Ashley Brady Letter: 26-Year-Old Amputee From Miamisburg Cried After Getting Hateful Letter From Neighbor Who Parked In Her Designated Spot, Ashley Brady Takes Action

March 20, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Ashley Brady’s letter drama is grabbing headlines. Ashley Brady made numerous television appearances to talk about a letter she received from one of her neighbors, who insulted her after taking her designated parking spot. Miss Ashley Brady has also posted the letter on social media and it has gone viral.

Ashley Brady Miamisburg

The headline “Ashley Brady Miamisburg Letter” has gone viral and many are wondering: How can someone be so mean to a handicapped person?

Ashley Brady, of Miamisburg, Ohio is sharing her heartbreaking story with the world. The 26-year-old woman, who lost her right leg in an accident in 2014, has been using a prosthetic leg to get around.

After talking to the manager of her apartment complex about how difficult it is to walk on the snow from a parking lot across the street to her front door, he took action.

On Thursday, March 12, 2015, the manager gave her a special parking spot near her apartment. Miss Ashley Brady, who has slipped and fallen numerous times on the icy ground, was thrilled by the man’s gesture.

On Saturday, she came home and discovered that a neighbor, who did not have a disabled placard on their vehicle, had taken her reserved parking spot.

Ashley Brady letter

So, she decided to write the person a letter, where she explained that she is handicapped and desperately needed to park closer to her home, (she also has to walk to the third floor to her apartment).

The angry neighbor left the handicapped woman a very bitter and cruel note that made her cry. Brady told local media:

“I was stern and confident in what I was saying and just letting her know she doesn’t know what it’s like to walk around without your own leg. She in return had placed this really rude note under my windshield wiper.”

In the letter, the person called Brady, the b-word, told her to stop being a cry baby and mocked her by reminding her that she is missing a limb. The evil person wrote:

“Hey handicap! First, never place your hands on my car again! Second, honey you ain’t the only one with “struggles.” You want pity go to a one leg support group! You messed with the wrong one! I don’t care what your note said shove it, but you touch my car again I will file a report, I am not playing! I let the office know the cry baby one leg touches my property I will cause trouble so go cry your struggles to someone who cares cause I’m walking away with both mine! -bitch”

The Miamisburg resident stated that she had to read the note several times for the words to sink in. She said:

“I read it probably like five times over and over because my brain just couldn’t even process the level of mean that it was.”

Kaitlyn Siler, Brady’s sister, shared the letter on Facebook in order to shed light on the struggle of those with disabilities. The furious sister said:

“If this person really knew her, they would never talk to her that way because she’s so sweet.”

The story has gone viral and many have contacted Brady to share words of encouragement. Brady revealed:

“I got a lot of feedback from this online from a lot of other amputees who have been in similar situations. You’re not just going to get what you want by being bullying. She told me to cry to someone who cares, so I went to the internet and it turns out a lot of people care.”

The letter was posted by Ashley Brady’s sister and was picked up by Amputee Coalition of America.

According to the organization, the Ashley Brady letter drama went down like this:

Ashley wrote–I lost my leg over the summer and am just trying to adjust to my new life. I requested to have a handicap parking spot to my apartment but with the ground being frozen I had to wait almost all winter. I FINALLY get my parking spot and this small victory meant soo much to me. Then after having my parking spot only 2 days a lady who was not handicap and does not have plates parked in my spot. I left her a note saying why I needed that spot, that I found it disrespectful, and if she did it again she would be towed. This was the note I found on my car in return.

Brady has contacted the Miamisburg police to investigate the matter.

What are your thoughts on the Ashley Brady letter scandal?

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  1. THat is Horrible thing to say and do says:

    I feel her pain being a Handicap person due to 22 years of Military service I have had 2 notes left on my vehicle after parking in a Handicap parking space in the great state of SC people telling me I don’t look handicapped. I pray that she will gain strength, next time call the police its up to a $500.00 fine for parking in a Handicapped space. I bet the “B$TCH” will think next time about parking there! LOL

    • Wayne Dennis says:

      You should give the address and apartment number of the Piece of S**T woman who wrote the mean rude note, so one of us vigilantes who hate people like the rude note writing “B” so we can show her what its like to walk around with baseball bat broken knee caps.

      Then you can block her wheel chair pathway.

      • Realitycheck says:

        We all agree that this woman has done something terrible, but beating her with a baseball bat is more than a little bit of an overreaction. The woman’s address should not be given out because insane people like you might commit a violent felony in response to a note written by an ignorant person. Just let the police handle it. They are more than capable of resolving the problem.

        • Roberta says:

          It is NOT an overreaction — any decent, compassionate person is soooooo appalled by this piece of shiiitt that we all wish her bad. KARMA, just remember, KARMA!!!

          • Realitycheck says:

            I do want this woman to receive some kind of punishment. She’s already receiving a great deal of public condemnation. A $500 ticket, towing her car away and an eviction notice are also all well deserved. If you believe in karma or “what goes around, comes around” then you believe this woman will certainly be receiving more punishment in the future. I hope you’re correct. However, your support for a felonious assault and serious bodily injuries over hurt feelings is just going way too far. It concerns me that people think that’s reasonable. It’s about as logical as killing a fly with a shotgun.

          • travis says:

            What ever i disagree.. i my self am disabled time in a wheel chair, learn to walk again.. she should have never left a note on her car. It is ileagl to park in a handycaped spot, if u dont have a plackard, she should have let the apart managment deal with it or the police, or even call the tow truck. U writing the first note proveked them.. do u go in the woods poking bears with sticks?

          • chaz says:

            Travis, So you are actually blaming the girl for putting a note on the car politely asking the other person to respect the handicapped parking? She ‘provoked’ the other party? Really? With that level of stupidity, how did you manage to turn the computer on? I have to assume the time you spent in a wheelchair was due to severe brain trauma.

        • Duncan Beach says:

          Oh, no it isn’t. Too many entitled, self-described “bitches” and “thugs” have NEVER learned compassion, because they’ve NEVER had ANY sort of trauma. Instead, they inflict trauma on others. The creature who wrote that evil note to Miss Brady needs a sound thrashing!

          • Realitycheck says:

            Did you put any thought into that comment? It doesn’t make any sense. Due to my profession, I have to enter the homes of those “thugs” quite often. Many of them live lives full of trauma and heartache, often starting as a young child. They certainly don’t lack compassion due to some life of privilege. Another beating is just going to confirm for them that the world is a cruel place.

        • MRAKM says:

          Not to hate on the police, but they never take side with those with a disability…I should know, because I have call the police many times when my rights was violated as soon as they saw me in a wheelchair they took side with the violators. it only made them to violate me more…lol

        • Nomad Nomlaki says:

          I agree on the no-violence to keep out of jail. However we had a flare-up of KKK tagging and posts on internet. Seems there was a local Northern California area headquarters for KKK located in a largely redneck area. Somebody anonymously out-ed the KKK by putting the phone number and physical address of so-called area KKK headquarters. In a few days the phone number was disconnected, the semi-compound was vacated and the Bars and stars flag was gone… YEAH!

      • johannes says:

        please consider what you said and repent, give it to God…don’t let your anger take control.

        for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
        but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us…For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”(Romans)

        • Realitycheck says:

          I don’t believe in the tooth fairy or the Easter bunny and certainly don’t believe religious nonsense concocted by humans over millennia.

          • esbee says:

            Your choice not to believe does not make it any less the truth. Do you also make vehement remarks to a parent who tells their child to put a tooth under the pillow or that that Easter bunny is leaving a basket for them?

        • Jeanene Sanchez says:

          Gag me with a bible. Sanctimonious and pretentious hypocrits spew their self-righteous crap as if that is going to resolve the problem of self-entitled wackos taking parking spaces intended for the handicapped. Let the legal system take care of it and hopefully the strong arm of the law will leave this criminally stupid person in a much deserved position of appropriate punishment. Stop spouting scripture as if it is the answer to everything.
          Ever heard of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you??

          • Janamie says:

            Jeanene, you said to “Stop spouting scripture as if it is the answer to everything.” Then you immediately follow that comment with scripture from Luke 6:31, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I just found it ironic and funny. God bless you.

      • Darth Franklin says:

        I agree. Let her talk to someone like that who doesn’t have a disability. She wouldn’t talk S–T then. I do agree that calling the Police to give her the 500.00 fine would be a better solution though. that way she would have to physically do something she wouldn’t want to do. Pay the fine because of the one she insulted. The girl wins either way. It isn’t worth going to jail for this piece of crap person anyways.

      • paul bunyan says:

        at a boy!!!! yeah wayne…..Thats tellin em!!!!

        btw , i was told to never trust a man with 2 first names….

      • Anthony says:

        Amen!! She ought to let it be known what apartment the loser that wrote that note lives in and let “Real” justice take it’s course!!

        • Realitycheck says:

          Yeah, and she should be gang raped and set on fire and her whole family should be killed and her cat should be hanged and any other horrible thing we can think of because writing a nasty note and hurting someone’s feelings deserves that kind of overreaction!

          Thank you Wayne, Roberta, Duncan, paul and Anthony for your sound judgment.

          If my sarcasm isn’t getting through to you, maybe you’re unteachable.

          • Takin' It Easy says:

            My my my @Realitycheck. Talk about taking it to the extreme. You should probably calm down before you have an aneurism. I am willing to bet these are exaggerated responces coming from people who are outraged that someone could act like such a douche bag.

      • Tina says:

        I like you, Wayne Dennis. You make sense. A person who writes a note like that probably expects to be dealt with anyway. But, we shall not stoop to her pathetic level. There is a special room in hell for white trash like that, don’t you worry. With all this info out there, that slag should be worrying about those who are prepared to cut the legs right from under her locally. She’ll live a life of peeking out the curtains and carrying pepper spray. She is getting her torture constantly.

      • rubixcube says:

        I’m up with that, Wayne! I prefer aluminum bats…

    • Mike B says:

      I work for a university hospital in Pennsylvania and 1 of my jobs was giving out parking tickets on the property. You would not believe how many student doctors and student nurses would park for the day in a fire lane or a handicap parking spot and then complain when they would get a ticket. Foe some reason they felt special and should have not received a ticket, I would tell them of all people they should know better.

      • Compassionate Patty says:

        Just have them towed. Fire lanes and handicapped parking are not there for people who are late or otherwise inconvenienced.

      • Laurie A says:

        I know a police officer who has a placard(is not handicapped)and uses it all the time. He also got one for his parents (not handicapped).My Mom is unable to walk anymore and sometimes we have to circle to find a designated spot for her. I’m just waiting for the day when ‘Mr cops’ parents are old and really need one and none is available because of ignorant people who don’t get the issues and barriers that people who have disabilities face daily.

        • Noni says:

          Any police officer who would stoop to such self-serving abuse of his position (and the person/s in the Department of Motor Vehicles or Secretary of State’s office–depending on the state) is one who does not deserve to wear a badge and uniform. Anyone who would cheat (breaking the law) like that would certainly be less than truthful in any other area of his life, professional or personal, where he found it convenient. No ethics = no trust. No good.

    • Emerson says:

      There’s a real problem. So many non-handicapped people get handicapped placards and then park in designated spots because they’re lazy. I wish more cops would check these types of situations, or there was some way of reporting them effectively, but there isn’t.

      • robert says:

        Hey Emerson, you can only get a placard if you are disabled and have a Dr’s prescription. Don’t judge other people by their looks when you have no idea why they may be handicapped.

        • JustMe says:

          I am handicapped and MANY people have told me that they use their relatives or frinds placrads! It is not right at all of the lazy idiots. I found one laying in the street and I destroyed it. I had a former co-worker tell me that she uses her husband’s placard, he is handicappped, and that she fakes a limp when she gets out of the car! People are very rude to me too because of my disability. People are so rude, people are not raised at all like they use to be. God will handle them.

          • Bill says:

            JustMe, I agree with as I know many of the same type of people and am disgusted by their lack of understanding and, more to the point, compassion for their fellow citizen.
            Whenever I visit my mother, who is handicapped and has a placard, and I take her to the store or wherever insist that I use her placard but refuse as I simply drop her off at the front of the store and then park at a regular spot allowing someone who is handicapped a place to park.

          • Agreed says:

            My husband is handicapped (He has severe nerve damage in both legs after having them both lacerated through the knees and reattached) luckily he can still walk but with lots of pain. We parked in a handicapped spot and put up the placard and as we were getting out of the car someone pulled up to the back of our car and started yelling at him for using a fake placard. When my husband told him that is was real and belonged to him, the man pulled out his “placard” and said that “I got one on the internet too, it’s easy now get out of my parking spot”. My husband pointed to the scars on his knees and told him that he can have that parking spot but he has to have the knee injuries too. The ignorant fool sped off. People are rude, and there are more and more out there. I believe that it is because of the idiot I mentioned.

        • Mary says:

          Robert, You are wrong, in the great state of California it is quite easy to get one. One of my co-workers got one, because she hates to park so far from the water when she goes to the beach, of course all the close ones are handicap. I know her well, her only handicap is she is lazy! She always brags about her placard and the ‘great’ parking places she gets with it!

          • Art says:

            Just another useless piss of steaming dog crap!

          • ED says:

            You should turn her in, co-worker or not she is breaking the law. I had a co-worker who had one because her father-in-law was handicap so she felt like she could park in a handicap space even when he was not with her. I totally called her on it. The rule is the person has to be with you in order to park in the space. I told her I’d report her if she did not stop. She stopped.

          • Brian says:

            Then take this opportunity to post her name. Funny how when people stand up and point out the users and losers in our world they are the ones that get the backlash, so I understand if you don’t post it. Be brave, it feels right!

          • Pam says:

            If you know that someone is using a placard that belongs to someone else and you don’t report it you are as guilty as they are. My 89 year old mother who just went through a year of treatments and surgery for breast cancer held out as long as she could before getting her placard because she always felt there were people who deserved it more. Miss Brady deserves to have hers, How awful that she had to loose a leg and be in that position. As for the lady who took her parking space I am angered that she would be that inconsiderate. Instead of being thankful she can walk across the parking lot she chose to take the spot of someone who had great difficulty and even fell trying to get home. There are many kinds of disabilities and they do not always show. I have Lymphoma and fibromyalgia and I try to do everything I can to keep both in check. there are days when I can’t even get out of the car, but I would never think of taking someone’s handicap space. Those that do are a disgrace to humanity. Hope this all works out for you Miss Brady.

        • Mr. H says:

          Robert you are right my wife can only walk for a short amount of time. Due to several car accidents aside from a slight limp at first you can’t tell. And we have HC plates but try to park in the regular parking when she has good days.

        • Darth Franklin says:

          I have a woman on my truck team in retail who has a handicap placard on her window, then goes bowling twice a week in a league. Guess that’s not true after all. People are freaking shady which is why I hate most people. I stay busy at home or vacations to be with my family and close friends. I don’t trust too many people any more.

          • Gossamer Web says:

            There are many reasons a handicap placard is issued. Colitis is one of them. That is not a visible handicap, nor does it limit one’s ability to participate in a bowling league. I myself have a placard do to a spinal deformity that is compressing my spinal cord. I have good days and bad days, to look at me on a good day you would never guess that I am unable to feel my feet and that it takes me hours, sometimes days to recover from the bad day. I am not saying no one abuses the system, I’m just saying, don’t judge a person’s situation without having all the information.

        • Tighe says:


          Well said!

          I have a buddy who is disabled, and when people say to him,
          “you don’t look handicapped”, his response is always,
          “What does handicapped look like?”

        • MUGGSY says:

          You’re full of crap! Many people use a handicapped tag that’s for their parent and even deceased relatives. Many of he tags are expired and no longer valid. It’s easy to get a handicapped tag all you need is a worthless doc to write a note and they do all the time. No one has a problem with people legitimately using a handicap tag. This story isn’t about that situation.

        • Lynn says:

          Sorry your so wrong. Just know the right person or persons and you can get a placard

    • Deb says:

      I feel for you and all handicap persons. I am not handicap. My eldest son was. He was like a baby and in a wheel chair. So obviously you could tell he was handicap. Plus I had the handicap tag and a sign on the door stating I had a ramp and to please park six feet away. I’ve had to park far away because people with no handicap tag or placard parked there. I had people park so close to the side door I’ve wondered how they didn’t scrape the van. I’ve had people stand there and not open doors etc. Now I had many more people who offered to help and I never turned it down. Then my youngest son was in a wheelchair because he couldn’t walk from an accident. We had the placard. We’ll get a lot of dirty looks when we parked in a handicap place. He looked like a very healthy specimen of a man. All his injuries were inside. Thank the good Lord he was able to walk again. Once he got his strength back in his arms we no longer used the handicap space because with his help I could push further. He was 6 ft and 170 lbs. I was 5 ft and 110 lbs. I never parked handicap when they weren’t with me. Also if you pass an man and woman and he is just sitting there while she does the hard work, remember not all handicaps can be seen. I heard a lot of harsh remarks concerning my youngest (18 yrs) sitting there while I loaded the groceries or did yard work. He couldn’t. It killed him to watch me work so hard. He had and still does help me and anyone else who needs it.

    • Anon Amos says:

      I thank God daily that I don’t need a handicapped parking place. Why tempt fate by parking in one.

    • Dollar Bill says:

      Step 1. Walk behind the vehicle and use cell phone to capture vehicle tag and handicap sign.

      Step 2. Call local police and/or Parking Enforcement.

      Step 3. Grab a cold one and get ready for the show!

      • Dave says:

        Don’t forget the popcorn

        • Staterx says:

          Bravo! I would be in a lawn chair in front of the vehicle waiting for the show to start! Maybe with one of the large foam hands that would say “retard” cheering on the cops when they arrive!

    • Brian says:

      I have a muscle disease that has limited my ability to walk and I have a handicap spot which people at my apartment complex use as a place to park temporarily or park in and have expired handicap placards on their mirrors. A person who would write a letter like that needs to be set up in a mock situation where she in unable to use one of her legs and see how she feels after a week of having to change how you do things.
      The woman who wrote the not needs a wake up call and has to learn to deal with people who are different than her. She should be ashamed for writing such a cruel and horrible letter.

      • Mary says:

        I have fibromyalgia, another muscle disease, that limits my walking as well. I depended on others to help me when I go out so I don’t need a parking sticker. But what struck me about that letter is that it sounds a lot like the conservatives that I encounter online who think that most handicapped people are faking in order to get disability. Actually many of them do acknowledge legitimate physical problems, what they don’t acknowledge is that they can be severe enough to make it difficult or even impossible to work. I have encountered people who think that severe pain and fatigue (hallmarks of fibromyalgia) should have no effect on job performance. In the shape I am in now, no employer would keep me more than a few days, even if it were just a desk job. I would not be able to keep up with the work.

        So yes, I have been told that I should stop telling my “sob story”, that the only people who should get disability are the blind and paralyzed (if even that, one guy said that if Steven Hawking can work, so can I. That ignores the fact that he gets a considerable amount of help and that he, as far as I know, does not exaperience pain. Not only that but Hawking gets to work under HIS conditions, he is that valuable. He has commitments, no doubt about that, but others are willing to work around that because of his disability).

        Many of the comments I have gotten are just as cruel as what was in the letter to this girl in the article. For the life of me i can’t understand people like that. And these people will bully anyone who has a handicap. That is why they are now going after the ones on disability insurance. If you don’t have a disability that is “approved” by the Repub Congress (since when did they get their MDs?), then by-golly, you must be faking it!

        • Stephen Hixenbaugh says:

          This issue is not about being liberal or conservitive. I am sick and tired along with other americans of individuals trying to turn every issue into some kind of political statement. Being handycaped myself I have been disrespected by people of all political beliefs. It is time to stop the BS. Its time to work on the issue as people regardless of their politics. That is the problem in washington. Compromise as long as it is my way that is what is happening in the political world.

        • Tammy says:

          Mary, I too have fibromyalgia, plus lumbar stenosis. That is a spinal condition where the bones in the spinal column are thickening putting pressure on the nerves. Not fun. I cannot walk very far or long w/o extreme pain. Worse than the fibro pain. I will be getting a parking placard soon, along with a wheelchair so I can enjoy life more.
          Most people don’t realize just how debilitating fibromyalgia can be. Like you, I cannot work either. And yet, we don’t “look” sick, and so we have to hear all the nasty b.s. that people like to spew. My son’s father in law even had the nerve to tell me that he thought I had been faking being ill! As if! I’d still be working if that were the case, as I do not collect disability. (Long boring story).
          I’m at the point in not just my life, but with my illness that if people want to be ignorant around me, they don’t get the privilege of my company any longer. It’s upsetting to the point of madness at times. So now, I only surround myself with loving and caring people. Makes life so much more enjoyable. Plus, you have fewer bad days this way.

    • Ron White says:

      I feel you brother I didn’t make 22 years more than half that and have had 7 back surgeries and an implant due to injuries sustained in the military directly as a result of service, not off duty BS. I was coming out of a movie theater and of course after sitting nearly 2 hours was stiff. After about 100 yards I loosened up. A man at least 15 years my senior had been eyeballing me I can only guess because when I got to my vehicle he and his wife approached me and accused me of being a faker, that I never served my country and on and on. I raised my shirt to show him the scars from 7 back surgeries and he replied “so what I got scars it don’t mean anything.” My friend who is 40 years my senior could tell I was ready to to go HANDS ON for some 4 WALL COUNSELING without the walls and he yelled at me to walk away. I got into the car and quickly followed him to his vehicle which plastered with anti-war anti-military bumper stickers. Once he saw it was me he called the police and I was stopped. I explained to the officer what happen and to my surprise he called me the next day to tell me he went to the home of the 911 caller and sternly chewed his ass! The cop who I later found out was a vet, yet he never said anything to me. I have disabled veteran plates and a Handicap placard. Two things I learned and will never forget, we veterans must stick together despite our political leanings. With so few of us if we don’t who will? Secondly I learned that I need to get involved through volunteering or voting to support the rights of the disabled.

      The story would be way different had the woman been gay, hell the whole world would have fallen in on the abuser. They have more rights and power than any “special group”. This lady seems like a sweetheart and proved it by not calling the cops who would have not only ticketed the car but had it towed and impounded. The letter writer from Miamisburg should have thanked her. I’m not surprised our country has gone to hell people are more self centered and greedy than ever.

      • herbert hall says:

        I am also disabled ron. it doesn’t show on the outside, but I have had lung cancer surgery and have a titanium valve in my heart, all due to agent orange. nobody has said anything yet, but if they do,i will kick some a$$ and take names later

        • Mike says:

          Sgt Snuffy
          an amputee and kidney transplan recipient wil be right there with you help tokick some too

    • dee says:

      yes, just call the police and they will ticket and sometimes tow the car. then see what she has to say about that. terrible. i have nerve damage, and don’t look handicapped, but i am. somedays difficult to get out of bed even, but I do. Good luck and hopefully you will not have to talk to or run into that mean person…pray for her.

    • Legato says:

      Can’t ticket her if its private property. Same as you cant be ticketed or pulled over at a Wal-Mart for running a stop sign or parking in a Handicap. The city doesn’t own that parking lot. Owners can call to have vehicle towed. States are different though. And she is missing a leg, its not a broken leg in a cast and she isn’t in a wheelchair or wheelchair bound. Handicap should be for people who cannot walk long distances.. My grandfather is 64 and has his right leg takin above the knee.. Yet he tries to not park in a Handicap spot for someone more who needs it.. What was said is wrong but I bet Miss Ashley complained that whole winter about gettin her spot.. Seems needy… Hope no senior citizens live there…

      • what? says:

        You are a moron.

      • herbert hall says:

        you are wrong legato. she can have her car towed and she can get a big ticket for parking in a handicap zone at a market. you need to read the vehicle handbook. people at my walmart get ticketed all the time

      • Robert says:

        Legato needs to read the laws on Handicap parking areas. Are you some type of LUNATIC. Read up before you overload your mouth!! I hope that this doesn’t happen to you but as they say -What goes around comes around and you need to be very carefull!

      • Mary says:

        Lord, you actually think that her falling on ice several times does not mean she needs a close parking spot? She could have broken a bone.

        And yes people can be ticketed on private property. My one and only time parking in a handicapped space (because it was raining and there was no other place to park except in mud) showed me that. I got a ticket and also a heavy load of shame out of it.

      • Takin' It Easy says:

        Really Legato?? How many times should she have fallen on the ice before she “deserved” her parking place in your opinion??? Needy?? Your an a$$…

      • MUGGSY says:

        Legato, most retailers allow enforcement of handicap parking abuses. Go to the desk in the store and report it.

      • The Truth says:

        You’re wrong about that. Most handicapped parking is on private property. A shopping mall is private property and people are ticketed all the time. Kind of douchey to defend the indefensible anyway. . . . F off.

    • david paul gibson says:

      I cant believe in our country we would have such ignorance but lets face it we do as a handicap person myself ive seen more stupidity towards people with disabilities than care to discuss. were not looking for a hand out but a hand up!! I want someone with no disabilities to walk a day in my shoes or any other person whom think there perfect. the lord made us in his image but things happen and we must go on. but to see and read such RASICIM against someone with a disability is terrible beyond any sin. ignorance is bliss but not stupidity. it takes a special kind of stupidity to do this to another soul. and im betting she was abused as a child and her only way to deal with her miserable life is to try and make other people just as ate up as she is. so go *uck yourself $itch I hope they find you hanging from a rope!!!!!!

    • Occam's Tool says:

      Please, file a report documenting that you parked in a handicapped space.

      After the police fine you $500.00 and warn her that you are an evil and dangerous person, I’m sure you will agree that it’s a fair exchange.

    • Ranger Caidon says:

      A simple and effective approach would be to call the local PD & have an office come and cite the car for being illegally parked. I’m sure the ticket and fine, not to mention the support of the legal system, would be enough to shut her up

    • Msgt Avery says:

      I just call the tow truck. problem solved. Not only do the they pay the tow fee but they have to go down and get their car.

    • Leona says:

      i once had an Audubon, NJ cop reach into my car and yank my placard down because he said I don’t look handicapped. In the car were crutches and a cane. I offered to show him my handicapp and started to un-do my pants. He kept the placard but at least he backed off. I then went to DMV, got a new placard, and made sure everyone in town heard my story. What a douche!!!! One lady in the parking lot where we were even filmed me on her phone. I got a little loud when the guy kept harrassing me and wouldn’t give it up. I never saw that before and have never seen him since. I guess I should check some sites on the internet. Maybe that lady who filmed us put it on. Yikes – I’m a star!!!!

    • jay says:

      Yeah, I would have flattened all four of that b1tch’s tires and put tampons in her tank if I received that nasty letter. Too bad she didn’t post a license plate photo.

    • BEEN THERE TOO says:

      I have been right there too, as my disabilities are many but invisible to the untrained eye. Nothing but hitting them in the pocketbook seems to matter.

  2. Mary V says:

    The level of disrespect, total selfishness, un-neighborly and just plain nasty of this person who left the reply note is horrible and not acceptable by any standards. My Dad had one leg shorter than the other from birth. I personally know the struggles he had. He didn’t have any breaks in his day as there was no reserved parking. How I wish he could have had that one little luxury! Hope this person gets what they deserve for their smallness.

  3. Michael says:

    I feel for Ashley…this is horrible – AND this is to someone who has a visible handicap. I suffer from a disease that attacks virtually every internal organ in my body, including my lungs, and I have a handicap plate because of the difficulty i have getting around. The problem is that people can’t see my disability by looking at me as everything is internal. I’ve had quite a few people say mean things when I park at the store or other public places. One time it was when my son was with me and he wanted to confront them physically because they were so mean. I used it as a teachable moment to him that some people are just mean and would rather take their problems out on others and to not let them have ANY bearing on your day. We have enough issues to let others be a negative influence in our lives.

    I just want to say to Ashley…Stay strong, and don’t let them bully you because they will get theirs in the long run, you need to just stay positive because that will drive them even more crazy. I’ve noticed that the more I stay positive, the more it drives negative people in my life nuts. They just don’t understand how someone with our issues can be positive.

  4. Kathleen says:

    If she didn’t like you putting a note on the car just have it towed then she’ll really know what putting hands on a car is like…….your such a p.o.s

  5. nfr says:


  6. dave says:

    You can’t fix stupid!

  7. Mary says:

    From looking at the actual note, it seems that the rude woman signed it with the “B” word so she must know that she is one! I dream of a day when we can be compassionate of others and look for ways to make a better world and not be so selfish. It’s not Ashley I pity, because she is brave and strong. It’s the other woman I pity; she is miserable and sad and mean.

  8. Steve says:

    Ashley, you are indeed an inspiration to so many people. Nearly every comment written is supporting you and others that rely on parking spaces to make life just a little bit easier for them. How ever this turns out legally, this neighbor of yours does not stand a chance to continue living at this complex. There are just too many people in support of you and many who, unfortunatly, like to take things in their own hands, and this neighbor knows this. Looking past this – you are making a difference in the world and many will re-think their attitudes towards so many people that live with challenges in their life. God bless you!

  9. Nettie says:

    Hang in there Ashley!
    It is not easy to get a handicap hangtag or license plate. It has to be renewed every 5 years with your doctor’s signed certification. They are not free in many states. My right leg shorter than my left do to several knee surgeries and many years of running,dancing, bodybuilding, etc. Bone on Bone! This also affects my hip and walking was not easy for a long time. I have learned to walk without my cane after 6 years of physical therapy, as long as I practice daily stretches and yoga and wear a leg brace. I keep a pillow under my hip when I sit to keep it higher than my knee to reduce the pressure. This of course affects my left leg and hip also. I also need to sleep with my leg,knee,and foot elevated. These are just some of the things I have to do to try to have some kind of normalcy in my daily life and walking. Once when I parked in a handicapped space a policeman said, ” You don’t looked handicapped to me!” I replied,” You caught me on a good day!”. Then I walked away. It isn’t easy. I live with low constant pain in my hip and knee all the time,but I am alive and I can walk and manage it.
    Keep up e Good Work Ashley!

  10. Eddie says:

    It IS appropriate that the woman apparently signed the note: “Bitch”… at least she’s honest.

  11. Gary Primer says:

    No disrespect, but I can’t help but wonder what Ashley’s note said.
    Let me be clear, no matter what it said it would not be an excuse for the neighbor’s cruel and rude behavior, but I do not think that I am getting the whole story here.

    • jeffy says:

      I totally agree, Ashley says “I left her a note saying … that I found it disrespectful, and if she did it again she would be towed.”
      I would love to see what language was actually used to tell the woman “if you do it again you will be towed!!”
      I’m betting neither one will ever win any congeniality prizes.

      • vivian says:

        My thoughts exactly. I would like to see the exact wording of the first note.

      • Adam says:

        Doesnt matter, the handicapped lady could have right away called the police and had the car towed. She, at least, gave notice. I would have the car towed period. BTW, many states require the person receiving the ticket to show up in court. This would have seemed appropriate.

        • Ron White says:

          Amen, she could have had the vehicle towed, ticketed and it would have cost at least 800 bucks to get it plus all the hassle. So since Ashley didn’t do that she could have called the person a C word IF SHE KNEW WHO THE CAR BELONGED TO? Maybe she didn’t but still the note received should have been sorry Mam it was late I had the kids anything other than insulting her and THANK YOU FOR NOT CALLING THE POLICE AND TOWING MY CAR!!!

  12. Peka says:

    I have a placard due to chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic asthma. I was once told by a man after I parked in a handicapped spot that I couldn’t park there because I didn’t “look” handicapped. I told him he didn’t look “rude” either, but we were both wrong! Then I walked away.

    • Ruth L says:

      Perfect response! I also have a handicap placard for diabetes, asthma, and polymyalgia rheumatica and I look perfectly fine, but I’m in constant pain. I often get looks but no one has been rude enough to say anything. This will be my reply when they do!

      Ashley, Stick to your guns honey and have the byatch towed the next time.

    • Angie says:

      I have fibromyalgia, have had a heart attack & have severe arthritis & my some has Lupus. I’m only in my 40’s & my son in his early 20’s. We both have Handicap Placards. I had a woman scream at me that I should be ashamed of myself because there wasn’t a damn thing wrong with me & she was reporting me to a cop that was in the parking lot. I pulled out my placard showing her that I did have the hang tag on my rear view mirror where it was supposed to be. She then said “They ain’t nothing wrong with you because you are young & healthy looking”. Well, by that time I had already got mad because I shouldn’t have to explain my health issues to a total stranger. I know I should have said this but I did. I said “Well, looks can be deceiving because you didn’t look like a bitch when you drove up but you are.” By that time the police had pulled up, he heard what I said & he was chuckling for a good healthy place. He then proceeded to tell the woman that it wasn’t up to her to decided if something was wrong with me & she could get into trouble because she was discriminating against a handicapped person, regardless if I looked it or not. She drove away in a huff.

    • Leona says:

      Way too funny!!! Once when my car stalled at an intersection the guy behind me kept honking. Everyone else had gone around me but this jackarse just sat there honking. So…. I got out and went back to him and very kindly in a soft, sweet voice said “sir, if I sit here and honk your horn for you, will you go up there and see if you can get my car started?”. He just scowled, he must have felt like a fool, and then he drove away – and by then the light was red, so he blew a red light and got lots of honks for himself. Yep, too much stupid out there!

  13. Debbie says:

    Has anyone thought about the fact that it is ILLEGAL to park in a handicapped spot without a permit?? Give the idiot woman a ticket and have her car towed. Besides the fact that she “touched” the nice lady’s car to put the hateful note under Miss Ashley’s wiper blade. Why doesn’t the police issue the woman a ticket? She certainly deserves one!

  14. Pete says:

    In regard to what Debbie said, if the crazy woman wants to park in the handicap spot let her. In Minnesota doing that will cost $200-$300 a pop plus having the policeman put his hands on her car to leave the ticket. I have some disability myself but would be happy to see someone pay $1000 a week to park in my spot.

  15. Mark says:

    As someone who is handicapped, I find more and more that people who are not qualified to park in a handicapped space are using a placard not belonging to them. The law states that only the person who the placard or handicapped license is issued for may park in the spot. If that person is not in the vehicle, they are not supposed to park in a handicapped spot. I would say to this proud young woman that if that (enter your own expletive here) parks there again, since it is marked as a handicapped spot, take out your cell phone with it’s camera and take pictures. Contact your local law enforcement and ask them to step in and do something. The police need proof that a crime has been committed. You can provide it and make that sorry waste of oxygen feel some of her own pain and suffering.

    • Ralph Butler says:

      In many states you can use the placard if you’re on an errand for the handicapped person, such as picking up prescroptions or grocery shopping for them as thay may not feel well enough to accompany you.

  16. Kamiko says:

    Make sure next time, dont leave a note. the threat of being towed only turned the bully into something worse. she knows she got to you, problem is, she didnt care.

    next time take down her license plate, and report her to your apartment manager, and to the police. police like to write $250 tickets to assholes, and come pretty quick when you report a disabled parking offender!

    How do i know? before i got my placard, my boss reported me for parking in the disabled parking spot, and i got the same ticket. i am disabled, i just didnt have my placard yet, and he hated me.

  17. special ed says:

    Quite unnecessary to respond with such demeaning words. When the mean neighbor parks a bunch of people with “H” hang tags should block her car for a few hours.

  18. Jack Callahan says:

    My heart goes out to you,kid. As a disabled American worker I know first hand how we handicapped folks get treated…Remember this: for every jerk out there there are dozens of people who do recognise our struggles with day to day life and are helpful and caring.When you went public with this,you stood up for all of us.Thank You!

  19. D says:

    She’s not calling her bitch. Bitch is the signature of the note.

    I hope the building management can do something about the note writer. For example not renewing her lease would be great! In the meantime, Ashley, call the cops whenever she’s on your spot. And don’t get offended by the note, some people do not know better.


  20. Mike Porter says:

    Intelligence can be measured, but stupidity is boundless. So apparently is rudeness. Why doesn’t that thoughtless woman go down to the VA and kick the crutches out from under amputees. Someday she’ll learn she’s not the only bitch. Karma sometimes goes by that name too.

    • Kenn Beck says:

      “Intelligence can be measured, but stupidity is boundless.” Mike Porter, is that an original quote, or did you get it from somewhere? I want to know who to attribute it to when I re-use it. Well said.

      Oh, and it is positively shameful, but not surprising, that there are still people as self absorbed as this note writer. I’d Bumper-stick her windshield before I had her towed, but that’s just me.

  21. C says:

    Hey, how about if someone “anonymously” makes the note-writers name, address, make/model of the car and license plate go viral?

  22. Robin Childress says:

    Who is this person?? I would love to see her name and face plastered all over the internet! Her identity shouldn’t be protected after what she did. Let her learn that there are consequences to her actions. That the day and age of getting away with this type of action has passed. That as a people we will no longer simply sit by and except this form of hatred and bullying from anyone.
    By the way to the piece of trash who did this … you’re are not that special, you’re just something else that needs to be thrown out!

  23. Matt says:

    Post a picture of the woman. See how much she likes being not being anonymous when she writes such nasty crap. And definitely get it towed the next time she parks there.

  24. Jennifer Burson says:

    There are two sides to every story. To play Devil’s Advocate we have no way of knowing what Ashley’s initial note said. The reply was signed -B- so could it be fair to assume she was called a -B- in Ashley’s letter? Why was the threat of being towed included? Doesn’t the threat instigate a fight? I know if someone threatened me over something that, in my mind, could be handled with just a simple request, I might blow up at them myself without regard to any disability. There is no way to know what the relationship was between Ashley and this neighbor prior to this letter being sent. Everyone is jumping to one side of this thing and they don’t have all the facts when there are obviously more to be had. This is how innocent people get the death penalty… just sayin.

    • Herb says:

      Jennifer: The neighbor was in a handicapped spot without a plaque – that should tell us the this person obviously has some problems.

      • Jennifer Burson says:

        No doubt this person is the epitome of pure evil because no good person would ever, EVER park in a handicapped spot without a plaque for any reason.

        • disgusted with people like you says:

          Jennifer Burson : the disabled woman is being advocated for on the basis of the note the woman who went against the law wrote. The woman who went against the law is being judged against what she expressed herself as via the note she left.

          Right or wrong, that is the situation. Snark and shady don’t have a dog in the fight.

          There is an undercurrent of misplaced anger and resentment against disabled people (I personally experience it) and this is just an example of it that people are also likely responding to, as well as folks such as you who encourage it.

          Like it or not, there are rules in place to protect disabled people and make life just a hair easier for them.

          Whether or not a disabled person can make other physical movements other than driving and getting in/out of a vehicle is not what is at the core of this article.

          • Jennifer Burson says:

            I’m sorry, perhaps I’m misreading what you wrote but it seems that you are saying that I am encouraging misplaced anger and resentment toward the disabled. If I misread I apologize but I could not encourage such a thing because I AM disabled, though not in the same way Ashley is. I have PTSD from my time in the military and I know that each of us has our struggle and it’s hard enough without someone using our disability against us but it does happen and we deal and move on. If you read further down you will see where I expressed disapproval for the neighbors comments.
            I personally don’t feel any more sorry for Ashley than I do for myself. I also know that because of my disability I have come across as entitled to people who don’t understand and I have to be careful how I talk about some things because I am not entitled to any more than anyone else. I have to wonder if Ashley found herself in that situation and felt the consequences.

    • G says:

      I agree that we don’t know what was in Ashley’s note, but regardless this other woman parked in a clearly marked handicap space and she didn’t have the necessary plate or hangtag. Instead of calling the police first according to Ashley she tried to explain her situation to the violator and was treated like no person should be treated handicapped or not. Never mind trying to explain things to ignorant people Ashley this woman clearly knew she was breaking the law by parking there so if it happens again just call the police. After all this was in an apartment building parking lot where you generally have the same people parking there on a daily basis not like at the grocery store where it’s random stupidity run wild. I have an aunt that lost her left leg in an industrial accident and needs, like Ashley, to park closer to the door especially in icy conditions. She also has encountered rude people who tell her she doesn’t look handicapped. She has learned to walk without a cane, but has a very pronounced limp. She learned to ignore these people and their ignorance and not let them bring her down as they are only a temporary interruption in her day and she refuses to let them bring her down to their unhappy level. I pray for you and your situation, but for those who show their ignorance in such a distasteful way like this woman has done. Their time will come be it here on Earth or as they burn in hell.

      • Jennifer Burson says:

        So she parked in a handicapped parking spot. Big deal in my personal opinion. There are far worse things a person could do. I could not condemn the neighbor for that and I think it’s silly to do so.
        I will, however, concede that insulting a person’s disability does cross the line. It is inhumane to act in such a way no matter what the circumstances. This is the neighbors disability.

        • david says:

          lady, I think you need to get a life and read the whole story and not pick out what you think is right. man talk about closed simple minds

    • azuregazelle says:

      back@ Jennifer Burson Anyone who has lived in the U.S. for the past twenty years is well-acquainted with the Disability Access laws that have been enacted and in place for years. The indifferent individual who chooses to ignore the CLEARLY demarcated parking area should be towed for their illegal act. I also believe in hearing both sides of an issue, but since both sides HAVE been heard from, I fail to find any merit with the person who left the threatening letter on Ms. Brady’s vehicle. Perhaps the sender should embrace her own advice about not touching someone else’s car.

    • Anthony says:

      The spot just became a handicapped spot….the day before it wasn’t…she could have parked there by mistake and like Jennifer says, come out to a nasty note calling her a B for parking there when yesterday it would have been fine. Don’t rush to judgment people, you only have one side of the story.

      • david says:

        duuhh it was under snow the spot has always been there idiot you also need to read. reading is fundamental jerk try it !!!!

  25. Herb says:

    Ashley, just call the cops when she’s in your spot. Don’t let her get to you, you haven’t done anything wrong. Don’t ever feel bad because of other peoples ignorance and don’t try to hard changing their mind. It is usually a waste of time, especially your neighbor. You can’t worry about other peoples stupidity. I once met a person that was using her deceased grandmothers plaque and she thought she won the lottery by having this plaque. There is nothing you can say to change that person, she was just too far gone. You win if it doesn’t get you down. Your neighbor wins if it does. Having a severely handicapped child, I have been through some of this myself, but it doesn’t bother me any longer. You just have to care about your own values, not some stranger’s and you’ll start feeling better right away – give it a try, it works!

  26. Cal Jones says:

    First, I’m sorry about your leg, that in itself will take time to adjust too. You’ll do it though. Courage seems to be a strength you handle well. As for your apartment manager, God bless him. The note writer, she’ll find cruelty, hate, unkindness, etc, will bring her nothing in this life,or the next. You have people, Family who love and care about you. Pray for her, she has nothing.

  27. Karen says:

    What the ????. You can climb 3 flights of stairs but cant walk from your car to the sidewalk. Maybe you should think how it looks to people if you can climb stairs but not walk a straight line. Both my parents at their age are handicaped but do not abuse their rights by saying i can climb a hill but cant walk to my front door. Think how it looks. I am sorry about your handicap but i know a lot of people who do their best with what they have.

    • Jennifer Burson says:

      I agree. She’s disabled, not a martyr. So someone said something mean to her. Kids handle worse every day. I’m really surprised this is considered newsworthy.

      • azuregazelle says:

        To both Jennifer and Karen I say that you have NO WAY of knowing what an amputee has to endure on a daily basis. To label the support she has received as being treated as a martyr, Jennifer, is hyperbolic to the max! No one is anointing Ms. Brady with sainthood, instead pointing out the venomous behavior of the person who knowingly parked where she shouldn’t have parked. Karen, I do not recall reading that Ms. Brady had to ascend three flights of stairs each day. I may have mis-read the article, but I believe the issue about the parking space concerned being closer to the building from her parking space because of the hazard of having to walk greater distances over ice and snow. I don’t normally wish ill will upon people because I believe that what you put out there eventually comes back to you, but you both really should be careful what you wish for- as it pertains to both this woman AND yourselves- her situation could very easily become your situation in the blink of an eye.

        • Jennifer Burson says:

          She is treating herself as a martyr. If not herself she is allowing her sister to treat her as one and everyone is just accepting it without question. For all anyone here knows she could have cussed her neighbor out in her letter, she may have insulted her, she admitted to threatening her, what else did she do? That neighbor may have used that parking spot for 5 minutes to get her dying child to the car as quickly as possible, or her disabled parents, or use your imagination. No one has any clue what’s really going on except a mean response but that seems to be enough to condemn the neighbor. I have read many people’s comments about having the neighbors arms removed and similar. I think THAT is venomous.

          • hmm... says:

            You could be right Jennifer. But if the neighbor had time to write such a nasty note, she also had time to write one explaining her situation RE why she parked there.
            What do you mean by “threatening her”. Ashley said she would have her car towed for parking illegally. Well… That’s what normally should happen in such situations.
            I think it was kind of nice of her not to do so in the first place.
            Oh… and pretty sure if Ashley’s note was along the lines of the note that she received, she would not have published her neighbors note. They would have been speaking the same “language”. This leads me to believe her note was not “cussing” anyone out.

      • Ron White says:

        Would you have the same opinion if Ashley was also GAY, I doubt it! The GAY Mafia got their special rights quicker than womans suffrage, slavery and civil rights for blacks! Because they produce the TV shows the American Sheep watch and go ba ba too. The entire local gay community would have held a vigil and run the note writer out of town if she included a defamatory gay slur in the note. So if your going to easily dismiss this, than you must DO THE SAME FOR EVERY OTHER GROUP or your a just another HYPOCRITE!

        • Jennifer Burson says:

          If you’re asking me then no, I probably wouldn’t react the same. It’s a completely different situation. There are some people who hate gay people just because they are gay. There are far fewer who hate disabled people just because they are disabled.

    • Joe says:

      I agree that walking a straight line should be easy if you can walk up the stairs, however, the stairs are also covered and have handrails. Imagine having a prosthetic leg, that you cannot feel, coming in contact with something like ice. And the cane you have to use is now somewhat unreliable to shift your weight on, while there is nothing else nearby to hold onto. Even if it is only a few more feet closer, it would make a difference. Please also consider that without that assigned space, she may be forced to park several spaces away. I do not think that this is an abuse of her handicap status.

    • Kenn Beck says:

      And I’m sure if they could have put the parking spot on the same plane as the third floor, that would have helped her out, but we have to obey the laws of physics. If your parents had to cross a street and climb three flights of stairs and they could have one of those two worries taken care of, would you tell them they don’t deserve to have one hurdle eliminated? How do YOU know how long it takes for her to climb the stairs, or how much of a struggle it is? Your lack of logic is only overshadowed by your lack of compassion.

    • Frank says:

      Karen if you would have correctly remembered in the article, It wasn’t just the 3 fllights of stairs but mainly due to falling a few times walking the extra distance in the snow and Ice! Which is not an easy task when you have a prosthetic leg which cannot totally be controlled by you “Normal” muscles.
      It always helps if you read and understand before looking foolish.

  28. dog says:

    find the person who wrote the letter and have BOTH her legs amputated.

  29. carl says:

    I would be the smart ass and re-correct her grammar errors in the letter. It would be funny if the person that did park in the spot illegally came out to find a boot on their car.

  30. Megan says:

    People can be so rude. My sister has the same issues with people yelling at her and giving her dirty looks because she LOOKS like a healthy 34 year old. What people can’t see is that she has rheumatoid arthritis and walking long distances can be extremely difficult for her. Thus why her doctor signed the paperwork for her to get a handicap placard.
    I wish people would think before spewing hate!
    So sad for Ashley but she should definitely call the police next time this woman is in her spot. The fines are very expensive and no one will be sympathetic to you for parking in the spot of an amputee!!

  31. Vee Jay says:

    WOW!!! I am also handicapped..It burns me up when I see teen-age boys driving Mom’s car or Grandma’s car with a handicapped placard and then they run into the store…Parents, do you tell your children when they drive your vehicles NOT TO PARK in handicapped spaces?

    I see young women with a bunch of kids park in Handicap Spaces and young couples on a date without a placard, because, “We are only going to be in there a minute”.

    If you don’t have a placard, you ought to be ashamed. DON’T PARK IN THOSE SPACES AND THANK THE LORD EVERYDAY THAT YOU CAN WALK.

    • MmHmmm says:

      You know, I never make assumptions about someone who is legally parked in a handicap spot (i.e. has a plate or a placard). It’s not up to me to decide who is disabled enough to warrant a placard and who isn’t.

      What really burns me up is being harassed and harangued when I drive Grandma somewhere, and park in a handicap spot – WITH HER PLACARD – and then get harassed by people who think I don’t look like I should be parking in a handicap spot. I’ve had people practically break my window trying to get me to roll it down so they can scream at me, only to roll their eyes and make nasty comments when I hold up the valid placard.

      So, yes, you’re right, people who park in a spot without a placard should be ashamed because they’re breaking the law. But people who get up in other’s business should also be ashamed because it’s just plain bad behavior.

  32. Jim says:

    Did anyone report it to the police. I see fines of $250-$500 dollars posted. That’s the first step in reminding a jackass not to park there.

  33. Marcus says:

    Okay, so here’s where I chime in and get you all riled up. However… if you actually think with your head rather than your heart / emotions, you’ll get what I’m saying. First, I don’t think what the person who replied to her note said was remotely okay. I’m on Ms. Brady’s side on that. It was wildly inappropriate and extremely mean. However, I’m against handicapped parking spaces in general. There are organizations that scream and holler for “equality” for the handicapped, for equal treatment in all walks of life. Okay… so stop asking for special treatment, such as special parking places. Stop labeling yourself as disabled to get a leg up on other job applicants. If you want to be treated equally… join the rest of us and park in the back 40 and walk or roll as quickly or as slowly as you want to or can up to the door. Besides, there are plenty of amputees who are running marathons, who are taking part in Spartan competitions. Disabled / Handicapped in today’s day and age is not broken irreparably, nor is it limiting anyone from a normal life any longer. So, stop the hypocrisy. If you want to be equal, be equal; not equal but special.

    • Tanisha says:

      Marcus you did not get anyone riled up with your assessment; However, you did just show the world how stupid and ignorant you are. Your response was so outlandish, and ignorant it does not warrant anyone taking the time to respond to it.

    • Joe says:

      I can understand and respect your position, however I would disagree to the extent that not all handicaps are the same, and not all people can handle them the same way. Sure there are one-legged marathoners out there, but I don’t believe that means everyone with one leg is able to do so. It takes more than legs. How many people with both legs can’t run a marathon? Also, she just lost her leg last summer and maybe hasn’t had time to adjust. That is speculative, as are most of the comments here, but I think there are many factors that could be considered.

    • Diane says:

      You don’t think there should be handicapped parking? Really??? IF you are caught in a terrible can run to shelter. If you slip on ice or snow..yes you can still get hurt but at least your leg has a natural bend to help break the fall. If snow is 5 inches deep..yes it will be a little hard for you to trudge through it but you could, Where as a wheelchair could not. My mother was handicapped and I cant imagine telling her at 74..Oh get over it Mom, if you cant get through it just damn try harder.. people are running marathons. I read your post and thought the saying is so true “You cannot fix stupid!! or heartless evidently. May Karma never catch you because it would be ugly.

    • azuregazelle says:

      Marcus, I am happy to address your misperception of what the organizations to which you refer mean when they lobby for equal treatment for the disabled. These organizations help to enact laws which make it illegal to demonstrate bias toward the disabled in such areas as proper access to housing, being DENIED housing BECAUSE you have a disability( Don’t snicker “yeah, right”- this kind of prejudice STILL exists to this day), equal treatment in the workplace as pertaining to job offers and promotions( The person in the motorized chair could very well be the smartest individual IN THE ROOM, but do you REALLY think that person’s name is the first one that tops the list come time to consider employees deserving of a promotion or pay rise!). These are just two or three examples of bias displayed toward the disabled that make the existence of disability laws and organizations so necessary. If you still doubt the need for the role these laws and organizations fulfill, just ask a former member of our military services who is an amputee what a life-saver these organizations were for them when even the V.A. was keeping them on some kind of waiting list.

  34. ROBIN says:


  35. Roxx says:

    Ashley, Just remember that miserable lowly Cretan of a no-good example of a troll wakes up that angry and miserable and sad and hopeless and dumb and disgruntled and lonely and unloved and sorry-ass and piss-poor _ everyday!!
    Smile Ashley… Even with your situation… you’re 10 time the Gal it is!!

  36. Bruce says:

    Hey Ashley, hang in there. The Karma police never sleep, this worthless waste of oxygen will get what’s coming to her, altho’ she’ll probably blame “bad luck” instead of recognizing it for what it is: divine retribution. After her car gets towed a few times, maybe she’ll figure out not to park in marked handicapped spaces?

  37. Herb says:

    Interesting discussion. Having been on both sides, (no handicapped needs before we had a special child), I would personally never have parked in handicapped spot. I don’t think this is just about rights and equality, it’s also about compassion. Are you a person that helps a blind or otherwise disabled person across the street or do you say: pull yourself together you can do it if you want to be equal? There are both kinds of people and the question is which kind you want to be. For most people it’s a choice, some are too stubborn. I think it starts with teaching our children at a young age to open the door for handicapped or older people. Why do it? It makes both people feel better. Sorry Marcus and Jeniffer and Karen if you haven’t found that place in your heart that is called compassion. I don’t mean to be sarcastic here: Take a bit of time to find that place, try to be compassionate, you may like it. And if not that’s fine too, don’t feel bad about it – we are not all the same. But I would hope you feel like an ass when you park in handicapped spot you schmucks.

    • Jennifer Burson says:

      LOL Of course, now I’M the epitome of pure evil because I don’t let the majority think for me and I don’t let sentimentality interfere with my ability to judge right from wrong.

      • Joe says:

        I read your other comments and agree about the newsworthiness of the story, but anything that gets enough people involved becomes newsworthy. Just look how much national debate this has brought. As for your above comment, I would argue that if we are just judging on right and wrong, despite other unknown information, that she had a legal permit to park there where her neighbor did not.
        I do not think that you are the epitome of pure evil and appreciate your opinion. I find it shameful that people cannot disagree and have a discussion about something and be civil.

  38. Barc777 says:

    The apartment manager or security officer should have either contacted the police on the woman’s behalf, or called the tow company himself.

  39. Calli says:

    It’s a parking spot. It’s a handicapped spot. The fact is anyone with a placard/plate can park there. It’s not just Ashley’s spot. Since she needs an assigned spot for safety then she should work with her apartment management company and apply or pay for one with her name/apartment number. That being said, NO ONE should be so nasty to leave a note bullying someone with a disability.

    • azuregazelle says:

      Calli, as the text of the sender’s note clearly indicated, “I’m walking away with both of mine”. Therefore, I do not believe that the author of this venomous letter is, in any way, disabled or hindered physically. In point of fact, I do not believe that any person having to endure a physical disability would deliberately have either used another disabled person’s parking place OR left another disabled person such a nasty letter. I AM glad 🙂 that your posting at least offered a constructive suggestion that could alleviate this problem for Ms. Brady in the future, by applying for or paying for a disability sign for a parking place specifying her address and name.

  40. Hamilton Mays says:

    I think it highly unlikely that the stupid, evil bitch will ever park in that spot anymore, so it’s still
    Cool People FTW! Yay!

  41. Alicia says:

    Ignorant is as ignorant does! You can’t change ignorant! Report the offender to the property manager and have the car towed!

  42. Marti says:

    One important fact that seems to be missing is that to obtain a handicap placard/license plate, a doctor has to give the person a prescription for it. So, whether the handicap is visible or not, there is a MEDICAL reason for the person having it. I too have experienced similar situations by uncaring, ignorant people. I remind myself that we live in a time when people are selfish, “lovers of themselves”, “not open to any agreement”, “without self-control”, “headstrong” — 2Timothy 3:1-5. As someone previously stated: “You can’t fix stupid.”. However, what you can do is call the police and let them handle it. She will then probably receive a fine and/or be towed, or both.

    • azuregazelle says:

      Marti you are not the only one at whom such skepticism has been directed. I also have been told by doubters that I don’t “look” handicapped. I had to patiently explain to one young man that not every person laboring with a disability is on crutches, blind, or in a wheelchair. When I furthered explained that I was diagnosed and examined by two doctors of orthopedics before I was considered qualified( one doctor could not understand why previous physicians who had examined me didn’t bother to inform me that I was qualified to apply for disability!), he just grumbled and walked away. Stereotypes still prevail in this “enlightened” of ours.

  43. DJPaice says:

    What a bitch she is, and you know it’s another woman. Hopefully the property manager does the right thing and take some kind of action with that woman, not only was she rude, but threatening as well. This is one time I truly hope that Karma intervenes….

  44. Anthony says:

    People are so ridiculous…sitting so high in their seats of judgment….casting stones and ready to take up arms against someone when they have only heard one side of the story…and already the other person is being condemned and ridiculed and judged to be guilty. It does look like the woman who wrote the note signed it -B@*ch-, has anyone thought since we haven’t seen Ashley’s note maybe it wasn’t all nice and sweet and she received the response she maybe deserved. Since this handicapped parking spot was just put there, maybe this other woman accidently parked there not knowing and came out to find a nasty note for herself that she just appropriately responded to. I don’t know, just a thought. I reserve judgment until I hear the whole story.

  45. Wm Murphy says:

    This is to easy, the other person has no place card or plates, call the local PD and allow her to receive a ticket, starts at $250.00’s and can be as much as $800.00’s, allow the low life to explain how she feels she has the right to park there while he writes out her ticket or tickets.

  46. Cate says:

    For nearly two years I walked around on bone on bone on my knee…didn’t have a handicapped placard, didn’t even think of getting one till it got impossible to walk and I could finally have the knee replacement surgery. Now that I have the placard I am more aware of how many people park in handicapped spaces without one. Until you need the space because you have a disability you have no appreciation of the rudeness of people to park in those spaces. I’m one of the lucky ones, once I heal I will turn my placard in and be grateful I don’t need a handicapped space. For all of those who have to live with their situation forever, I truly feel for them and they shouldn’t have to explain why they need the space.

  47. Wm Murphy says:

    The letter alone could put this other person in jail for a time. I have handicap plates on all of our cars and truck and people are always pointing at my windshield mirror like I should have a place card, some of these people aren’t very bright. ;=))

    • KayLynne says:

      Depends on the state you’re from. Unfortunately, Oregon doesn’t count a special license plate as a placard, and will still ticket/cite vehicles that don’t have the placard visible. Not sure if there are other states like Oregon, but it would make sense for lifetime disabilities to simply count the handicap-marked plate instead.

  48. Johnny says:

    Next time she parks there call the local sheriff’s dept. let them issue a $500.00 citation then call a tow truck to have it impounded – Call a tow truck that’s really far away so they also get a milage charge tacked on to it.

  49. Terri W. says:

    I get soo frustrated when I go anywhere. People park in the handicap spaces then jump out of their cars and run into the stores. If I could run and jump, I would’nt need the space they took. Handicap bathrooms are also my gripe. They are always full of young, healthy, non-handicaped people when I need one. We need a national law that lets us ticket the abusers. The police usually won’t come out when I call about a placard abuser.

  50. Eric says:

    Just wanted to throw in a perspective that I don’t hear often, but live with every day. To those people who suggest that she doesn’t “need” the handicap privilege because she can climb the stairs, I remind them that when it is painful and difficult to walk, the effect is cumulative. Every step is painful, and it gets more and more painful the further you have to go. But now for the “unusual” perspective part I promised: I have a sever handicap and walk with great difficulty and pain. BUT, I would suffer the pain and walk as far as I have to under most circumstances – I am no better than anyone else. However, I mostly use my handicap sticker because not only are the handicap spaces closer to entrances, they are also WIDER. I can’t get in and out without using both hands and having the door wide open. So if I am too close to the car next door my only choices are either not to get in or out, or to rest my door against the other person’s car – something I abhor doing for any reason. If I park in a non-handicap space, even if there is no one next to me when I park there, inevitably someone will park too close to me I am faced with this problem So when I park in a handicap space, sure, it benefits me – but it is better for everyone. But I am not speaking for others – some of us do really NEED to get as close as possible. Finally, as for those people who suggest that parking in a handicap space without the permit AND the need is no big deal, as one person already said here, “You can’t fix stupid”.

  51. Mad as Hell says:

    If I got a letter like that I would have written back if you ever send me a letter like that again they will be using your head as a bowling ball! And I mean it and I am not playing. Someone should beat this woman down. What a c*nt and a miserable one at that.

  52. BaraelsBlade says:

    Have her arrested then evicted and then if she retaliates have her arrested again chances are she will wind up with a third strike and then spend enough time in prison she’ll forget her own name.

    For the people that think that she shouldn’t face exacted vengeance by vigilante justice. There is no room in civilized society for people like this and I use the term “civilized” loosely.

  53. Bennington says:

    Ashley, that was a horrible note. I can guarantee you that it was someone who is too lazy (or fat) to walk an extra 3-4 steps. I really hope you get to the bottom of this.

    • Mary says:

      Just say lazy, not all fat people are lazy or would do something like this, I’m slightly overweight and I would never do something like this, I welcome the chance for exercise, and I wouldn’t want someone who can’t walk long distances because of medical reasons to suffer.

      Also, not all people who are overweight are that way because they choose to be, probably about half, maybe a little more are overweight because they have a really slow metabolism and/or are too busy with work and their family to find the time to exercise enough to help them lose weight.

  54. John says:

    What an absolute piece of human trash and waste of oxygen. If that happened to someone in my family I can assure you that the letter writer would wish they had never picked up a pen. Oh yeah and that car, well lets just say it would be worthless in no time.

  55. Tad Stone says:

    Hope she parks in your space again and call the tow truck! LOL! Easy-peasy! F**k ’em and feed ’em fish heads!

  56. kimi grant says:

    I’m handicapped, too (WITH placard). My own reaction to this chickensh*t letter (and notice how it looks like something a six-year-old would write…) would be to simply have the offending car towed. Maybe the $100+ bill would get through to this moron. If she damaged my car in “retaliation,” I’d call the cops – and while she’s sitting in jail, I’d set fire to HER car…!

    My landlord has painted a huge “RESERVED” sign on my parking space, and idiots STILL park there when visiting my apartment house (It IS nice and close to the door…). When they do, I just leave notes under their windshield wiper, asking if they’re illiterate (the “RESERVED” letters are a FOOT high), or just assholes who don’t care.

  57. Dollar Bill says:

    Step 1. Walk behind the vehicle and use cell phone to capture vehicle tag and handicap sign.

    Step 2. Call local police and/or Parking Enforcement.

    Step 3. Grab a cold one and get ready for the show!

    Where I’m from they really get you!

    $500.00 Fine
    $ 20.00 court cost/process fee
    $175.00 Tow Charge

  58. Dursagon says:

    Ah, the typical American. Rude, brash, arrogant, ignorant, and doesn’t give a crap about their neighbor. But then there is the entitlement issue too. Every American wants to feel special and above everyone else.

    This episode just shows how ugly Americans really are and why there are so many people in the world willing to nuke America or poison the American water system or simply gas everyone in America. Actions like these and many more show why America deserves many more situations like 9/11 or the Boston bombings.

    This story is the true face of America and it is repeated 1000s of times across the nation. That is why so many Americans GRASP and CLING to heart warming stories when they rarely happen because there is so much ugliness in America.

    When the really bad things happen, America is getting what it deserves. If America wasn’t so ugly and hateful, then it wouldn’t need all the security and fascist police state taking everyone’s freedoms and privacies away all in the name of security.

    More like in the name of defending yourself from your own actions because you know you are wrong and you know people are going to retaliate against you for doing wrong and hurting their lives.

    • Jennifer Burson says:

      That is NOT a typical American response. If you can’t see that you are blind. It sickens me to read stuff like this and you sound like a psychopath.

    • Ranger Caidon says:

      @Dursagon: Wow, man. You get one A*hole lashing out on a less fortunate person, and all of a sudden all American should be nuked!? I’m disabled myself and take great pride in my strong work ethic and sunny disposition, but I guess I still earn a rocket up the a** ’cause I’m an American? Seems like you’re just waiting to go off on someone yourself; much like the lady who wrote the nasty-gram. The first two sentences of your statement seems like you’re describing the problem, but the rest of your writing indicates that you’re little more than another contributing factor.

    • Jennifer Burson says:

      I hope you’re on someone’s watch list.

    • Steph says:

      That was a very general statement you made about “typical Americans” and “Every American”.
      Fact: Every person on my American street knows all of our neighbors. And by knows I mean has a real knowledge of each other’s lives, families, interests, occupations, and life milestones.

  59. Isabel says:

    That monster should be fined and on top of that suffer humiliation in return for what she did. Ashley was justified. She needed that space. The woman was the one with the problem. One day it will haunt her and she will suffer humiliation just like Ashley did

  60. Nishi says:

    The fact that she said she was “stern and confident” makes me wonder if she herself was rude in her original letter.

  61. Sally cartwright says:

    OMG How insensitive can one be?!– This woman better hope there is no bad Karma that comes back to bite her in the behind someday and she loses one of her legs!!
    Mean insensitive witch!

  62. Kathy Colbeck says:

    Whatever happened to kindness and respect? I think the “lady” who wrote the note must be so unhappy with herself that she has to bully someone else. The issue isn’t the parking space. It’s how one “human being” treated another. That bully should be so ashamed of herself and I hope that she rethinks what she wrote and apologizes to Ashley. I only hope she or one of her family members never has to have a handicapped spot. She sounds like a very miserable person.

  63. JP says:

    I’m handicapped and it’s hard to find a handicapped parking space! I was at the local mall and it was drizzling. A young couple parked their SUV in the handicapped parking space and RAN to the mall entrance. Three of my co-workers use handicapped parking hanging tag for convenience–they do not have a disability…just lazy and dishonest.

  64. David Lance says:

    I became handicapped due to heart disease and cancer. I have a placard on my windshield. Like many here I get irritated at people who use the parking spaces without one. On bad days I have trouble walking very far. On good days I wont use the space, I leave it for someone else. Still it bothers me to watch people grab the spaces who shouldn’t.

    • rideronthistrain says:

      If only everyone with a placard was as thoughtful as you are. Kudos to you for not abusing the privilege.

  65. Jennifer Burson says:

    All you people spewing hateful things at the note-writer… you’re no better.

  66. Rick Porter says:

    Ashley Brady from Miamisburg I commend you for going public with this.
    Man or woman, it is sooo obvious that the under-educated, unsympathetic and meanspirited note writer is a ‘person of color’…ebonics is alive and well.

  67. kiki says:

    I do greatly sympathize with her but I think her letter to the mean woman should also have been published.

  68. Taylor says:

    What do we have going on here, massive group pier pressure syndrome? The first quote uses the word handicapped improperly and then every quote thereafter makes the same mistake. Example; That person is handicap-wrong.
    That person is handicapped-right. Also, will you posters please use the English language correctly. We do not all share your desire to be so sloppy. Spell words correctly so the reader can read it and make sense of it. Oh yeah, she should call the police from her home and when they arrive stand or sit there with your prosthetic leg in your hand. Have the car towed immediately. She will have to pay the handicap space fee as well as the fee to get the car out of lot. About $500 to $600 for both. You do not need to know anything except they were actually parked in a handicap spot. Call the police!!!

  69. KayLynne says:

    Another thing to keep in mind about those who don’t “look” handicapped is that sometimes some pretty nasty disabilities and diseases can look “normal” at times. I struggled with pelvic disfunction. Sometimes I get out fine without a wheelchair, and am hobbling in pain after a 5 minute shopping trip leaning heavily on a shopping cart praying my hip doesn’t give out completely. I had some elder ladies make nasty comments to me about being young and not needing a handicap space, before they sped off. I know in the state of Oregon that those with Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, or other issues can get a handicap placard. I would hate to struggle with one of those diseases and be trying to book it to the bathroom from the back of a parking lot! Instead of judging someone that looks “normal,” be thankful you are “normal.”

  70. rideronthistrain says:

    As a therapist who has treated many amputees over the years, I wholly support the use of a handicapped placard for them. Having a prosthetic leg is not the same as a real leg. There is far less sensory feedback when walking and during the winter this lack of sensory feedback just increases the risk of a fall. Amputees spend a ton more energy when walking than people with both legs.

    There are legitimate invisible illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis who in my opinion qualify for a handicapped placard. However, I am also of the belief that Doctors are too quick to sign off on handicapped placards. They issue them far too easily and quickly because they don’t want to lose their patients or argue with them. Until that culture changes it is not for me to judge who is handicapped when they have a placard. But I will say that many so called “disabilities” are ones where walking a bit further would only help and not hurt.

    The only time I have called someone out with a handicapped placard was when I saw a guy park in a spot that was clearly marked and designed for Wheelchair Vans only. WC Vans need wide parking spots and I pointed out to this man that the space was meant for a Van and asked that he move over 2 spots to another handicapped spot. He became irate saying he had “knee arthritis” so I just stated that I’d let the mall security know. He moved his car. LOL. Cars with placards that park in VAN ONLY spots really irk me.

    • Taylor says:

      well, aren’t you smart! Leave the old fucker alone. No van has parked there for years more than likely. Just collects dust and makes all of us non-handicapped walk further. Do not speak to these people. Just call the police. You are not a judge and could get shot in the face over it.

      • rideronthistrain says:

        So the sign that says “WC VAN ONLY” should be ignored if one has a placard? LOL.

  71. Comply DontDie says:

    Have the car towed to Miami, Florida.

  72. Screemin Eagle says:

    This is what is called ‘lawlessness’. It happens when people think they are above the law. Nothing disturbs (pissesmeoff) like that kind of a person, or that kind of an action.

    Thank you Ashley for speaking up but remaining calm.
    Too bad the bi**h (That is her name RIGHT? That’s how she signed it) that left the note is so self centered and wants to pull everyone down with her. Congratulations for not sinking to that level.

    When I see some one without the correct placard in a handicap space I want to park them in until the police come by.

    If you are able, cant you just walk a little further? We can probably all use the exercise.

  73. Sneezybreezy says:

    Here is what I hope is a helpful suggestion. It clearly says on the disabled placard to NOT put it on your car mirror, to not hang it for display until the vehicle quits moving. The fact that so many people are lazy and leave it on there creates blind spots and in my opinion a situation where pedestrians can be not seen and ran over. I’ve seen people start to give people a bad time about no placard before they have a chance to hang it, and the disabled person responded with a lecture about how it isn’t supposed to be hanging there in the first place-it is against the law if the car is moving. People who don’t see a placard on a car pulling in might want to wait to see if they hang one before they get excited.

  74. Brian says:

    I would just tow her car, give her a fine & be done with it. Evidently this person has issues, avoid them at all costs. If they harass you, have them arrested, then they will really get the message. You were nice at the beginning, now it’s time to look out for you. This is a necessity for your well being. Be strong Ashley, let it go & God will take care of the rest.

  75. Mike Sharp says:

    Somebody should develop some type of neural block to be given to illegitimate users of handicapped parking spaces.
    The benefits include …

    1. Experience the loss of your legs for a couple of days. 2. Use a Handicapped parking card without guilt. 3. Learn to be dependent on people. 4. Enjoy needing to have someone drive you to where ever you need to go. 5. Hope that the punishment is fool proof.
    6. Get a bad sore on your A**.
    7. Wait for your your legs to function again.

  76. Opinionated says:

    I would be curious to see what her note said exactly to start all of this. The person obviously should not have parked in the spot if they didn’t have handicap placards, but how do we know Ms. Brady didn’t start the flaming with her note? This is one reason you should always just be an adult and talk to the person face to face, leaving notes opens itself up to misinterpretation very easily and can escalate issues quite easily.

  77. Debbie says:

    I thought the letter was very alarming on so many levels. The level of anger that clearly stood out is frightening. This person is very sick and is surely a danger to society as well as probably themselves. You can try calling the police, I myself haven’t had a lot of luck going that route. Often the police will explain it’s private property and they don’t have the ability to handle anything on private property. Really they just don’t want to get caught in the middle. Probably her best bet is to work with the apartment manager and hopefully something is done. As angry and vile as the person was in the letter, it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who it is.

  78. Pat says:

    What a BULLIE. I had a mother that was handicapped and a sister and when I would take them places would also drop them off at the door and park in a regular parking spot. I agree with most of the comments that people are lazy and don’t need the spot or tags but no matter what we say or do they will never change. And if she has children or will have children they will be as ignorant as she is. She threatened Ashley and if it were me would press charges (if it is possible). God is watching and what goes around comes around!

  79. Terry T says:

    I agree with the people who are for letting lawinforcment handle this.

    If this is a marked handicapped space forget dealing with her your self. One call and you can let the law explain it to her. They take this serious and she may even get her car towed.

  80. Gaye071671 says:

    I am truely sorry that anyone would be so selfish and unkind. My husband is an amputee and we have a similar issue. Either walk a long hallway that is difficult or try and park close to the door. Nobody should be treated with such hatred. Hope this person gets their just deserts. Bless You

  81. Begunungling says:

    Hey, really I say go African on the bitch that wrote the note cut off an arm and a couple toes and tell the bitch to get me some Frosted Flakes – Now! Really is the reason to just want to get rid of people who don’t care, don’t give a ish about people, and are self absorbed. With an average life expectancy of 80 years in a first world country, they do a lot of damage to all the spirits they come in contact with. I say by forty if they aren’t decent and caring shoot them f’ng dead. God Damn Them!!! Stop Them God, if that didn’t make sense. . .

  82. travis says:

    Oh and by the the way, i have lived in miamisburg, it sux, GET out!

  83. KnR says:

    I have a friend who is handicapped due to Polio and has to wear braces on both legs. He constantly complains about people parking in the handicap spaces who don’t look handicapped. I repeatedly have to remind him some medical conditions people have you cannot see such a open heart surgery patients, congestive heart failure patients, COPD patients. I do think our society needs to reevaluate the work handicapped. I know older people who have medical conditions making it hard to walk on ice and they don’t get a parking spot.

    • Cymond says:

      I used to volunteer for an animal rescue organization. The head of the rescue was disabled*, and had the car tag & license plate to park in handicap spots. Once, while I was retrieving some supplies from her car, a man took a rather nasty tone with me because I didn’t appear handicapped. I told him that it wasn’t my car, and he moved on.

      Afterwards, I wished that I had told him that just because a person appears able bodied, doesn’t mean that they actually are. A bone tumor ruined my left shoulder (humerus) when I was 20. I was very lucky that it wasn’t malignant, and that we found a good surgeon. My shoulder is severely disabled, but not enough to seriously interfere with my life. Again, I was lucky. If the same thing had happened to my femur instead of my humerus, my mobility would be severely hampered.

      *She spent several years in a wheelchair, and only regained the ability to walk through intense physical therapy.

  84. Rex Johnson says:

    … If they don’t have a handicapped placard they shouldn’t be parking in handicapped parking space in the first place. She deserves it because she is truly handicapped. That person just has issues.

  85. Cathy says:

    Do not let that bully get you down. You are 100 times better person than she will ever be. You may have a disability but you are a better person inside.

    This woman will wake up every morning and look in the mirror and still be her miserable rotten self! You can wake up every morning and thank goodness you are NOT her(and that is a good thing)!

    Keep well and don’t ever let anyone get you down!

  86. JohnD says:

    Well, I am not perfect and very far from it. I read this article and it makes me angry and on and on. But isn’t the negative reactions that are being posted, really no better than what this person did by taking the parking place. When the heck was it okay to be so mean and ugly. Free speech is wonderful, but how about we all frame it with some common sense and some decency. You only make the cause, she is trying to speak about, which is respect and decency only seem laughable to ask for. There is nothing wrong with just doing something decent. It doesn’t have to cost anything. I see more money go to those that stand in the median day after day to tell us they are broke, no job, no home and yet we give them money. Yet to respect someone who is trying to make due with what she has got in an honorable way and you guys trash her or make fun of the plight. Wow, really honorable people and Americans, you make me proud. Hope karma doesn’t come knocking at your door because you won’t like it and will probably complain and say “why me”. Here is your sign…”ignorant”.

  87. JackT says:

    Spray paint her windows black and flatten her tires the next time she parks in the space….

    • Mary says:

      If she did that she could get arrested, it’s vandalism and illegal, unless someone does it for her and she didn’t tell them to, didn’t know they were going to do it, and has an air tight alibi it wouldn’t work.

  88. Ken says:

    For that in the Ohio state, the fine is between $250 and $500.
    Let the law do the talk. She’ll think twice before she does it again.

    As per morality, some people never get it.
    We’ll just have to be OK with the fact that most people are good.

  89. James says:

    Ashley, you were (able) in the way you handled the situation however this person was disabled in the way she reacted. You keep doing what
    you are doing, God bless you.

  90. Eric says:

    My wife is handicapped, she has her sign hanging off the mirror in my truck. She is 37 and has all her parts and can walk, but not drive, I take her everywhere. (The sign is not displayed when she is not with me, I would never do that). That sounds bogus, right? Yeah, she walks in the store and does what she needs to do, but every step she pays for, for days. A few minutes of walking costs her days of pain, meds, and bed. The fact that she can save 30 feet of walking matters more than people think. The dirty looks you get when people just don’t see the whole picture, they don’t know what happens later after a simple walk. I feel for you Ashley. Heaven forbid anyone finds out who that mean woman was, obviously she is oblivious.

  91. Mark says:

    What a cry baby it isn’t our fault she gets a free parking space and we all have to park away from places do handicapped people what to be equal or not you cant have it both ways now can you

    • Cymond says:

      I’m sure Brandy would love to be equal. No, not just treated equal, but truly equal, like having her own leg back.

      Since we can’t do that, she’ll just have to live with a convenient parking space instead.

    • Mary says:

      No one wants or asks to be handicapped, do you think Brady, or anyone who has lost a limb in an accident, wanted to lose said limb? No, she didn’t want to lose her leg, no one wants to lose a leg or an arm, that’s why they call it an accident.

      Some things happen that we have no control over, it’s a part of life. Would you call Brady a cry baby if she had been a soldier and lost her leg fighting in a war?

      Soldiers fight to keep you, me and every single person in their country safe and free, they don’t want to die, lose a leg, or become mentally handicapped from a head injury that caused brain damage.

      They fought to protect the ones they love, and a country that seems to be mostly ungrateful.

  92. nigga1 says:


  93. Cymond says:

    I’d LOVE to see the mean woman try to “report” this. IF police respond to a call about someone touching a car, I’m sure the able-bodied woman would be in far, FAR more trouble for parking in a handicapped space. I cannot imagine an officer arresting a disabled woman for leaving a note on a car.

    If leaving paper under a windshield wiper is wrong, then a lot of police are going to have trouble leaving tickets on cars. (Plus, many states require a driver to leave their insurance information if they hit a parked car, which would be impossible to do if it were a crime to touch said parked car.)

  94. grace says:

    After several low back surgeries, I kept going, Then one day, it was no go. I can laugh about it now. The last surgery was a bitch. The rehab was hell, but I wanted my freedom. That freedom meant a Disability Placard. No, No, I refused to use it. I wanted to walk to the door on my own. Guess, what, I got anew attitude after falling on my bottom a few times. My whole attitude grew up. Each time I fall, I reinjure my spine. You cannot see my injuries, my pride keeps my pants up, so that all the white lines from all the surgeries does not show. Being handicapped is not a choice, its something that you wake up to one day and face. I went from being a decent cross county runner, a trim athletic to a struggling person, that has trouble walking, all because of a very drunk person. Keep going, Ashley, Karma is a bitch.

  95. Mary says:

    I am not handicapped, but that doesn’t matter, you should never mock someone who is by rubbing the fact you have all of your limbs in their face, and you should never park in a handicap parking space if you don’t have a placard and are not handicap.

    Yeah it may be closer to the place you want to go, but that’s so people who are handicap don’t have to walk long distances to get where they need to go. I don’t know if it’s like this everywhere, but in Florida if you park in a handicap space and don’t have a placard or any handicap stickers and are caught you have to pay a $200 fine.

    I would be furious if someone did this to my mom who has knee and back problems which is how she got her handicap placard, I would leave a note on her car/door and told her that what she said was very disrespectful and that I didn’t appreciate her taunting/making fun of my mother and to think about how she would feel if the situation was reversed and it was her that was handicapped or a loved one that was handicapped had this happen to them, how she would feel then.

  96. Diane says:

    My husband and I are both disabled. His back is shot and he uses a cane. My back is bad also, plus both of my knees are in need of replacement, my foot is in a boot and has been for 5 months now and counting. Some days my fibromyalgia is so bad that moving is extremely painful. We go places and people don’t think we need to park in handicapped spots. To see us setting in a restaurant or coffee shop you probably think we are fine but unless you live in these bodies don’t judge. If we are having a good day and there is only one or two handicapped spots left we will park elsewhere. We have left notes on cars that we know for sure have non handicapped drivers. We check first.

  97. Tyson Moore says:

    Hey Ashley,

    You are a beautiful person! More power to you! Mean people suck. If this neighbor parks in that handicap spot again, report it to the police: they will issue a fat citation and tow the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle will not only have to pay the fine, they will likely have to appear in court and explain to a judge why they were parking in a disabled person spot!

    Ty Moore

  98. Tina says:

    Obviously the B#### that left the note is a pathetic piece of s###! Nobody that was raised right treats people that way! They need to put her picture with that letter! Let everyone see what a complete waste of oxygen looks like! Also everyone at that apartment complex should shame her right outta there!

  99. Bruce says:

    A year ago I would have never given a second thought to who parks in a handicap space. This year I do think about that after I lost a foot coupled with a cardiovascular problem in my legs. I walk with a cane to keep my balance while walking and have even fallen with it. I got my placard from my doctor filling out a form and us sending it in. Now I am very conscious of who parks there and it amazes me the number of places I go and park way out because the handicap spaces are full, some with no placard. I always think at times like that if these people would be affected if they saw another who has had a cardiac event or fallen in the parking lot, would their thought process change at all over doing this? Doubtful which is sad. I hope these people do not have to find out the hard way of what it is like to actually need a spot and not be using it only because they are lazy.

  100. Cobalt Sixty says:

    I would also like to see the author’s letter – I mean is there something she said that would have warranted this reaction? Also if this “neighbor” is such an a$$h0le then why not publish his name or plate number so we can identify him and reprimand him directly?

    If both sides are not presented then it would be unfair, right?

  101. Big D says:

    this is a bs lie. that note was written by the girl with the handicap. its another ploy to get money of out you dumb a$$ liberals who feel pity for every little thing that happens to someone in this world. FRAUD!!!!

  102. Vince Palace says:

    This guy is an idiot! I have recently had a below the knee amputation, and let me tell you it’s a tough struggle to get around at first. Anything that can make it easier for an amputee to get around, i.e., a parking plackard, is a blessing. Let this jerk walk in her “foot” and see what it’s like. Grow up a$$hole!

  103. Peejer says:

    Shame on the note leaver (yes, I am aware that is not proper English – trolls go away). I think that at the very least, she should be forced to take some sensitivity training – or have to volunteer with an Amputee organization to see the physical difficulties they face on a regular basis.

    The Apartment Manager did exactly what he should have done – made a reasonable accommodation under ADA. Ashley should have reported the nasty note writer her to the apartment manager or to the local police.

    From all appearances, her handwriting looks like a young person’s – maybe she’ll learn from this and come out a better person.

    Hey, we can hope …

  104. E Lewis says:

    It happens daily at our school the grocery stores malls and in our Townhouse Community.
    People illegally parked in handicapped spots fire lanes no parking zones
    Recently in our Community the HOA has starting issuing tickets and towing people because it has become so common place for people to ignore signs.
    The same holds true for our school grounds campus police have started to issue tickets to violators who think they can ignore signs.
    The reason for this story is the biggest complainer of them all in our
    Community about parking violations turns out is the biggest jerk of all.
    He ranted and raved about someone parking in front of his townhome
    for days. Yet he was the one parked illegally in a handicapped spot. He was finally ticketed and towed.
    At our recent meeting he went off on the board about being towed.
    Neighbors have stepped in to let this guy know if he or anyone was illegally parked in our community again they would not wait for a board member to call the tow company.
    After that he became very quiet and passive for the rest of the meeting.

    Here, here, to all of you who support this women in her struggle.

    No matter what the original note said she was well within her right to have that person towed and cost her a small fortune.

    You Go Girl!

  105. Cinnamon says:

    I have both arms, both legs and everything else and I still don’t see how someone could be so heartless to this girl or anyone else. What has the world come too.

  106. Colins Nonnie says:

    As sad as this is, there are mean hearted people in the world. As an apartment manager myself, I would like to explain what the proper way to handle this issue would have been. First, let the apartment manager know that someone is parked in your designated space. At that point, it is up to the manager to have the other resident move their car from your space, or he has the authority to have the illegal car towed. That’s his job to require all residents to adhere to their lease terms and enforce policies and procedures. But now, he has two upset ( or rather mad residents) and this isn’t going to get any better. I suspect its only going to get worse as the neighbor feud will eventually escalate. Both residents were in the wrong, the amputee by not informing the manager to take care of it and the neighbor who has such a hard heart and also threatened the amputee. If anyone in Miamisburg, OH is looking for a place to live, I would suspect there will be two vacancies at this complex. God, please help them.

  107. mom of 3 says:

    There are so many sides to this situation. First, no one can judge whether someone is really handicap by looking at them. There are several hidden disabilities, some being breathing issues like COPD, Congestive Heart failure. My Dad, though he limped because of other pains, could have been said to not be handicapped, however, he died after walking to his car and it wasn’t that far of a distance, but his heart failed cause of the exertion. But, the congestive heart failure alone would have been unseen to others if they had seen him park in a handicap spot. On the other hand, there is sooooo much abuse to the system. Many doctors will give placards to those who don’t really need one, I saw it personally working in several doctors offices. But we can not be the one to judge that abuse just by looking at them. Those who brag about using a placard illegally should be turned in. And if you are not handicap, under no circumstance should you park in a handicap spot. And the time it took Ashley to write the note and stick it on the car of the other person, if there was an emergency like a child needing emergency treatment, they would have been gone before she got it on the car. Ashley may have been rude in her note, which would have been wrong, but also an understandable frustration for her, especially if there was an ongoing issue with the other tenant or if the other tenant refused to leave the spot for her, which resulted in the need for the handicap spot… but no one knows. However, no matter how rude she was is asking her to not park in her handicap spot, comments like I don’t feel bad or cry baby or Ill walk away with both my limbs was just wrong. And anyone who has not walked with a prosthetic personally really can not give an opinion on how it is not means for a handicap spot. One, ever amputation is different, depending on where the limb was amputated and how much feeling they have in the remaining limb, etc. Ashley falling on ice several times shows her need to park closer. Especially with a new prosthetic, I’m sure it must take time to get used to walking with it, if you are ever able to get used to it. We should always to to put ourselves in the shoes of those we are choosing to judge or criticize before we form an opinion, because without living their life we can never know what they face. She deserved the space, she may not have handled it the best way, or maybe she handled it perfectly, without seeing her letter, we can not guess, but no matter what, the person parking their was wrong, first for parking there and second for saying such uncaring things. What more people need to do, online, via text, via letters, etc is to pretend we are saying it to someone’s face directly. Would you be saying what you are if they were standing right in front of you, if not, chances are you should wait a while before saying or writing anything. We have lost personal accountability as a result of losing face to face interactions. Social media has made it too easy to voice our opinion without consequence, fear, or guilt because we don’t have to face the person, to see their hurt or pain, to fear their reaction, etc.

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