Ann Coulter Book Signing Chaos: Author Slams Immigration Activists After Book Promo Mess (Video)

July 5, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

An Ann Coulter book signing event went terribly wrong after undocumented immigrants created chaos. Over 100 people carrying signs disrupted Coulter as she attempted to promote her new book, “¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole,” which focuses on immigration.

ann coulter book signing

An Ann Coulter book signing in California ended in a very dramatic way after a group of immigration activists stormed in and disrupted the event.

On Wednesday, the conservative and controversial commentator, who is currently promoting her new book, Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third-World Hellhole, was at a Barnes & Noble bookstore in Costa Mesa for a signing event.

In the book, Coulter, like Donald Trump explains that undocumented immigrants are the ones destroying America.

“She touches the third rail in American politics, attacking the immigration issue head-on and flying in the face of La Raza, the Democrats, a media determined to cover up immigrants’ crimes, churches that get paid by the government for their “charity,” and greedy Republican businessmen and campaign consultants—all of whom are profiting handsomely from mass immigration that’s tearing the country apart. Applying her trademark biting humor to the disaster that is U.S. immigration policy, Coulter proves that immigration is the most important issue facing America today.”

More than 100 activists, some with banners and one with the Mexican flag hijacked Coulter’s book signing. One protester said that Coulter is making all immigrants look like criminals and added that the writer needs to be reminded that we are all immigrants because this land originally belonged to Native Americans, not Europeans, not Latin Americans. Sharon Tipton said:

“There’s been a lot of anti-Latino, racist remarks coming from (Coulter).She shows some major problems in our society.”

Some of the protesters screamed “shame on you” and “you’re an illegal alien go back to Europe” at numerous customers, who had purchased Coulter’s book.

The disruption in and out of the store lasted about an hour until a dozen security guards took control of the situation and escorted the demonstrators out.

Matt Fertal, who got the book, said he was happy to meet Miss Coulter and glad “that someone’s getting the message out there.” Coulter slammed the protesters by saying:

“You have to understand, screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

She added:

“Immigration is a government policy like any other and it ought to be used to benefit the people already living here. That includes recent immigrants. There should not be any criminals coming in.”

What are your thoughts on Ann Coulter’s stance on immigration?


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  1. Francis S. says:

    Here are two cents, this woman is angry and bitter because she is not married and has no kids and has no real career.
    She had great expactions for herself and after sleeping with coutless black men and Asians she is still single and lonely.
    Which is why she is taking out her frstrations on Mexicans.
    Get life Ann, find a man, get some help, the Mexicans are the ones who flushed your dreams down the toilets. Ann you know the truth a majority of the people you call illegals are not rapists, are not killers – they just come to work and provide for their families – like your family did few hundred years. the activist is right, we are all illegals because the Native Americans are the onlys ones who has the full rights to America.

    • GKAtman says:

      You sound like an Obama sycophantic amateurish moron. Ann Coulter is great – she tells the truth. Unlike you. She is an educated woman – a lawyer, unlike you. She lives her life as SHER chooses – unlike you. She doesn’t need a man – she has a brain and eyes that work. Unlike you.

  2. Kevyn Sexton says:

    Trump and Coulter are absolutely correct. What utter gall these Mexicans and Latinos have to come into our country and tell us what to do. My daughter and I, who have lived in OC and San Diego, have been bullied by these low IQ assholes for years. Hell would freeze over before I’d cancel a book signing. I’d bring in armed guards. Ann is called names but she is an Ivy League-educated lawyer and backs up everything thing she says in her book with citations. Donald went to military school and The Wharton School of Finance and yet doesn’t have the experience to be president. I hope Americans are smart enough to vote for him and kick these low-class agitators out. We don’t need them and they have stolen their place in our society. As an added note, I saw a video and they threw trash on Ann’s fans, called her obscenities in Spanish, and followed them to their cars. Police in Orange Country are almost all Mexican if not 100 percent so you can’t call on them for help. Americans get screwed once again.

  3. Ann says:

    We should always keep our definitions straight…people born in America are automatically full citizens. People born elsewhere must apply for a different kind of citizenship and, when they meet all of the requirements, such as living here for 5 years and having an FBI report, they can apply for citizenship . Those who cross any border illegally should be given a new status, something like Registered Immigrant and must never ever be allowed to vote or obtain full citizenship. This new status would be permanent.
    With this status, the Democrats would lose interest in them since they can never vote.

    • Maryellen says:

      I agree Ann! My only question is – why didn’t the police arrest all the illegals? See how they are? They shout right in our faces that they’re illegal. They have no fear of law enforcement.

    • MIKE D. says:

      Wrong. Cubans are allowed to enter this country by any means and become citizens after one year probably with no background checks. I doubt if the republicans will change that policy since THEY have benefited from their voting presence in Florida.I think the movie Scarface with Al Pacino loosely based about the Murietta boat lift time is what Ann is trying to make a comparison to.Immigration has always been a thorny issue, witness another movie Gangs of New York which showed how Irish and later Italians were subject to stereotypes by us other white European immigrants who really would like to pull the gangplank up after us. I do believe in controlled immigration but have to wonder if I was a Mexican and realized my ancestors had been booted from the US southwest I might feel some legitimacy in returning to cities that are almost all spanished named. Just musing.

      • MIKE D. says:

        can you just use Mike D if you publish my reply ?

      • Ross Allen says:

        That’s the mariel boatlift i believe, but i agree with you! Peace!

      • white man says:

        You are all screwed! The white man knows he is fading into the sunset. Therefore when you fear you become defensive. It is plain and simple the white is a minority like the Indians you killed off so shall the white man die and be put on reservation. True justice !

        • Tony says:

          What this human being knows, by the way I am a Blanco, is that we are all screwed and yes the only true justice would be for all those Europeans to go back to our caves in Europe, or die off. So I guess I will follow all my fellow North American people of European ancestry starting with all those who have adopted the language of their slave masters, and cultural destroyers from Europa! BULL FIGHTING ANYONE, that’s a real Aztecan sport! HIPPOCRITS!

      • Steve A. says:

        Part of the problem is 1/2 the Mexicans say they were booted out and white man stole their land. The other half say Mexicans sold the land and then began to double back because white man made the land wealthy. If every country went according to its past there would be a lot of unnecessary problems. Illegal aliens should NOT have the right to march on our streets and boss us around, period. Ann had the right to a book signing. How many of these illegals and or legals were arrested for breaking the law? Probably none. Just go by the current laws and that’s it! Female Mexicans should have insurance times 3 years before coming here, or if they over stay to get pregnant, their child should NOT be recognized as American!

        • jim says:

          How many of the protestors were being paid by Move On. I hope they were paid $15 an hour.

      • stan j says:

        Then you admit that there is a difference, as denied by the major media, between Spanish speaking nationalities. Call a Cuban or Spaniard a Mexican and see what happens!

      • Rensellear says:


      • jim says:

        Mexicans have Spanish surnames do they not? So they also bring a European presence. Maybe the Native Americans should resent their presence. Lots of different Native American tribes roamed thru the United States and were constantly at war with each other. How many of them did a survey and claim territories on a map? Wait! Only one tribe ever had a written language. The Cherokees. So since the Native Americans have no maps they have no claims to territory. Their were many Indian nations don’t you know.

    • Mary Ann says:

      Thank God for people like Ann Coulter and Donald Trump who aren’t afraid to say what’s on the minds of many of us. The criminal element portion that comes across the border has got to be stopped. At least Ms. Coulter and Mr. Trump have opened this problem up for discussion. Without such discussion, if we were all afraid to not be politically correct, how would such problems ever get addressed? Americans are not stupid. When crimes are reported in newspapers and on the air, we cannot help but draw conclusions if we hear over and over again what the background of the criminal is. No, not all illegal immigrants are criminals, but we have to tighten our standards to keep those who are from getting such easy access into our country. Probably all the immigrants wanting to come to America would appreciate this as well. But at the rate we’re going, perhaps even America will not be the first choice of hard working, talented immigrants in the future if we don’t enforce our immigration laws.

      • patricia farrell says:

        You are so right. They shout down any one who is against illegal’s or not on the left. She can’t even speak at a college without the weak professors who give in to the minority. Either can Candoleeza Rice. We are in deep trouble if our police, conservatives etc. continue to be targets from these anarchist who the left” MOVE ON “targets on the internet to show up for these demonstrations. One happy note, MOVE ON started a burn the flag in Brooklyn on July 2nd. They didn’t expect a group of bikers to come upon the flag as it burned and these idiots ran like hell , oh, they had to be escorted from the park by the hated police love it.

        • Larry says:

          Didn’t hear about the biker incident. Sure does make my heart warm to visualize the anarchists tucking tail like the dogs they are. Love it too.
          Wasn’t Move On the group that submitted the petition to Macy’s re Trump? Except for a mattress set, I don’t shop there, but I understand either P Diddy or Kanye West has some agreement to market their clothing line at Macy’s. Unless I’m mistaken, doesn’t their collective rap encourage racism against whites and cops of any color? Am I missing something? In any case, Macy’s is gutless. La Raza and other groups have no legal or logical ground to stand on so they resort to intimidation like most radical leftist groups. Bikers aren’t so bad after all, are they?

      • Nandiane says:

        We’ve got another great comment! Must be there are people who can still think logically.

      • Ross Allen says:

        What about the criminals etc. that are already here, but their parents were immigrants, ie; slaves etc?
        What is it, you afraid you will lose your “protected” status?

      • Jackie says:

        Mary Ann unless you were apart of the original inhabitants of America, my dear, YOU are illegal. You came here on a ship with NO PAPERS and killed of half a native population with disease. YOU should be deported.

        • Natty Bumppo says:

          This is the usual lame argument of the left. My ancestors came to the US in 1680, and fought in the Revolutionary War. And you are equating that with a wet back crossing into our country illegally yesterday to get on welfare? We Americans are not buying it.

        • weezie says:

          Jackie, you are so RIGHT. Native Indians are Americans; everyone else is an Immigrant; Legal or Illegal. Coulter and Trump, the “Chump” should be DEPORTED. Who do THEY THINK THEY ARE???

        • Bill says:

          Hey Jackie: Your ignorance is compelling, if not sad. There is NO indigenous race “or “original inhabitants” of this continent. None. Zero. The term “Native Americans” is a misnomer. ALL races on this continent originated elsewhere.
          The “Native Americans” arrived here some 8,000 years ago
          on foot and on the backs of animals from Asia (Mongolia, Siberia) via the “Bering Land Mass” (also referred to as “The
          Bering Shelf” when it was navigable on foot. Lets not forget
          about the Vikings who were also here but chose not to settle
          here. The “Native Americans” didn’t have any papers in their possession, either. My ancestors/lineage did — in fact — have the proper papers when they landed on a tramp steamer @ Ellis Island, in compliance with the law that existed at that time. Perhaps YOU should be deported.

        • watchman48 says:

          Jackie, You evidently are a liberal and a product of public education… Tens of thousands of immigrants – if not hundreds of thousands of immigrants came to America legally and most likely there were thousands of immigrants that came across both the North and South Borders legally…

          Mary Ann was wrong with the statement: “No, not all illegal immigrants are criminals,” All who cross our borders illegally automatically become criminals. Do you know for a fact that Mary Ann’s parents didn’t come legally? No, you don’t…
          Stupid are the ones that accept the lies from others without searching for the truth… So they believe signs like the one which is held up in the first picture above that says; “NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL” NOW THAT IS STUPID!

        • Tim says:

          Jackie, that’s just stupid !

        • Debra says:

          Jackie, Mary Ann did not come here on a boat. She was born here, has papers and did not kill anyone. The same goes for me. I am tired of people trying to punish ME for the things that happened in American history, which includes how this country was populated. I think we can all agree that what happened here 200 years ago was a horrific thing and certainly not the right way to settle this country. My ancestors had nothing to do with the way this country was founded. They came long after the massacre of the native people. I am POSITIVE they also thought it to be a horrific thing. Just because they moved here does not mean they agreed with the way the land was taken or founded. They arrived on a boat from Norway, got the proper paperwork, LEARNED THE ENGLISH LAUNGUAGE SPOKEN HERE, got jobs and contributed to society. They expected nothing for free, did their fair share of the work, did not put a drain on the wallets of others by expecting free services. Just like the people that are trying to immigrate to America today. When they take their test and get their citizenship the way that our law states to do so, would YOU still consider them illegal because they were not part of the original native population? The issue shouldn’t be where the new immigrants are coming from, but that they follow the laws and go trough the proper channels to live and work here, the same way my Norwegian Great Grandparents did.

        • Clemmieo says:

          Sad to say that throughout history all is fair in war and the winner takes the spoils.

          My husband, two sisters-in-law and my father and his family and my grandfather and his family all came to this country and waited a long time to get here. They then learned the language and worked hard at whatever menial job they could get. After a few years, they all went into their own businesses and prospered; the American way. They got no handouts.

          • Darbro says:

            Yes, it is sad to say it; however, it is true. What galls me is just glossing over (or completely ignoring) the fact that Europeans basically stole this land. Coulter is a conservative, but more importantly, she’s pushing a product and it’s usually one of her books. Like Trump, she is not above uttering the most venal of thoughts. Molesting children…really Ann? Coulter and her ilk conveniently refer to the founding fathers, but then ignore/skip over decades of atrocities by white Europeans on all peoples of color, and arrive at the current state where American must be defended against those who would ruin our society. It’s a bit ingenious (and disingenuous) and is eagerly swallowed by low info people. So yes, the victor gets the spoils and gets to write the history books, but it is absolutely intellectually dishonest to fail to acknowledge the full scope and result of European immigration to America – the good and the bad. Even as a black American, while my ancestors were victims, particularly in that institution of slavery, I also acknowledge our role in helping white settlers in the westward push and the resulting displacement and murder of hundreds of thousands of native peoples. My whole point is that none of us have clean hands. Whether you acknowledge the facts or not, they remain the facts.

          • Jackie says:

            Clemmieo, while I respect the hard work your family has put in, hard work or not…Did they have papers? The point I’m trying to make is we sit and bash one another (especially, immigrants) when we have ancestors who have done the same. It’s the ultimate hypocrisy and incredibly self-righteous.

          • Jackie says:

            @clemmieo nothing against you though.

        • jim says:

          Jackie, how many of those Mexicans with European surnames brought disease.

          • Jackie says:

            @jim I’m not quite sure if I understand what you’re getting at. I’m not sure if you’re referring to Spaniards or Mexicans (yes, I do realize that the term “Mexican” is more than skin deep there’s a lot of room for error. Any who, (Regardless of surnames) “Mexicans” were already established in the U.S. in California, Arizona etc. as these states were apart of Mexico prior to colonization, so they brought nothing. They were here already. The people I am referring are NOT MEXICAN. Take responsibility, stop trying to shift the blame.Oh how quickly we forget how America came to be.

          • Jackie says:

            Happy 4th by the way! Really. All jokes aside. Have a good one.

      • Kevin Ritchey says:

        This woman(?) is so far off-base that she’s left the game. She spouts indefensible trash that embarrasses herself. I’d be surprised if she sells many books to anyone other than FOX viewers who have become lobotomized by subliminal sterilization. She needs to go away.

      • Dean Prescott says:

        You know what bugs me? The WAY you represent yourself as a judge. By the way, There are a lot of Stupid American’s. You are obviously white but don’t mention this once. Why? Did you say ONE word about how many white people commit crimes. Did you mention one word about how many white people cross the boarder from Mexico & Canada then commit horrific crimes? No. And as for being politically correct, it’s called that for a reason. Am I wrong? What do you think?

      • Barbara;IAgreewithYou. says:


      • Eyes wide Open says:

        I can’t believe the left side can’t or won’t see what she is saying is so TRUE. Just take a good look at La La Land (the commie state of California) as an example.

      • Carl says:


        Ann is trying to wake up a sleeping population.

        The Feds are deceiving us – Mexico is dumping their unwanted population upon us and South America is run over by corrupt people in power fueled by Drug Cartel Mobsters.

        Our own congress, senate and supreme court are polluted with people who cater to big busness who do notcare about USA and want to place us under tyranny for taxation and cheap labor.

        Time for everyone to have an awakening before it’s all too late !

      • michael donaldson says:

        another racist revealing racist colors. immigration is not a problem for a nation that welcomes immigrants. relearn the constitution of the united states of America, Mary Ann the Racist.

      • Cat says:

        It seems as if though the left always get very upset when the right speaks the truth about the illegal activities that they want to do, but Geraldo and all the haters have to realize that all countries have rules that we all have to live by and the truth is that the Hispanic seems to believe just because they’re our neighbor they have the right to enter these United States when ever without any backlash. The truth is Mexico is very strict when it comes to anyone entering their country so what is this government doing that is so out of the ordinary that cause the left to be so critical and very demanding as if though it’s their right to be grant legal statue without questioning and most of all worry about their own citizens. For all the loud mouths and haters that believe they can enter the country of any citizens and bully them I believe that you have to remember that you’re the one that is wrong and enter this country illegally and not the other way around so stop being so hateful and demanding by being rude and disrespectful to any American citizen because picketing is like pouring more gas on the fire. Nasty behavior will always loose the battle.

    • John says:

      Interesting idea…

    • Nandiane says:

      Perfect comment and highly constructive

    • Joe says:

      It’s not just the Democrats pandering. Jeb has been speaking Spanish at some of his campaign stops.

    • Terry F. says:

      It would be curious to see just how many of these “illegals” read the book if they actually could read. The truth is their are a lot of immigrants that came to this country to work hard for the American dream, but at the expense of the bad apples. Example would be of the “ILLEGAL” that killed randomly the woman in S.F.. This individual had been deported five times and settled in the “SANCTUARY CITY” of San Francisco. We can not deport 14 million undocumented, but we can do something to protect the “HARD” working Mexicans and other people that came here illegally. Coulter and Trump have a legit argument on the immigration problem, and Trump really misspoke when he said that there were a “few” good illegals. He should have said that there are 99% of the people coming across the border are good people, AND MOST IMPORTANT FOR ALL IS WE HAVE TO “SECURE THE BORDER FIRST”, for the protection of the citizens of the U.S. from bad elements, such as drug traffickers and potential terrorist, etc.

      • Steve A. says:

        Terry, would you agree that 100% of the illegals are law breakers? 100% commit fraud and perjury, could we agree on that? Don’t sugarcoat what’s going on here. You guys seem to always say they’re ALL hard workers. Americans work hard too! Their money is taken without permission and is given to the illegals. The illegals are NOT trying to be American citizens. They are happy being Mexicans. It’s just Dems are working an angle to benefit from illegal immigration. Mexicans aren’t poor. They don’t pay taxes so the money they came with, they buy a $400,000.00 house. They get free Medical and dental. That $12.00 taken out of their check every 2 weeks doesn’t cover the surgery their illegal grandma just had. Millions of babies born at our expense, Etc. and so on. Instead of S.S. money when they retire, they told me they sale their $400,000.00 home and that is a LOT of Pesos(spelling?). Then they go back to Mexico and buy El Rancho, new truck, some horses. Sale their illegal I.D.’s to the next Mexican who wants to come to America for a “Free Ride”.

      • Nancy says:

        if they can give unlimited AMERICAN benefits to over 20 million of these bottomfeeding illegals THEN THEY CAN FIND ALL OF THEM TO DEPORT ALL WHO ARE ON WELFARE AND WORKING HERE ILLEGALLY. saying they can’t is total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • J. Edward McWilliams says:

      Coulter slammed the protesters by saying:

      “You have to understand, screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

      “Molesting 4-year olds”!? Ann, what the hell? It’s hard to take you seriously when you spew such petty viciousness.

      For God’s sake, woman, elevate your game…

    • Nancy says:


      • alby says:

        you could not of said it better,deport them all ,don’t anyone say we can’t.eisenhower deported 3 million in 1953.called correctly operation wetbacks,look it now we could put up the border and deport the 50 million scumbags that are here now

    • Joanne Parker says:

      Ann, I purchased your book and truthfully I believe is should be required reading for all of Congress. I find what you say has merit and at the very least let those who refuse to acknowledge that the Legal citizens of the this country are fully aware of the problems and their repercussions of NOT addressing the huge problem. There is a recent murder that supports your position. Thank you.

  4. Merrie M. says:

    Even those of us who are compassionate about Latinos caught in a bind by their taking up residence here because of intolerable conditions in their home countries, have to wonder at their cheeky displays of displeasure with a legal citizen’s using her right to free speech to promote her opinions. And what’s with their carrying the Mexican flag? I certainly find that offensive when they have sneaked into this country to have a better way of life. Do we have any consistency about such symbols? Confederate and Christian BAD; Mexican? OK because it’s just free speech? By people who aren’t even citizens? Explain, please!

    • David B says:

      Merrie You miss the point,in this lopsided world logic has no meaning. The liberal bleeding hearts want to give everything away. By the time they wake up it will be too late. I’m waiting for them to start calling drug dealers “unlicensed pharmacists” Illegal is illegal, there is not other term for it. We are lost without changes in a good way.

    • Haven M. says:

      Exactly Merrie! Well said. I too would love an explanation.

    • Gary says:

      Nicely said Merrie M…..I just might need to plagiarize your statement!

    • Nandiane says:

      You’re definitely not one of the lunatics!

    • Barb R says:

      Hear! Hear!

  5. cindy kabisch says:

    Ms Coulter should be happy she lives in a country that allows her to spew such willful ignorance & hatred.
    Its that kind of poison that tears people & countries apart.

  6. Steve007 says:

    “You have to understand, screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”
    .She added:

    “Immigration is a government policy like any other and it ought to be used to benefit the people already living here. That includes recent immigrants. There should not be any criminals coming in.”

    This seems eminently accurate. Who could disagree?

    • Martin Lynch says:

      Ms. Coulter is a hate-mongering loaf of white bread with nipples. If she weren’t telegenic – if she were a young white male with a crew cut, for example, she’d be more easily identified for what she is, a moronic bigot. Her views and opinions don’t make any kind of logical sense, nor are they based on fact. I would gladly escort her to the border and kick her skinny derriere to the other side, an act that actually would “benefit the people already living here.” She’s a jackass.

    • Griff says:

      Let’s see..Throwing tea in an ocean, the slave trade and the mistreatment and miseducation of slaves, KKK church burnings, Jim Crow, Separate but Equal, etc. is how white people express agreement. I think that is a fair assessment. I agree, something must be done about illegal immigration because most of them do not pay federal or local taxes. Then, they take the money they make and send it home to another country. I know some are providing needs to family members back home. Most of them I know are hard working people. I have no problem with them hanging out at 7-11 looking for work.. But to call them criminals is a bit too much. Remember, Bernie Madoff was American!!

      • Jerrold Buck says:

        How is it that “illegals” do not pay Federal or State taxes when those taxes are deducted from their paychecks by the employer and paid directly to the State and Federal tax agencies. If the money is not being sent, the employer is the guilty party, not the “illegal” employee. They most certainly pay all sales taxes, fuel taxes, any other directly collected taxes same as the rest of us. If they are working on a cash only basis, then they are part of a large underground economy populated by a majority of “legal” residents who prefer to not pay income tax to anyone.

        • Paully says:

          Thank you for your articulation of the FACTS re: immigrants and the IRS. And yes, the majority of tax avoidance is committed by “legal” residents, many of whom are well-off. The reason they are well-off is because they don’t pay their fair share to the IRS…or their employees. In my life, I’ve found that folks who hate one class of people, actually hate ALL other classes of people who are not exactly like themselves. “Mexicans” are not the real issue. The real issue is the citizens of the U.S., a minority, certainly not a “silent minority”, that has taken to the airwaves to spew their hate and unfounded opinions to stir up the ignorant–much like Hitler did in Germany–and blame somebody…anybody for all the woes of the U.S. Maybe coulter and her minions should adopt the swastika as their battle flag. Oh, what the hell, she should just use the confederate battle rag of the south as her sign of hate.

      • Frank says:

        they also pay their taxes by working for below minimum wage so Me and you can buy our products cheaper ……. “this is how latin americans express disagreement” ? please….shooting up a church is how whites express disagreement i guess

      • Nancy says:

        I know for a fact that they are not hard working people from people I know in construction, the cleaning business, etc. we lose 1000’s of jobs daily (bilingual wanted) because they are to damn LAZY TO LEARN ENGLISH LIKE ALL OTHER IMMIGRANTS HAD TO FOR EMPLOYMENT. NANCY PELOSI TOLD A LARGE ILLEGAL HISPANIC CAUCAS THAT SHE WOULD NOT ALLOW A BILL TO BE PASSED THAT WOULD REQUIRE THEM TO SPEAK ENGLISH IN THE WORKPLACE. SHE NEEDS TO BE BOOTED FROM OFFICE NOW. if they were hard workers, 71% of them wouldn’t be on “full scope” welfare. check the LA times paper right after DACA that shows a line so long you couldn’t see the end of it and 5-7 bottomfeeders wide at the welfare office-it’s not a visitor’s center. it’s true that they commit 75% of the crime in this country. check out police reports, court reports, etc. check the 2006 DHS illegal immigrant crime report where they commit 5K murders, 5K child molestations, irs and ssi fraud and much more. WAKE UP AMERICA AND STOP BEING SO STUPID.

        • Paully says:

          Nancy, you really aren’t too bright — this is not a liberal calling you names, it is a liberal making an observation after reading your worthless rant. I too, know many people in construction, house keeping, landscaping, sanitation workers, nurses and other hospital staff and none of my contacts has EVER called their Hispanic co-workers or employees lazy. You, on the other hand, talk to a few of your bigoted BFF’s and form an opinion of every brown skinned person in the U.S. as being every thing your racist, bigoted friends tell you. I’ve seen too many of your kind through out my life and frankly I believe you’re most probably a liar…no, you are without a doubt a LIAR!!

      • Jackie says:

        Let’s not forget that church shooting that killed 9 people!

    • Jerry32 says:

      The American Indians might disagree and possibly Mexico who dealt with the anglo saxon immigration of Texas. Wait they did disagree and we killed them.

    • Larry says:

      This benevolent attitude to the world’s unwashed masses is destroying us. No other country allows ‘anchor babies’. No other country has the porous borders and negligent federal government that we have.
      No other government in the world covertly advocates ‘open borders’ like Barack Obama implicitly does. It amounts to lunacy, insanity. But it is the agenda of the Left and lends credence to the saying that liberalism is a mental disease anyway.
      Let’s look to civilized countries like New Zealand. Anyone applying to reside in their country must undergo very detailed scrutiny. If an applicant has a poor health history they are immediately denied because New Zealand considers them a potential burden on the national health system. Do we even check health issues of our legal immigrants? Probably it’s not even a disqualifying factor. So, in addition to the criminals and terrorists that slip across our southern border on a daily basis, how many folks with contagious diseases are coming across with them? Nobody knows. So, I would again recommend that the negligent federal government secure the borders, and the rest of us not cower to the attempts of intimidation by groups such as La Raza and Move

    • bill presutti says:

      Here’s the problem. Anyone familiar with U. S. history knows that all immigrants who have come into the country in the past, especially during the period of mass immigration in the 1890-1920 period, faced the same kind of backlash, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Eastern Europeans. I’m of Italian descent. I know first hand what my ancestors who came to this country had to endure–ceaseless characterizations of Mafioso, having to drop the vowels from their last names to try to get a job, etc.

      So, the historical beat goes on. Those who raise such a fuss just display their historical ignorance. Ann Coulter plays to that crowd. That her books end up on the best-seller list is a testament to the level of hate, intolerance, and pure historical ignorance currently rampant in the country.

  7. Prog Ressiveidiot says:

    I love these horsefeather stories about conservatives getting “jeered” at gatherings. American patriots overwhelmingly agree on border security (and a plethora of other traditional value issues, and ESPECIALLY on constitutional rights issues) yet a small, focused group of activists is misconstrued by the lapdog media as mainstream. Objective journalism doesn’t exist in a society of Useful Idiots.

    • TFear says:

      WTF? Are you trying to say something, senior? Because, I have no idea what is your point? Clever use of words, though, you must have a very high IQ.

  8. Robert Hagen says:

    They are not undocumented immigrants they are illegal aliens probably criminals,why are we bending over backwards for these son of a bitches Ann Colter is right and so is Donald Trump.

    • Paully says:

      @robt hagen, what an a-hole you are!!! You don’t know jack about the immigration status of ANYONE and neither does hannity, baier, van susteren, o’reilly, kelly, trump and the rest of FUX crowd. Do any of you folks EVER ask yourself “what would Jesus say?” Ofcourse you don’t!!! You probably call yourself Christian, when you really have no idea what the Bible says or doesn’t say. You probably say there is a passage in the Bible saying the U.S. should execute all non-whites. You’ll just blabber on with that famous hillbilly phrase, “It’s in the Bible, it’s in the bible!!!” without ever showing proof of it’s existence. PATHETIC…

    • Chris says:

      I agree. I always tell people if you think that I am going to work hard and pay 50% or more in taxes just so these lazy ass people can sit home and watch Jerry Springer all day, its not going to happen. I will leave and move to Costa Rica or Belize or someplace else and soon there will be no one paying taxes here. We have a constitution and we have immigration laws that need to be followed. The politicians are bought and paid for by big business. They like the Mexicans sneaking across the border and working in the fields they get to pay them less! Secure the border. Go ahead and try and walk across Mexico’s border you would be shot or put in prison for years! People just look back and look at the chain of events that have unfolded look at all of the things that have happened since President Obummer has been in office, the country is going right down the toilet …whats next Dogs can marry Cats too? Or men can marry babies? Please Vote for Donald Trump he is right no one else has the guts to stand up for our constitution and our laws All of you free loaders and low life people that live off of the government just wait until the money runs out you will really be pissed when u don’t get your check…..

  9. Paully says:

    In your short article, you proclaim undocumented immigrants created chaos at coulter’s book signing. Question, how do you know they were “undocumented immigrants”? coulter is one of the most disgusting people on this earth with her loud-mouthed ignorant bigoted pronouncements about just about every human who is not as bright white as she is. And her CRUDE comment about Latin Americans molesting 4 year olds bears that out. She should have hooked up with trump, seeing as how they both would do well in that circus known as the gop. Those two, in particular, make me ashamed to call myself an American. coulter & trump should be in Charlotte,SC spewing their hate…maybe there is a left wing wacko down there who might show them how to shut their mouths!!

  10. TFear says:

    Coulter is a racist hate monger, who makes a living catering to those of a like mind. She’s a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  11. Momma Martinez says:

    Where is the media outrage at Obama who called Mexican illegal immigrants “gangbangers” on video???

  12. Rae says:

    Since these protesters were illegal immigrants, why were they not arrested, detained and deported? Geraldo, my great grand parents were immigrants, they were here legally. They worked hard, turned in their paper work and became American citizen before 1865!

    • Maelstrom2000 says:

      Where in this article does it say that the protestors were “illegal immigrants?” They could be U.S. citizens with just as much right to express their opinion as anyone else. News flash: Latin American citizens are just as appalled by Ann Coulter and the conservatives position on immigration as anybody else.

    • Anthony says:

      I guess they aren’t in the “shadows”

    • Day says:

      My dear Rae, as a Cherokee my reply to you is that your ancestors were illegal immigrants. We strenuously tried deporting them but they turned on us and committed the largest genocide in history. If your ancestors are not indigenous residents of the Americas, then face the fact that you are an illegal alien here against the wishes of the indigenous population. Mexicans (or others of South America or Canada) of indigenous descent are not aliens as they are indigenous to the Americas.

      • Claire says:

        Thank you Day.

      • Sarah says:

        My Dear Day: I, too, am a Cherokee, at least through my father. Get over yourself. The white people who killed our ancestors were conquerors, not simply illegal immigrants. Then, by current definitions, their children, born here, were citizens, which means that white people are no longer illegal immigrants. And the history of some of the Native Americans showed them over running other tribes and conquering them. Human nature. When the Europeans came to this country, they did terrible things to the native population. Human nature. Now, Coulter, Trump and others are saying we must stem the tide to avoid AGAIN being conquered. Illegal immigrants, regardless of their skin color, country of origin, or moral compass, are costing OUR country in many ways, not just increased crime. And, yes, we certain have more than enough American citizens committing crimes. Why add to the problem?

      • bill says:

        Thank you Day, the first coherent post.

      • antonio says:

        well said…

      • Jackie says:


  13. Gary Davies says:

    What a pack of lies, totally in character when associated with Ann Coulter. It was a lawful peaceful demonstration outside the store that didn’t prevent Ann from doing anything, including selling her hate-filled filthy pandering lies. The book torn up was bought and paid for by a protester supporter and the protesters cleaned up the mess when they left. The police were there and didn’t need to arrest anybody. Coulter is a leach that bottom-feeds off the hate and lies she helps generate and spread.

    • chelsea says:

      AMEN! she disgusts me..white trash at its’ worst…

    • Nandiane says:

      No, the facts are facts and she says what she knows is true, without thinking about political correctness.

    • Bruce S, says:

      It sounds like you are talking about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    • Natty Bumppo says:

      Ok Mr. Generous, how many illegal aliens do you have living next door to you? Are you willing to give up your job so the illegal can have a job? I didn’t think so. I noticed you did not counter one fact in Coulter’s book in your little diatribe–because you can’t. Why don’t you tell the parents of the girl murdered in SF today how great it is for illegal aliens to live here. That murder is totally on Obama’s head for not enforcing our immigration laws.

    • Nancy says:

      you are not representing Cherokee Indians. my great grandmother was full Cherokee. none of these Hispanics are indigenous, they are descendants of AZTECS ONLY AND HAVE NO HERITAGE TO CLAIM. also, the majority of native Americans want these illegal Hispanics gone as much as we do. yes, we did awful things to the native Americans BUT NOTHING LIKE THESE LAZY, LYING, THIEVING BOTTOMFEEDING ILLEGAL HISPANICS ARE AND BETWEEN 1846-1879 MEXICANS KILLED 5k NATIVES. ALSO, WE DON’T CLAIM TO BE INDIGENOUS UNLESS WE MARRIED INTO IT. plus there is proof that they are not indigenous in history that shows a distinct difference between native Americans and Mexicans, etc.

  14. Gary Davies says:

    What a pack of lies, though totally in character with anything associated with Ann Coulter. It was a lawful peaceful demonstration outside the store, not ‘chaos’ – and there is no evidence that I have seen that the protesters were illegal or undocumented or criminals. Coulter was not impeded or prevented from doing anything, including selling her hate filled lying propaganda and making hateful remarks. The book torn up was bought and paid for by a demonstration supporter and the pieces were cleaned up by the demonstrators when they left. The police were there to ensure peace and to ensure lawful access by Coulter supporters and they didn’t need to arrest anyone. Just like the Right to demonize peaceful law abiding protesters when they disagree with them.

    • Robin says:

      I could not agree with you more, Ann’s only claim to fame is her “hate” – the haters are feeling the heat – who knew that Donald Trump would be the best thing that ever happened to the democrats- The Hispanic people are registering to vote at an amazing rate – Thank you Donald Trump!!!!

    • Larry says:

      Give it a rest, Gary. If the protesters are illegal then they aren’t law abiding, are they? Hello? Anybody home?
      I wonder if I took a group of friends down to Tijuana to protest the Mexican government’s interference with US Immigration law, and ask them to stop sending their unskilled and uneducated folks north, I wonder how long it would take to get arrested and thrown into the local prison. After that, I’d wonder how long I would sit there and rot, that is, when I’m not getting beat up. They are the worst kind of self-serving hypocrites.

      • Mr Joe says:

        Larry, Don’t try it, You will never see the light of day or your country again. The Mexican government enforces their laws and disobeys our laws. Also remember that President Obama does not even attempt to help citizens return to America as long as he is El President.

    • Nancy says:

      you are full of it. you have no right to demonstrate or demand anything in OUR country. you don’t belong here and need to be deported NOW. you are the worst (or best?) example of propaganda in all of history. eff off and GTFO. Ann and Donald are our current American heroes and the only ones telling the truth. YOU ARE THE VIOLENT THUGS AND JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE LOUDER THAN US DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE TELLING THE TRUTH. THEY AND WE WILL WIN. ALSO, YOU ARE THE HATEFUL RACIST (LOOK AT LUIS GUTIERREZ-WHAT A HATEFUL ASS WHO IS ALSO A LIFETIME MEMBER OF LARAZA WHO WE WILL EVENTUALLY RID THIS COUNTRY OF. YOU ARE NOTHING LESS THAN TERRORISTS WITH YOUR THREATS AND DEMANDS. EFF OFF AND DIE

      • Paully says:


  15. Jim Thorpe says:

    Trump and Coulter are pompous jackasses. I have lived in California all my life and been around legal and illegal immigrants all my life. Citing specific instances of problem people is making your case by anecdotal evidence which only an idiot believes. If I cite several illegals who founded companies and now make tens of millions, are they all entrepreneurs? Of course not. The vast majority, though, are hard working and do many jobs that others won’t do. They also pay sales tax, gas tax etc like everyone else. One contribution that you don’t hear enough about is that immigration is one if the things keeping social security solvent. We have fewer and fewer workers supporting everyone drawing social security and more and more are immigrants. They assimilate well. They are a similar religion to most Americans. They intermarry in great numbers. I teach large numbers and the majority can’t speak Spanish by the second or third generation which is too bad. They are no different than Italians Irish etc. If you went to an Italian neighborhood in 1900 you would have only heard Italian. Is it that way now? Of course not. Concerns about whether immigrants are assimiliating in the US often focus on criticisms that they’re not learning English quickly enough (think of outrage over phone systems that ask you to select English or Spanish). But in fact immigrants to the US today are learning and using English much more quickly than immigrants at the turn of the 20th century. More than 75 percent of all immigrants, and just less than 75 percent of Spanish-speaking immigrants, speak English within the first five years, compared to less than 50 percent of immigrants between 1900 and 1920.
    Lastly, their food is awesome

  16. Lazer says:

    My answer to Latinos is. We love you, we want you here—–LEGALLY—-Shorten the process. Make it less expensive. And issue a social security number. And move on. To throw it in our faces and carrying a sign that you are an elligal???? Let me try that in your country. I would be rotting in a jail cell so quick it would make your head spin. And where was INS immigration. Could have just pulled up a bus and delivered them back home. The lega immigrants should know that the illegal immigrants are sucking the life out of the country that took you in and gave you the dream that you were seeking. SO———All of us who are here legally should stand up against illegals who would rather stay illegal. And finally——————LEARN TO SPEAK AND UNDRESTAND ENGLISH.
    Your are in America. I came here as an immigrant from a country torn apart by an Russian invasion. Within 2 years I was speaking English. Fast forward 61 years. America has afforded me a great life with freedoms that many of us just take for granted. Real freedom comes with a price. You must protect it with every ounce of your being. All though I disagree with Trump and how he phrased his words. We must pay attention to our borders and welcome the ones that want to be here and contribute to this wonderful country. And next time Cary signs that say help me to become legal. And if you to demonstrate by burning the American flag. Which tells me you are not happy here. In that case we will give you a first class ticket and drop you off in Syria or Afghanistan. This comes from a proud immigrant who still speaks his native language, served in our armed forces. And is living the AMERICAN DREAM. ————-You can to.

  17. Michael FitzJohn says:

    Ann Coulter is smiling all the way to the bank. She is rich spreading hate.
    No one should buy anything from her. All of us should IGNORE her.

  18. Larry Fisher c says:

    Ann Coulter is a disgusting person in the mold of Rush Rimbaugh.Dont buy her books or read her hate. Maybe we can deport her to a place where hate is rampant….Syria?

    • don says:

      Maybe this is what makes our country great. Each person is entitled to their own opinion whether you like it or not. If we deport everyone you do not agree with the next person might be you. Look at what happened in Germany when Hitler gained power and influence in Germany.

      • Nancy says:

        each CITIZEN HAS THOSE RIGHTS. not these ILLEGAL Hispanic scum who have been dubbed lazy and unwanted since WW1 when we deported because of high unemployment. you are stupid and don’t have clue about a country’s right to sovereignty or anything else. these bastards need to obey our immigration laws like all other immigrants DID or GO NOW. Germany??? dumbass

        • don says:

          Nice intellectual mouth you have. If you read my other comments I believe everyone regardless of any excuse must follow the established immigration laws, including background checks, in order to become a United States citizen. As usual when people like you think with emotions instead of intelligence you stoop to idiotic name calling and lose any credibility you might have to make me believe you are an intelligent person. My comment above referred to Nancy saying we should deport Coulter because Nancy does not agree with her.

  19. Donna says:

    Ann Coulter is a BIGOT enough said

  20. don says:

    Many of the illegals that come from Mexico are probably decent hard working people trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Many of the illegals from Mexico are escaping to America to continue in their criminal behavior and the criminal element are not attempting to improve the lives of anyone. Let’s not forget the extremely violent gangs which threaten not only Mexican citizens but American’s as well. The point is whether or not you are here for good or bad, you are here without going through the process of becoming a legalized U.S. citizen enjoying all of the rights and freedoms associated with being a legal U.S. citizen. The United States is one of the most lax countries in the world when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration thanks to the weak Obama administration and the way our law enforcement officials are hogtied and made impotent through last minute laws and executive actions by our President. We, as a nation, have the right to expect anyone who is here illegally to be sent back to the nation they came from. Instead we get ballsy, non-frightened illegals standing in the streets protesting anyone or anything they seem to think is unfair to them. I was born in this country, and yet, the illegals have more rights and freedoms than I have access to. I have to pay taxes or face the wrath of the IRS. Who do the illegals pay. I have to pay my medical bills or face legal action from the courts. Who do the Hospitals collect from when an off the grid illegal does not pay what they owe? The medical establishment raises costs to the those of us who are living an honest hard working life. I am not against anyone coming here to make a better life but do it the right way.

    • Paully says:

      @Don — Don, you sound like a fairly reasonable guy, but I don’t agree with some of what you said. Please do a little (very little) research and tell me what George W. Bush did about immigration. He, like many other Republican (and some Democrat) politicians really like having these undocumented aliens around as they provide VERY cheap labor to work in the huge agricultural business complex in places like…you won’t believe it…Texas! Also, most of these immigrants DO pay the IRS, if not through their payroll taxes their employers deduct, but certainly through sales taxes. As for who pays who for hospital expenses incurred by people who’s immigration status is unknown, despite what ann coulter thinks she knows, shouldn’t be up for discussion. I haven’t seen any research on what the breakdown is re: race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation…should I go on? The only thing I’ve seen numbers on is the number of poor who can’t afford healthcare and believe it or not that numbers includes a majority of WHITE U.S. CITIZENS (I’m not yelling at you in CAPs…just using that for emphasis). Finally, I wish folks would stop calling these people Mexicans!!! Just because they are passing through Mexico doesn’t make them Mexican, any more than passing through the U.S. makes them a U.S. citizen. I’ll bet you if the Canadians started crossing our northern border by any number, nothing would be said. Guess that’s because they would be a majority of white people.

      • Nandiane says:

        Maybe the Canadians would have something to offer other than living off our system and its taxpayers. But to be fair, the border with Canada is porous and can be open to infiltration by undesirables and terrorists. We need to wake up for our own protection.

      • Norma says:

        Well said

      • don says:

        Believe me I do know what George H.W. Bush did with immigration which was next to nothing. However, the current administration has done nothing to change anything about illegals except make it easier for illegals to come over here and stay with little fear of deportation. I brought up medical costs because there is no way to track an illegal with false documents so it is impossible to accurately assess costs associated with unpaid medical bills which cannot be collected. The current privacy laws prevent much of this information from being released because medical facilities fear lawsuits if too much information is revealed. Unfortunately, many of the people crossing the border from Mexico are Mexican citizens and I do care who crosses our borders illegally whether they be from Mexico or lily white Canada. No person should get a pass on being here illegally. No One.

        • buzz says:

          Don quit watching Fox News and look up Prez’s record on deportations. It is more than any Repubs. They are all talk as usual, because they know their base can not, or will not read.

          • don says:

            I do not watch Fox news nor do I have cable. I happen to read and try to sift through all the misinformation the press gets from government sources? Everything Obama does is for show. He has no substance. You need to quit drinking the liberal koolaid and think for yourself.

      • Nancy says:

        just because the corps started it, it’s no excuse for the murders, child molestations, irs and ssi fraud, stealing jobs, refusal to speak English and everything else they do. they are illegal, period and Canadians are not allowing anchors anymore (after only 500) and would not come here for a free ride. 58% of the Hispanics are Mexicans. they do not pay taxes but they steal billions each year using our ACTC fraudulently per the irs and were told by Obama that they could do it. plus send billions back to their own countries which is illegal. ruin people’s live using our ssi ids. a higher up immigration official said 82% of their refugee/asylum claims are fraudulent. these people are disgusting and are ruining American lives AND THEY MUST BE DEPORTED FOR OUR SAKE. OBAMA IS A CORRUPT, TRAITOROUS SPINELESS MEXICAN PUPPET FOR VOTES.

    • Mary says:

      Don, yours is best comment on the immigration situation. I agree completely. Except, they do pay taxes for part of their wages in a false SS number. After living in Arizona, and my ex-husband working in the State Prison system saw that their were over 35% of the prisoners that were from Mexico and they were a lot of gang members in the prison who would kill other gang members. Also it was hard to get a job in Az. if you could not speak Spanish fluently. And it was very upsetting, when the Merricopa County sheriff tried to send back the illegals and Obama and Hilly Clinton tried to sue them.
      And I have read that California was having finally problem because they paid welfare to illegals and the emergencies Room at the Hospital were also failing because of the free service by them. Also, the Mexican to belong to a gang they would have drive by shootings that killed many people.
      Don’t get me wrong, I like the Mexicans that I met that were legal. They are very family orientated and show respect to adults, which most young American young people do not. We just need to keep the criminal element out of our country and the drugs. And we need to make sure that their are jobs for Americans before letting more into our country illegally that our taking jobs away from Americans for lower wages. Our Country is in a economy crisis.

      • Nandiane says:

        yes, yes, yes

      • Nancy says:

        the unemployment rate for our young people is over 50% and they are being completely disenfranchised as we adults are too because of the gov giving these people our benefits and privileges which they don’t deserve and have not earned, so don’t be so hard on them. when my kids graduated from high school they and their friends all got jobs almost immediately (all the jobs these bottomfeeding criminals take now). our kids and we deserve better. IMPEACH OBAMA. THEY DO NOT PAY TAXES-THEY STEAL OUR ACTC REFUNDS ILLEGALLY AND RUIN OUR LIVES USING OUR SSI IDS.

  21. William Kastner says:

    If Mexico is so bad that they come hear to live, why is it that they fly the Mexican flag and want to turn this country into Mexico. They can have it one way or the other but not both. Come here and live like the rest of us or go back and shut up. Leave the Mexican flag and the Mexican support back in Mexico. We don’t need them here and don’t want them the way they want it.

  22. Craig says:

    The bottom line is simply this, if you come into any country illegality then you are breaking the law. For those who think it’s no big deal, how would you like if you came home any found someone living in your house uninvited you would call the cops and have them arrested. So aren’t you being a bigot yourself by saying that these people are just trying to have a better live by sneaking into a country that has laws that apparently don’t mean anything to them. I see and hear Mexicans all the time saying Viva Mexico. My simple question to them is, if Mexico is so fantastic then why aren’t’ you running back down there instead of running away from Mexico.

  23. George S says:

    When are we going to wake up in this country and stop all the political correctness and be honest for once. Yes there are good law abiding immigrants who come here legally, pay taxes, abide by our laws and make this country a better place to live. That is the history of the USA. But we cannot pretend that criminals, smugglers, dozens of gangs like MS13 and people who will use and exploit the system with anchor babies do not exist. We are in a financial crisis in this country and we can no longer afford this. No country will stay great for long if they do not have control of their borders. Any other country in the world would not tolerate this.

    • Don says:

      Nebuchadnezzars dream was seeing a soldier of steel with feet of clay the two aren’t mixable thus the soldier fell. Its self evident
      to bring in those who aren’t violent speak the same language or have a sense of entitlement. We need to shake out of this pc mode and start dealing with reality some mix and some don’t focus on those who mix well are not constantly in prison or creating/fomenting problems all the time.

    • Nandiane says:

      yes, yes, yes

    • Dean Prescott says:

      George s. Thank you. A breath of fresh air.

  24. MARIE TEDESCO says:

    All six of these commentators are correct, in their opinions. The liberals/Democrats know, that if they legalize ILLEGAL immigrants, they will, forever, change the voting demographics, of this great country. There will never, ever, be another party elected, other than the Democrats. Click on, and read America Ferrera’s letter to Donald Trump, in which she tells him, in no uncertain terms, that Latino’s will turn out, in numbers, at the polls, to make sure he is never elected President, because without the Latino vote, he will never win. Nice ! And, why is the Mexican flag waved outside of the book store, where Ann Coulter was signing her book “Adios, America”? Why is there no public outcry, about that Mexican flag ? The public and the liberal news programs can, freely, condemn the Confederate flag, but no public outcry about Latino’s flaunting the Mexican flag. Outrageous! This is not the first time, the Mexican flag has been waved/carried/displayed, in their marches. Wake up Americans ! Our western public schools are having such disastrous budget failures, because of the multitude of the illegal influx. My father, and both sets of my grandparents, were LEGAL immigrants. They were PROUD people, who came to this country, after waiting years to be accepted for immigration. ALL had to have sponsors, who were responsible for their food, housing, and all other expense, until they could get settled financially. They worked hard, expecting nothing, and receiving nothing, from our government. They learned to speak, read, and write, English, so they could become citizens of America, as soon as possible. Our state and federal governments, utilities, etc., DID NOT add or change road signage, written instructions, telephone messages, etc., into their native tongue, to accommodate them. They had to EARN the respect of Americans, who looked upon them, also, with distain. We, their children, were sent to schools, with other minorities, as we were not wanted ‘mixed’ with their American children, in school. I could go on and on, but I have one final statement to make; come here LEGALLY and be welcomed.

    • Paully says:

      Marie, I wish you and others like you, would stop comparing other flags flown around the U.S. with the Confederate battle flag. For one thing…the flag issue in S.C. is based on the fact that the Confederate battle RAG was placed on state government property, property paid for and maintained by TAXPAYERS, some of whom are white, black, brown, yellow, red, green, blue and pink. Despite what some of the RAG’S proponents say it does not stand for southern heritage. It’s a hateful reminder of the southern traitors to the Union of the United States of America and their belief that they could own other humans and treat them worse than they treated their farm animals. As a kid I remember going through S.C. on a trip to FL with my family. We were all tired and hungry and stopped at a KFC only to see the service windows plastered with signs saying “WHTIE ONLY”. Even though my folks are white, one of them being 1st generation American and my other parent’s ancestors came to this country in 1750, they said we would have to go somewhere else to eat. That was an early education about racism and I’m glad I learned it. That was back in 1962 and still the same kind of bigotry exist today. I guess this is the way of humanity…there must ALWAYS be a lesser man. p.s. maybe this confederate battle rag issue might embarrass folks into worshiping their rag in the privacy of their outhouse or indoor toilet (if they have running water and sewage). Heck, they could use it if they ran out of paper from the Sears catalog.

    • Nancy says:


      • Paully says:

        nancy, you really are a JACKASS AND A BOTTOM FEEDER FROM THE SEWERS OF THE U.S.A. No one is going to impeach Mr. Obama and you ignorant POS’s keep screaming this CRAP like it’s going to happen. What schools ban kids from wearing the American flag at schools. You are so full of s**t I can smell you way up here in the north. When you say “THEY STOP OUR KIDS FROM WEARING T-SHIRTS WITH AMERICAN FLAGS AT SCHOOL BECAUSE IT OFFENDS THEM”…well, nancy, who are “THEY” AND “THEM” of which you speak? Once again nancy, you are a LIAR and more than likely a thief who is living on welfare at my expense and you’re just jealous that someone else is playing the same game you’ve been playing all your life. Get a life you WHITE TRASH BIT*H!!

  25. Richard Humphreys says:

    First of all the article no where states these people are illegal aliens, they are activist big difference. Yes we defiantly need to address illegal’s being here. What is really sad is the hatred on here. If you have forgotten America (Statue of Liberty)was made by immigrant’s. Please next time someone asked if you are a Christian say no, because you’re not. Peace out and I’ll pray for you m’fers.

  26. Jack says:

    Most people have lost sight of the difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants. You have to have some control of the types of people coming into the country. You cannot allow a criminal element to enter the country if it can be stopped. No one wants to stop immigration, just illegal immigration. You can’t make us feel guilty by telling us that we are immigrants too. You couldn’t get in this country if you had head lice 100 years ago. Now? You can escape from a Mexican jail and be rewarded for entering the United States. What is the matter with you people that can’t see the difference? Are you so pathetic that you can’t stand for right anymore? Are you going to allow anything to happen so some lunatic doesn’t call you a “hater”? Ann Coulter is right when she says this country is going in the direction of a third world nation. Open your eyes!

  27. Orlando De Jesus says:

    I have to admit that I have criticized Geraldo Rivera many a times, and have disagreed with him on many topics but, on his position on immigration in this video at least, I wholeheartedly agree with him 100%. This is the Geraldo Rivera I remember from way back. Kudos to you Geraldo for telling it like it is. May you continue to have more moments of clarity in defense of our people. I’m proud of you for this.

  28. r harris says:

    Ann Coulter is nothing more than a racist hate mongering liar. She spouts off racist xenophobic garbage in an effort to make money off the other hate filled souls like herself. Some people are willing to sell their souls for a buck,right Ann Coulter?

  29. Stanley Szumanski says:

    I love Ann Coulter . She is far right of my views on several issues but I admire her ability to take all the crap from those like the protesters at the bookstore. Our local newspaper reported yesterday that Authorities rounded up 22 illegals who had criminal records,including rapists. Just as Trump just stated before his Freedom of Speech rights were denied him.

    • Dayle says:

      Ann Coulter is a typical conservative. They use hate and fear to make money. Our society has no use for her. Ignore her as I do.

  30. David Jaska says:

    If you object to illegals so much then get the back bone to vote in a congressman or senator who will actually do something about the problem instead of crying about it. We have billionaires complaining about illegals streaming into this country, but when asked to pay for it, it is always, not with my money! Either put up or shut up. If you don’t like it change it, but quit complaining when you do nothing and expect the situation to resolve itself. This country has been hijacked by worthless greedy bastards who would rather pocket every last cent than to let the government actually spend a few bucks to control it. If it is so terribly expensive to close the border and enforce the laws not just for those illegals coming over, but also for employers who hire them which is why they keep coming over here in the first place, then how can we possibly spend the even greater amounts to educate and cover their medical needs? The truth is those who hire the illegals which we keep referring to as “job creators” are no patriots and they should be put in jail. Those elected officials who take their money and obey their demands should be locked up too. My rant isn’t about hate or race, it is about enforcing the laws we have, which includes maintaining the border, eliminating the profit motive for those who break the laws hiring illegals. The ones we have here now are not going to be deported as it is too expensive so we might as well make them legal and make them responsible and to contribute to the community by making them pay income taxes as well as the taxes they already pay like sales taxes and indirectly through property taxes. Require them to buy health insurance like everybody else. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    This whiny ass America we live in now is nothing like the one I grew up in. Quit your bitching and fix it or shut your damn mouth!

  31. Swamptrotter says:

    Unfortunately, these people are just about as ignorant as racist Americans. They don’t get the “free speech” thing and they obviously don’t have a lot of respect for the American flag as they found it necessary to brandish the Mexican flag. This group needs to go back where they came from and rethink their behavior. Most illegal Mexicans keep a very low profile and try to embrace America not spit on it. Folks, let’s not try to make Trump followers believe he is right. If one doesn’t like what Coulter has to say (and I don’t) just don’t buy her sad book.

    • Paully says:

      Swamptrotter, The reason they were “brandish”ing a Mexican flag was because the Swamp-troller ann coulter was brandishing her worthless, ignorant opinion about MEXICANS and immigration. Using a US flag wouldn’t make much sense, but then, you don’t make much sense either.

      • Dave says:

        Using a US flag would make more sense in the fact that it would show that they were here legally and embracing what it means to be an American.

    • Nancy says:

      no illegals are keeping a low profile. just by demanding full welfare and all things that they are not entitled and protesting proves that. if they were embracing America 68% of them would not state that they will not comply to learning English which is the law (and getting our jobs because of it). Donald Trump is totally correct about illegal immigrants and bringing our jobs back and Ann Coulter is totally correct. there is nothing untrue about what she says.

      • Paully says:

        nancy must have taken a double dose of exlax, cuz’ God knows she’s full of it today (yesterday too)!!! Guess that’s how a POS behaves. nancy would embarrass trailer trash. It’s so sad to see people who have so little in their heads (brains), that they would worship the likes of trump and coulter. JUST PATHETIC !!!

  32. John says:

    Ann is right! Phoenix Az. is like a third world hellhole now! And the headline ” undocumented immigrants” is wrong! They are ILLEGALS! Go on the west side of Phoenix & take a look, it’s like a rundown border town.
    Adios America is right on! The funny thing is that the illegals are turning America into the same thing they left! Why is Mexico such a shithole? Because people get the government they deserve! “ADIOS AMERICA”!

  33. Terry D says:

    Sorry, but in my book, Ann Coulter is a travesty of a journalist, in the mold of scum such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. She deserves nothing but contempt for the thinly veiled extremist hatred she sows, on the air and in writing. There is an especially hot place in Hades for people like her.

    Ours has been forever a nation that opened its doors wide and prospered from the diversity we achieved. People like Coulter want to slam the doors shut and foster a brand of incestuous conservatism. If they win, it will be the death of America because immigrants have made us great. Losing them is a certain road to social, cultural and economic disaster.

  34. michalps says:

    Ms. Coulter is a sad, biased,disgusting human being who never seems able to do anything but denigrate, insult and tear down anyone or anything. She continues to make her living in this heinous way without ever making a meaningful, productive contribution to our society. If one believes in free speech, you have to believe in it for all persons, citizen or not, otherwise you are just a hypocrite. I would argue that Mexicans in particular have a long-standing grievance since they occupied and owned most of the Southwest not so long ago. I would like to suggest that all who seek the real facts and numbers go to the official records to just how few Mexican immigrants, legal or otherwise, actually commit illegal acts compared to other groups, US citizens or not and come to terms with what they contribute to our economy due to the cheap labor they provide.

    • chalmers says:

      Thank you for your comments..and everyone has the right to speak their mind/opinion…but I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and cannot remember , even with all that was going on then, the constant bigotry, hatred, bias…what have you, that is going on today. Part of it is because of so much information and access to it…whether the information is true or not…part of it is because the younger generation (I am 69 yrs old) does not know the history of this country good and bad , part of it is the self or immediate gratification so many people seem to need today….and ofcourse the total lack of respect. People like Ann Coulter, et al just feed the fires of hate and fear. Sorry to go on…but I really appreciated reading your comments.

    • stan j says:

      Maybe not criminals but they are certified nut cases. Who else risks their lives to escape from a corrupt failing culture then once they enter the host country insist upon establishing the same political culture they escaped from?

  35. JMCalifornia says:

    As Coulter just witnessed, free speech goes both ways. Glad the demonstration was peaceful.

  36. Ritza Trulis says:

    I am sorry I missed Ann Coulter’s book signing would of loved to be there. You are 100 Percent right Ann, Does anyone realize ILLEGAL
    IMMIGRANTS?????? Mexicans coming across here ILLEGAL should be deported back until they take the proper steps to become an American
    Citizen. Mexico would not put up with it and they don’t. So why should we put up with ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS…….BECOME LLEGAL MEXICANS

    • Paully says:

      Ritza, Girlfriend I agree with you. Trying to figure out if you should dial a “1” for English or “2” for Spanish really does tax those little brain cells. I mean, you have to think…do I speak English or Spanish. Judging from the way you write, I get the impression that you speak neither. Maybe you should go back to your mother country and figure out what nationality you are. GOOD LUCK!!!

    • stan j says:

      Don’t trust anyone who condones unlawful invasion.

  37. susie says:

    The illegals deny Ann Coulter “free speech”? they wave the flag of Mexico? I blame the politicians for the third world hellhole America is becoming. From the president on down, the rule of law is brushed aside for political correctness.

  38. David Palm Beach Florida says:

    I am a Hispanic American, Born and raised here. Never took a dime of welfare, paid my taxes and buy my own health insurance. Own 2 businesses and employ over 50 people, mostly Hispanic, Legal and hardworking immigrants. Ann Coulter is correct, there is a large number of bad illegals coming in. What hurts more are the ones coming for the handouts. The Obama phones, Obamacare, free this and that. This is appalling to anyone that works hard. I had a worker tell me (recent legal immigrant) how good Florida and the US is to people, as his 2-year daughter (mom is American) got free healthcare and any child can. I had to explain that she got free healthcare because he had no money, but anyone that has a few dollars certainly has to pay.
    But I ask you this; who is making this so easy? Who is giving this great nation away? Santa Claus Obama. But you and I are paying for it and I don’t agree with it.
    I will also tell you this, the fault lies in Washington, the Capital and the White House.
    If you do not protect the border this is what you get.
    As an American I cannot buy a house in Mexico, I cannot be employed there either. But here, someone is making this easy, Someone is distributing the wealth. Your wealth and mine!

    • Nandiane says:

      What a refreshing response! You, sir, are to be commended and admired. I’m certainly proud to have you as a fellow American.

  39. Laurence says:

    Three cheers for Ms. Coulter. May she never back down and never apologize. As pointed out by many, there is a great difference between legal immigrants – welcome – and illegal aliens – unwelcome.

    Per usual, the media savvy are using the great unintelligent masses (sadly, yes, this also means you, Ms. Ferrera) to blur the lines of this issue. “Racism” is an easy term to throw around to great inflammatory effect, especially if you are not smart enough – or are not willing enough – to understand the truth of the situation. And, to what end, exactly?

    The Hispanic population in these United States is growing so rapidly, in great part, due to our lax enforcement of our entirely too generous immigration laws. Is life harder in South and Central America? It is. Is that reason to allow these regions to export the worst and least valuable of their lot into our country? It is not!

    Do individuals of Hispanic descent have something positive to offer to enrich our country? Most assuredly, those who come here legally have no less an opportunity to prove that point than any other legal immigrant of any racial composition. Is the Hispanic population increasingly diluted by the entry of undesirables entering into our county through our entirely too porous southern border? Without question. Why is this situation generating empathy among those of similar ancestry, rather than fury? Is this a case of “there are none so blind as those who will not see”? Are they just to embarrassed to accept the truth?

    Politicians need to re-learn how to stand for a cause (kudos to Mr. Trump) and to not bend or back down to pressures levied by those who do not know any better! Perhaps Ms. Coulter (and Mr. Trump) could have presented their message more tactfully; but, honestly, the time for tact has passed, and the time for action is upon us.

  40. John says:

    Ritza Cracker, you know a lot of white people categorize people of Mexican heritage who have been here for generations or remained after The United states forcefully annexed our lands, I.e. California, Tejas etc. with illegal immigrants. I live in Idaho where our poor whites clog up the emergency rooms and live on section 8, selling food stamps and working the system. I never hear anyone complaining of these dregs. Face it most white people are racist and believe in manifest destiny rolling over and demonizing whomever they think will help their cause. The republicans have gotten the vast majority of lower income whites to vote a straight party line that is not in their best interest by spewing hate and racism attached to “tea party” issues.
    You are in for a rude awakening when our votes will not allow a republican candidate to win. The clock is ticking… Viva La Raza

  41. steve says:

    All you can hear when Coulter speaks is OINK OINK OINK

  42. John says:

    Now consider what happened in San Francisco with the woman gunned down by an illegal alien from Mexico who already had 8 felony convictions. And he was let go to destroy the lives of an American family. Thanks a lot Obama for your illegal immigration policies. I agree with Ann. She has hit on what I have been witnessing here in Arizona for years. Phoenix has become a hell hole except for some of the richest gated communities that surround it. They might as well rename Phoenix to North Mexico City.

  43. Stephanie says:

    We have been “tact”ed to death. We have had pounded into our heads a laundry list of things we are not allowed to say. Take race out of it and let’s make it all about dollars and cents. Who is going to pay? Do the math, America.

  44. speedy gonzales says:

    gracias America
    gracias for free welfare I didn’t earn
    gracias for free education for my kids because I don’t pay property taxes
    gracias for free health care
    gracias for free prisons when I stab some gringos
    gracias for the water that I drink that could be for real americans
    muchos muchos muchos gracias

    • don says:

      The real shame is when people are given no incentive to work and earn anything, then there is no pride in what you do. This passes on to each successive generation and then you end up with a legacy of people committed to taking and never giving. No one on this earth gets away with anything, maybe temporarily, but what goes around comes around. There will be an accounting someday, so enjoy what your are stealing today from hardworking Americans because in the end you will have nothing. You will take from this life what you brought into it which is nothing. I know you can look into the mirror and be proud of yourself for cheating the system. I know you justify your actions because your life has been hard. Congratulations on being a thief (taking what you did not earn), being a liar (false documents), but most of all being a person who has no pride to pass on to your children because you have to lie, cheat, steal and hide in order to take what does not legally belong to you. So I say gracias to you Mister Speedy Gonzales for giving me the ability to look my children in the eyes and tell them I did things the right way.

  45. Rattanaporn Phimsri says:

    This lady (so-called) is a hero to 4 million tea-party types…the same people who believe the president’s a Mooslem and that he’s trying to take away all our firearms. Funny, they said the same thing about B. Clinton in 1992 and nothing ever happened. This is the same lady (so-called) whose devoted fans (most of them fat, bearded, tattooed trailer-park so-called “men” who barely finished 9th grade))believe there’s a sectet gang—NO, TWO secret gangs…Looma-Naughty and New World Order) plotting to take over the US with no planes, no tanks, no ships and apparently no brains either. Yeah, RIGHT.

    • don says:

      You need to wake up and realize rights are never taken away all at once. 9/11 brought about the wonderful organization known as Homeland Security which allows all Americans to be spied on with no recourse. Then we have the wonderful TSA at every airport violating all of our rights by committing illegal search and seizure every time anyone goes to travel by air. Then we find out through Edward Snowden that the NSA has been keeping and logging all phone calls and e-mails on every American except Hillary Clinton since those have mysteriously disappeared. The last few decades have brought an erosion of our freedoms through the laws our elected leaders pass on our behalf because they say we need to protect ourselves. The people in power are collecting more and more power and we keep allowing them to make us, the American people, weaker and weaker as a nation. The political party does not matter anymore because the goals on all sides of the political spectrum are the same. Look at pre WWII Germany and tell me this situation does not look familiar. Our so called leaders are doing the same thing here. Obama and all the lifetime political cronies, including those who are no longer in office but are still active behind the scenes, are actively stripping away our freedoms with our blessings. The illegal immigration is a diversion to keep us looking one way while the people in power work in another direction. Perhaps the legalization of gay marriage is a way to find out who you all are and then you will be known later to the government. Hitler eliminated homosexuals in Germany after he took dictatorial power along with all of the races he considered inferior. If you think I am crazy and paranoid you better read some history because these ideals have never gone away. We are losing the United States to people who are power hungry. Please think about this without anger and emotion and you will see the truth.

      • Paully says:

        And I sincerely believe that coulter is the Irish/American Hitler of the 21st century. I wonder what drives her hate. She is just the kind of ego-maniac who I would fear would start exterminating humans who had different ideas from her own.
        If you look at her credentials you would see that the U.S. educational system is pathetic when it turns out folks like her…maybe her folks paid for her education and her grades or maybe she “laid” for her education and grades. She does seem like some kind of prostitute.


        • Nancy says:

          Paully, you are an anti-intellectual, clueless, stupid person. the illegal Hispanic scum who take our kids education are lazy bottomfeeding scum and by the way, less than 25% of them (that get it free) EVER GRADUATE. it’s a waste of money like everything else they steal.

          • Paully says:

            Anti-intellectual??? Sweet Jesus!!! Your momma must have dropped you head first on a concrete floor…were you born in a prison or something? Hispanic scum or white scum like yourself makes no difference, you shouldn’t talk about your own kind like that. Not only do you make me ashamed to be Caucasian, but also ashamed to be an American who must share not only this country, but this earth with your kind of hateful trash. Are you a Christian? Think not. If you do claim to be Christian, do you and your kind think Jesus would behave as you do?

    • stan j says:

      No one accused Clinton of being a Muslim.

  46. Jonathan Kennedy says:

    When you break the law in this country, you must pay the consequences. This applies to anyone, of any color. When you enter this country illegally, you have broken our laws. This first disregard to our country and its rules is proof to anyone, that these individuals need to be turned around and stand in line behind those entering our country through the LEGAL process. To say and act as if our laws are to be broken because these individuals do not have the decency or honesty prior to entering, is clearly proof that they do not deserve any consideration by our people, our politicians, or our country. Why don’t they instead try and make their own country a better place to live. Have some guts and courage and fight for your rights in your own country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Dave Francis says:

    Among the reports key findings:

    Education for an estimated 32,400 illegal alien students and 80,000 U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, many of whom also required special English-language instruction, costs North Carolina taxpayers nearly $1.3 billion annually. • Medicaid and uncompensated health care for illegal Aliens and their U.S.-born children costs North Carolinians $323 million a year. • Law enforcement and criminal justice costs associated with illegal immigration add about $216 million a year to the state’s tab. Means-tested social welfare services used by U.S.-born children of illegal aliens add $79 million in costs each year • Providing basic government services to illegal alien costs North Carolina taxpayers about $212 million annually. • Illegal aliens pay about $293 million per year in taxes collected by state and local jurisdictions however, that does not offset the outlay resulting in a net annual loss to NC taxpayers of $1.73 billion dollars.

    Child rape cases in Durham (a self-proclaimed sanctuary city) were up 40% in 2013. Report.pdf ). We were not able to check every
    Court calendar, of every county in NC, every day, so the numbers are likely much higher? Sadly, NONE

    There is no way to effectively calculate the costs of illegal alien crime to NC citizens. How do you put a
    dollar figure on someone who is killed by an illegal alien drunk driver? The DWI court cases, of suspected illegal aliens in NC, for 1 month (August 2013), equaled 5,195. In June of 2012 the numbers were 4,583. That is thousands of chances per month for you or a loved one, to be killed by a suspected illegal alien drunk driver ever time you leave your house. ( )

    Too many to count from the list of information delivered from news sources by (Fairus) Federation for American Immigration Reform of vicious crimes. The aliens in these reports were all identified as being in the country illegally, and many of them had come into the hands of law enforcement agencies prior to the crime that is described below, but the alien was not deported or in some cases was deported but reentered the country. Click on the Fairus listed as a demonstration that better prevention of illegal immigration is a public safety issue even though these cases are not representative of the illegal alien population in general. These cases refer to crimes other than terrorism.
    • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates that immigrants (legal and illegal) comprise 20 percent of inmates in prisons and jails. The foreign-born are 15.4 percent of the nation’s adult population. However, DHS has not provided a detailed explanation of how the estimates were generated.
    • under contract to DHS in 2004, Fentress, Inc., reviewed 8.1 million inmate records from state prison systems and 45 large county jails. They found that 22 percent of inmates were foreign-born. But the report did not cover all of the nation’s jails.
    • The 287(g) program and related efforts have found high rates of illegal alien incarceration in some communities. But it is unclear if the communities are representative of the country:
    • Maricopa County, Ariz.: 22 percent of felons are illegal aliens;
    • Lake County, Ill.: 19 percent of jail inmates are illegal aliens;
    • Collier County, Fla.: 20 to 22 percent of jail inmates and arrestees are illegal aliens;
    • Weld County, Colo.: 12.8 to 15.2 percent of those jailed are illegal aliens.
    • DHS states that it has identified 221,000 non-citizens in the nation’s jails. This equals 11 to 15 percent of the jail population. Non-citizens comprise only 8.6 percent of the nation’s total adult population.
    • The Federal Bureau of Prisons reports that 26.4 percent of inmates in federal prisons are non-U.S. citizens. Non-citizens are 8.6 percent of the nation’s adult population. However, federal prisons are not representative of prisons generally or local jails.
    IF you really want to know the number of illegal aliens incarcerated and much more statistics go to “The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration” Learn the truth?

    If you are searching for the abandoned truth and not the rhetoric or propaganda from the GOP establishment or the Democrats, then click on this is unbiased review of legal, non-profit foundation that blatantly tells you the facts about corruption in Federal, state and local government. In many instances this administration and Congress ‘believe they are above the law’, but Judicial Watch carefully examines the law and will take them to court to be held accountable? The American News network, 7/24 cable broadcast offers world wide news, and not the prejudiced, misleading partisan news that has leanings of either Democrats, liberal or even the career Republicans.

    No Copyright:

  48. Dave Francis says:


    When it comes to the facts that potential Presidential candidate Donald Trump initiated in his first address about rapes, here is just an inkling of the truth? Unfortunately in the gloomy corridors of Congress, nobody wants to talk about the truth as they remain dormant in telling the truth, as many are scared for their lucrative jobs in the wealthy donor world. They would be caste out of certain committees and replaced by pro-illegal immigration politicians or repudiated in the hierarchy as Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton, Republican majority Speaker of the House John Boehner, Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the list goes on. They have all failed the American people by selling their favors to big business. Donald Trump will not sell the American people out; he has already spoken out about terrible foreign policy that King Obama has failed to adopt.

    He will renegotiate all the devastating free trade agreement, which have been one-sided for America but very favorable for countries as China, Mexico and now the Pacific Rim nations. There are many other problems scalding our economy, but the most acidic issue that is free flowing thanks to the Obama Administration is illegal alien amnesty. Donald Trump may not have the slippery lying voice of Congress, but he makes up with his pledges, to renew America from the clutches of a downward slide into a Marxist-socialist style world, where a bloated government owns us. He is rough in his speech and doesn’t have the veneer of smooth talking puppets of corporate lobbyists. They pledge so much to the American people, but most of it is rhetoric. The difference of real estate businessman Donald Trump, he doesn’t need the money to succeed, unlike the majority of the other Presidential candidates. The special Interest owns the airwaves, television stations, the press—but they don’t own the peoples voice.
    There is a lost attitude amongst the people of the United States, that certain politicians count on?

    Its no surprise that the media and the politicians; puppets of special interests, pro-illegal alien organizations will release little statistics of the illegal immigration invasion. In North Carolina statistics indicate there were 78 confirmed and probable illegal aliens representing 418 charges of rape against NC children, in just one month! All of these individuals have a court date scheduled for, or were arrested for, child rape in August. This is the tenth month in a row we have been tracking child rape cases in NC. We are approaching 3,000 charges of sex crimes against NC’s children in 10 short months, according to the North Carolinian’s for Immigration Reform and Enforcement. Check their website at I have taken the liberty of copying the statistics, because these facts bear out what Mr. Donald Trump has to state in his opening commencement speech for his presidential run.

    From March 2013- March 2015, there were 5675 child rapes in North Carolina. Child rape in NC has become an epidemic. Since November 2013, NCFIRE has been documenting (monthly) the confirmed and highly probable illegal aliens, who were charged with, and/or had a court date for, child rape, child molestations, sexual assaults and/or indecent liberties w/ a child. Many of the individuals had numerous charges against them meaning, they raped more than one child or raped a single child numerous times.

    A report issued in March of 2014, The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on North Carolinian’s, estimates that about 410,000 illegal aliens resided in the state as of 2013 . In addition, there were about 120,000 anchor babies (U.S. born children of illegal aliens) living in North Carolina who, like other U.S.-born children, may participate in means-tested programs and benefits. These children are U.S. citizens due to the current mis-interpretation of the 14thamendment to the US constitution. They would not being North Carolina if their
    Parents had not violated U.S. immigration laws.

  49. Bob South Florida says:

    Ann Coulter is insignificant in my life and I really don’t give two cents about her opinion. Sorry, but I got better things to do.

  50. Arsene Wenger says:

    For the most part you all sound like a bunch of pig-ignorant racists on this thread

    • chalmers says:

      Thank you….I agree!

    • don says:

      I really appreciate the ignorant name calling. We are people having a discussion about a serious topic and liberals like yourself get too angry to think clearly so the name calling begins. You need to look at the facts instead of buying the hype from our government about how great it is to give our country away to people who do not have the right to be here. Without being a naturalized citizen, having a work visa or being here on a student visa you should not be living here, working here or getting any benefits whatsoever. I do not care who is here illegally or from where they came.

    • Nancy says:

      you must be some illegal bottomfeeding Mexican’s PUPPET

  51. Mike B says:

    Coulter probably hired them for the publicity.
    Her racist hag shtick is getting old and she knows it.

  52. Maria says:

    I know….

  53. Bruce S, says:

    It seems that people do not know what illegal means.

  54. Rattanaporn Phimsri says:

    We should be eternally grateful that slimy right-wing people like Coulter put themselves on display as an example for normal Americans of how NOT to live. Ever since the so-called conservatives began using blacks and Latinos as a convenient whipping boy for all of America’s ills, they started LOSING national elections. It is NO coincidence that the GOP Convention ALWAYS nominates a moderate, softy Republican widely hated by the tea-party types. Pandering to stupid, backwoods evangelicals and Klan-type haters does NOT win nationwide elections, though it DOES in backwards backwaters like Alabama and Mississippi. All this so-called Christian stuff used by the GOP is about as sincere as Johnny Cochran or Sharpton starting an anti-racism organization.

    • Natty Bumppo says:

      Tell us Rattanaporn, whatever the hell your name is and God knows where you came from, what is a normal American? Your ideas certainly don’t represent the America I grew up in, but then my ancestors have been here since 1680. What banana boat dropped you off? I’m sure your ignorance extends to your knowledge of the South so I would beware of bad mouthing Christians in America and especially in Alabama and Mississippi. Please return to wherever you came from.

    • Nancy says:

      rattanaporn, republicans won the last election because of their anti-immigration reform promises (TO STOP IT). per CSPAN they won with 73% of the votes for just that. THAT IS THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND WE WILL WIN NEXT TIME. EVERYTIME OBAMA ISSUES ANOTHER ILLEGAL EXEC ORDER OR GIVES PREFERENCE TO THESE SCUM OVER AMERICAN CITIZENS WE GET FIRED UP. SO EXPECT TO LOSE AGAIN. you are not very bright. also, most of US also don’t agree with anti-lgbt or abortion issues that have no place in politics, so you need to think a little and you are the hateful,clueless and backwards one.

  55. Jackie says:

    To all of my friends who “fear” “the illegals”…unless you were apart of the original inhabitants of America, YOU are illegal. You came here on a ship with NO PAPERS and killed off half a native population with disease. YOU should be deported. If you really want to take America back get back on your ships, give America back to the Native Americans and be done with it.THAT will take care of our “illegal” population.

    • Natty Bumppo says:

      Are you really that ignorant? I live on an Indian reservation, and believe me you don’t want them running the country. Half the population are meth addicts. You have been brainwashed by the leftists that would like to destroy America over crap like this. Obama is a criminal in my eyes because he has not enforced our immigration laws and has defied the constitution. He should be impeached. He hates our country and has done everything in his power to destroy our great country.

      • jackie says:

        No but I know you’re that ignorant to generalize Native Americans as meth addicts. Way to stereotype. You have no right to take anything back that never belonged to you.Talk about a sense of entiltment. YOU should self-deport.

    • Sarah says:

      No, they did not come over on a ship with no papers! Their ancestors did! their ancestors conquered my ancestors! Sad, but true. Now, I’m an American. And I’m proud of my country, warts and all. America has many problems, but it is still where I want to live. And I don’t want to be conquered. All of you folks denigrating Coulter and Trump for speaking out are simply wanting to lash out because you don’t like them. I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, nor with the way they say it. but on the issue of ILLEGAL immigrants, they are correct. Even those immigrants who have a job and pay taxes using false ID’s. They are still ILLEGAL.

  56. ronnie says:

    Everybody say this President has not done anything about the “legal immigrants” crossing the border, but let the record speak for it’s self. This President has deported for legal immigrants then President Bush, and if the GOP leader Speaker Crying man could get his own people to vote on anything but ACA repeal, and vote on, oh I don’t know a bill that would help everybody, perhaps we could move forward

  57. doug says:

    To the people who say unless one is a native American, we are all illegal. That is a bunch of crap meant to confuse any modern day issue. A similar smoke screen to slavery in the US. None of us alive today had a slave or was a slave. Folk are responsible for their actions. Love history and it is imperative to learn and remember, but don’t confuse history as facts relating to actions of people in the present. Also sick of illegals, protesting they have the same rights as citizens. That is crap, illegal is illegal and while most of them are great people, they are still illegal and should not be here. Don’t confuse illegal with meaning Latino either. Way too many people of all origins are here illegally and do not participate in the process to stay here. Understandably they are here to take the money and run, but they are still illegal and like to maneuver to a position of influence and sometimes destructive protesting. It’s not a solvable thing until the employers are severely sanctioned and the public is willing to pay higher prices for many of our goods. And yes some of the illegals are violent criminals and do not belong here at all.

  58. Glenn says:

    What a hateful person Ann Coulter is. Glenn

  59. SC says:

    I would only further suggest that should any of the comments herein include misspelled English words or woefully incorrect grammar and punctuation, we all must, because of their origin, disregard them completely. Such comments — evident by egregious errors of all kinds — have been most probably submitted, in the first place, by illegal immigrants, as some kind of elaborate subterfuge designed to mislead those of us who were born in the USA as correct and proper citizens, and who therefore know no wrong nor are capable of imposing it. And we, those of us naturally born in these United States, pruned from umbilical cords lawfully coiled within one of our fifty glorious States, are truly the only ones on this continent, or even in the world, who count. Isn’t that right? We must not allow these uneducated, illiterate nincompoops, who cannot spell or write a legible sentence, to populate our lands or reproduce their like amongst us — that is, amongst those of us who can actually spell and write whole sentences. Regardless of where they were born, we must actively deport such semiliterates immediately to whatever State will accept them, because clearly they do not understand, nor can they correctly use, the English language, our native tongue. (Um, that’s — “our native tongue” — not exactly “true” either. We are compelled herein to put that odd observation aside in this particular debate, to be debated later in a separate yet related context.)

  60. born again christian says:

    ann coulter says she is a Christian ,that’s a joke ,she is a hate filled racist who spouts hate and division just like fox news and most of there reporters ,they twist what is somewhat true to make it to a lie she is a racist like shawn Hannity on fox news ,who the hell would pay to read the trash she is promoting ,how about get a real job and support yourself b—– .

    • Nancy says:

      born again fool, Ann doesn’t twist anything. if you are such a Christian, here are the facts from the bible. 1-don’t go where you don’t belong, 2-don’t take what isn’t yours, 3-don’t be a burden to anyone. THERE’S THE RULE OF THE BIBLE AND CHRIST, SO SHUT THE EFF UP, STUPID.

      • Paully says:

        Yeah nancy, you’re a Christian like the members of the KKK call themselves Christians. What a POS you are!!! REALLY GIRL…take some exlax and get some relief from all the SH*T (HATE) in your system. Send some of that exlax to coulter and trump. Good God, you people could open a fertilizer factory and the three of you would be all it would take…except for a few MEXICANS who can keep your exlax levels high enough so you can keep producing what you produce best. Hell nancy, those weren’t kids you thought you were delivering…it was CRAP!!!

  61. Jezabelle says:

    Anne Coulter is a pathetic excuse for a human being and Donald Trump is a blowhard without a legitimate political leg to stand on. Anyone who falls for these lying liar’s spurious attempts at garnering publicity has cotton for brains. Anne spews her venom wherever she goes. Evidently she has a great deal of pent up rage and feelings of powerlessness. Those who agree with her brand of toxic political blathering are themselves pathetic human beings with a great deal of pent up rage and feelings of powerlessness. Anne should use her time seeing a therapist about her feelings of rage and powerlessness instead of inflicting her psychotic rantings on others. And her followers would do well to do likewise. They would do us all a favor by no longer muddying the political waters with unfounded, idiotic, lunatic ravings “full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.”

    • don says:

      You kind of sound angry and powerless. Have you listened to the rhetoric of the democratic side. Check out what the Democrats say about Caucasians. If any light white person said the same things about anyone of color they would be hanged from the nearest liberal newspaper flagpole. Wait a moment, they already do that.

  62. Genoveva M. Gonzalez says:

    Okay scarred white people. I hope the country gets many more latinos more Mexicans and more South American, Central American people. to do the jobs stuck up whites will not do. I receive welfare and have 8 children by six different papas. so what! I have babies from two white men who don’t pay me support. I am pregnant now by a black man and I love Obama my obamacare. its free and its fun. I buy all the best foods for my kids and me and I pay with my ebt card. so what. all my family are on help by food stamps and our healthcare is free and our rent is free too. I really love it. This white lady is just jealous because she is a bittch and jealous. is she like Catlinn jenner? I know this lady is a not really a woman she has a big adam apples. Proud to be Mexican getting my free stuff and proud to be a pregnant loving Mexican mother! don’t be mad whites!

    • glenn says:

      Genoveva, I don’t think you are for real. Troll perhaps?

    • keith goodman says:

      sounds like a typical trashy female

    • Nancy says:

      what a piece of worthless, SICK, bottomfeeding, lazy bitch you are. are you worth 8 million and trying to help the American people just because it’s the right, TRUE and honorable thing to do. HELL NO. you are nothing but a baby maker and a burden on society AND YOU’RE PROUD OF IT. DISGUSTING. I can assure you she isn’t jealous of you or anyone like you. you are an unproductive and sickening typical Mexican horror who needs to be deported. no one would want you in their country.

  63. Dean Prescott says:

    Good Lord this is the best publicity Ann Coulter could ever get. I can see her smug little mug smiling and trying not to laugh because she thinks they played right into her hands. She’s probably licking her lips. Why can’t she just go away?

  64. keith goodman says:

    all illegal immigrants need to be rounded up and the ones whom commited crimes, spend time with Bubba and the shipped back to the country of origin along with the rest and banned from entering the U.S. of A.. to the curb with the criminals.

    • glenn says:

      There is a sickness in the land. Of course, I don’t even know if you’re form the land. It is getting easy to mistrust all extreme internet comments. Glenn

      • keith goodman says:

        sure nough am. 100% American. born and raised. served in the U.S. Army. Field Artillery.

  65. keith goodman says:

    Donald Trump, the next President of the United States of America!! HOOAH!!

  66. G, Asmundson says:

    It amazes me that the Liberal left is so anxious to dilute the wealth of our taxpayers by encouraging illegal immigration. I respect that legal immigration is a good thing, but those that think they can disrespect our laws of orderly process are not worthy of living amongst us in this country. Of course if you disagree with these left wing extremists, they resort to character assassination as they have no valid argument. No country tolerates the illegal unregulated immigration we have into our country, especially Mexico! It would be better that they use the activism they demonstrated against Ann Coulter to improve living standards and freedom in their home countries, rather than try cash in on the hard work of generations of legal residents and citizens who built this nation. These demonstrators obviously lack the character to do this as is evidenced by their being here!

  67. Freeman says:


  68. GodVox says:


  69. tombraider says:

    Is what the border crossers doing illegal or not? Enforce the laws or change the laws. It is not Obamas decision to make.

  70. Rick says:

    Ann Coulter is a mean spirited bitch and a miserable excuse for a person. That overrides any view she expresses of anything, so why bother?

  71. Chad says:

    I only have one question!

    Where was INS to arrest and deport the admitted “illegals”

  72. rafael says:

    the thing that’s being missed here regardless where you stand on the issue.this lady is a conman she could care less about the issue.she puts these hate books out all the nut job far right crazies buy them .all the far left crazies come out and give her free press.she puts the money in her bank and probably has a nice house full of illegal workers. wake up people you bunch of sheep

  73. george szejner says:

    Illegal immigrants, as human beings, have same right to seek freedom as legal immigrants. The reason for it is obvious. I explain it on my example. After the II World War, in Poland, my family was killed and I was left orphaned and homeless. The families of other teens faired much better. They could easily afford to get visa and pay for a trip to Argentina. I didn’t. I will never accept, what Ann Coulter says, that my richer peers had more right to seek freedom than I did.

    I entered Argentina illegally, and that country did not hold it against me. For which I am always grateful.

    Yet there is something obscene when groups of foreigners appear from nowhere in American towns and rowdily demand same benefits as Americans have. Perhaps Anne Coulter was referring to that.

    The only benefit an illegal immigrant has the right to expect in a freedom loving country is the right to work and drive. (And have family visit him or her legally and temporarily)_. That’s what I got in the sixties in Argentina. There should be no right to social benefits or to citizenship.

  74. Paully says:

    Seeing as how coulter is an Irish surname–I wonder if the loud mouthed bigot ever thought about how her ancestors, the Irish, were treated when they came to the U.S. Well, as history tells it, they were treated a little worse than the…to use a common catch-all misnomer, “the Mexicans”. Maybe they had good reason to hate the Irish. I mean, after all, as urban legend/fact has it, they were a bunch of loud mouthed drunks who were dirty and lazy wife beaters–commonly known as the “Shanty Irish”. Even coulter has been able to rise above her lowly ancestry…only God knows how, to be become one of the most embarrassing icons of the ignorant right-wing minority in the country.

  75. mike says:

    ann loves to stir the c rap and what better way to make money, just talk bad about the mexicans and all hell will break loose.

  76. DONNA TRENT says:


  77. Mary says:

    Plain and simple the word here is ILLEGAL.

  78. stan j says:

    Brownshirt tactics worked well in Germany why not in America! It fits in well with the current fascist regime in control of Washington.

  79. Gary Manning says:

    What happen to Bushes big multi million dollars spent on thee wall between US and Mexico….. The Right screwed up.

  80. jay gardner says:

    Just look at the people protesting. What a bunch of loosers. Really look at these people.

  81. White Crow says:

    And…yet no mention of population control??? Can the planet sustain unlimited breeding and absorb more and more into the unsustainable western lifestyle? I think not so let’s stop pretending that we can turn our back on the production of more and more people on an already straining ecosystem.

  82. Ignorance is Bliss says:

    Hmmm. I have yet to meet anyone who’s ancestors didn’t immigrate to the U.S. at one time or another. Many in the past brought disease, rodents and can you believe it, were criminals. Others fought bigotry, worked hard, built a foundation and here we are today. So many claim that Mexicans are the problem but they are not looking within. Do you know how many serial killers, pedophiles, Scam artists/Ann Coulter, drug users/sellers, welfare recipients, rapists, racists have been here in the U.S. long before the Mexicans. Every nationality has its trash. I’m noticing its only we here in the U.S. that love to play holier than thou. I’m sure Mexicans didn’t cause you to drop out of school and blame every other nationality for all the things that have gone wrong in your life. Next week it will be the Asians because they’re just to smart for everybody else to keep up with. (Oh my god one of you probably just gave that serious thought) Go and stand in front of your mirror. Now who do you see looking back at you? Is it a Mexican? No its just you. You have just found the true source of the problem.

    • Nancy says:

      a lot of Asians are immigrating but they do it legally and take care of themselves the way all other immigrant groups did. if you can read, (someone probably typed this for you)you should try getting the facts about the lazy, lying, thieving, cheating, criminal bottomfeeding Mexicans and other Hispanics. if they have $1000,s to get here, they can take care of themselves at home. also, it only cost about $1000 to come here legally so they are all complicit in their illegal activities to come here and get a free ride.

  83. Larry says:

    Go Ann Coulter!!! She is right on point. I think most legal residents of the USA and including legal resident Mexican americans support her position. And if congress worked for the common American they would clean the illegal immigration problem up and close the border. Then create a legal way for immigrants to come to this country

  84. susie says:

    Punky! I mean paulty! You moron! The Irish like other immigrants came here LEGALLY! The illegals that protested are self proclaimed illegals.
    They tried to deny Coulter of her constitutional right of free speech. Mexico is glad to get rid of their “trash” by shipping it to the U.S.
    Where else in the world could “illegal immigrants” protest & wave a flag of a foreign nation! Note yesterday the shooting of an American by an “illegal 5 time deported immigrant” with a long felony record. That’s
    what Trump & Coulter are talking about. “adios America”.The

    • Paully says:

      Susie, you’re just another dumb assed bitch. You don’t know JACK about what the immigration status was of the Irish (who were hated in the beginning). No one tried to deny coulter (another dumb assed bitch…like you) her right to free speech, they were simply protesting peacefully AND NO PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY KNOWS WHAT EACH PERSON’S IMMIGRATION STATUS IS, THAT WAS AT THIS PROTEST. Like you, some dumb ass on the radio or FUX Cable just decided to make sh*t up as they go along for the benefit of getting the tea potty/republicunts all fired up. Jeez, you dumb POS, will getting rid of Hispanic people stop the murders in this country? Most of these murders are committed by WHITE FOLKS, who, no doubt are of the same ilk as you…you remember that little POS white trash who murdered those folks in the S.C. church. I’m sure you just overlook that kind of thing because the boy is probably one of your relatives. ES&D you trailer trash reject.

  85. Greg says:

    Ann Coulter is right on and very courageous to speak the truth, something most in the Media and the Government are afraid to speak. We are not all Illegal Aliens, my Great Grandparents came into this country legally and they knew they had to learn English to prosper in their new country. They became Americans, not some hyphenated American. We have immigration laws and if you came hear illegally that makes you a lawbreaker, you are here illegally, an illegal alien. You should have no rights whatsoever, rights are reserved for American Citizens.

  86. Angel says:

    Wait. She’s “making all immigrants look like criminals”?? Illegal immigrants ARE criminals! The Europeans who came here did not come here illegally! I hope Ann Coulter’s book FLIES off the shelves now! Why do illegals have the right to rip up her book and PROTEST! They need to be arrested, just like any LEGAL Americans would be if we pulled a stunt like this. Freedom of speech indeed. Sheesh.

  87. Ignorance is Bliss says:

    Mancy, I’m sorry, I mean Nancy. Did your husband leave you for a Democratic, Hispanic, etc.? I see how you jump from article to article
    trying to piss people off about one topic or another. I’m sorry things aren’t going so well for you right now. I mean truthfully the Trumps and Coulters of the world would rather spit in your face than waste their time giving a shit about what you need, want or think. You will however supply them with what they need which is book sales, publicity and votes. Weaker minds attract (Nancy’s) I mean weaker minds. Remember how ever God loves you. YEE HAW

  88. Carol Harmon says:

    There is so much to say with all that is going on. The first and most important thing is that I have just finished reading another book “The Start, your life, your future” and EVERYONE OF YOU should read it!!!! With that said, ALL COUNTRIES HAVE GOOD PEOPLE!!!! ALL COUNTRIES ALSO HAVE BAD PEOPLE. In America, when a convicted felon is allowed to walk the streets of a town and commit murder by the town’s leaders, then there is something really bad and really wrong with that place. If the felon is also a person who did not come into America legally, then that makes things even worse, not only for the town and the people that live there, but for ALL Americans. In most places, felons are put in prison. For a felon that doesn’t belong here in America to be allowed to stay here so that he can commit more crimes and even kill a girl in broad daylight in a busy place is even more insane. When someone acknowledges that there are many people that crossed the border to come here, and that a lot of them are here illegally to do illegal activities, that doesn’t make the person saying that a bad person. There are a lot of people that are good people that originally came here to make a better life for themselves, and they have done that. There are an awful lot of people from Mexico that are here illegally, but they have been productive and have been good people for America. But there are also many people that crossed the border to make money, even if that meant causing harm (in some instances, great harm and even murder). Those people need to be punished for their crimes and put in a place where they cannot continue to cause harm. And the many good people that came here not to cause harm need to be given a chance to do things that will make them officially American CITIZENS. This is not easy thing to make happen because of all the various political people with power. But things need to change and improve here in America as soon as politically possible. And the many children of “illegals” that weren’t born here in America, but have never even been to their birth country need to be given a BIG BREAK, for in reality, they too are as AMERICAN as every one else because our AMERICA is all that they know and have known!!!! Give them official citizenship and make those children what they technically already are, which is AMERICANS!!!! That should be a priority for all politicians that claim that they want to do the right thing. WELL DO IT!!!! MAKE THOSE AMERICAN (raised) KIDS OFFICIALLY AMERICANS!!!! May the POWER OF GOOD BLESS ALL OF US ON THIS FOURTH OF JULY HOLIDAY!!!! And to find out about the POWER OF GOOD, read The Start, your life, your future, from cover to cover!!!!

  89. jjaazzeek says:

    Don’t all the Ann Coulter haters know that free speech is allowed?. If you allow people’s voices to be stifled, you could be next. also what happened to tolerance for other peoples opinions?

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