars on their windows (probably in place to protect the black community while they shop from the hords of Caucasians and Thugs sent into their peaceful communities to keep the suppressed).

  12. Dep says:

    Ok, ok, ok…. I can’t take it anymore….

    You do the crime you pay for it. 2 heather it be being arrested, jailed, fined, charged, or caught up for being somewhere you shouldn’t have been.

    People let’s not forget, it was COMMON KNOWLEDGE there was a Flipping riot going on, why the HELL would you go anywhwre.near there unless you had intentions of being involved, and thereby part of the problem.

    Like it, love it or hate it, these criminals caught a break by not being charged. Before you go all crazy screaming how “innocent” they are. Do some research, ALL BUT ONE has extensive criminal records to include Violent crimes, theft, drugs, and yes even being involved in sexual predator crimes. So these poor guys are nothing but a leech on society trying to get free money, free publicity and free 5 minutes of fame.

    Stop being Sheeple and do your research h, it took me all of 15 minutes to find each one of their criminal records.

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