Alicia Walicke Wine: Texas Woman Steals Cheap Wine To See Boyfriend In Jail

August 16, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Alicia Walicke Wine

Alicia Walicke wine theft had something to do with love. Walicke was arrested after stealing a bottle of cheap wine worth $3.99 in order to be with her jailed boyfriend. According to the police report, Miss Alicia Walicke stole the bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 at a gas station. She drank it as the clerks looked on and waited for the cops to arrive. Walicke told authorities she wanted to be in jail with her lover because it was her fault he got arrested few hours earlier.

Alicia Walicke wine story is so romantic, it will some people cry.

On Wednesday evening, a young Texas woman by the name of Alicia Walicke walked into a Shell gas station located on Whitestone Blvd and stole a bottle of Mogen David 20/20 wine better known as Mad Dog 20/20, which costs $3.99.

The 21-year-old walked out of the store, stood near the door and started drinking the cheap flavored fortified wine as the clerks looked on and were calling the cops.

When police arrived at the Cedar Park gas station, Walicke was very happy to see them, and not because she was drunk after sipping the bum wine, but because she was eager to go to jail.

Alicia told the police officers that she snatched the twist-cap wine in order to go spend the night with her jailed boyfriend.

The lady revealed that because of her, few hours earlier the man of her life was arrested and thrown in the Williamson County Jail.

The authorities made her dream come true by charging her with misdemeanor theft and locking her up at the county jail for two days.

The $3.99 wine thief was released on Friday on a $5,000 bond. Police in Cedar Park have refused to give the name of the bad boy lover.

They do not want to say whether or not the Bonnie and Clyde wannabees stayed in the same cell.

While Walicke may have stolen the bottle of wine out of love, the other previous thefts were not for fun.

Walicke has a long rap sheet, which includes two previous convictions for theft and assault.

In March, Walicke who was high on drugs made several suicidal threats when officers tried to get her to a hospital, she fought with them.


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