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June 28, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More


Wearing a metallic gold jumpsuit, flowing sandy hair, and perfect makeup, Miss Jenner opted to accessorize her look with her most prized possession – the gold medal she won at the 1976 Olympics.

At the 1976 Summer Olympics, which took place in Canada, Jenner was among the 40 gold medal winners. Jenner, who was known as Bruce, set a world record in the decathlon event and went on to become an American hero. The Olympian was featured on cereal boxes and appeared in ads and movies.

This is the first time Jenner has decided to wear her medal in the past 40 years. On her reality series, I am Cait; she explained that she kept the precious bling in a nail drawer and would only pull it out to show her children and grandchildren.

The motivational speaker did a lengthy interview with the publication where she talked about the difference between being an activist and an athlete. She said:

“Sports. It’s not real life. You go out there, you work hard, you train your ass off, win the Games. I’m very proud of that part of my life. And it’s not like I just want to throw it out. It’s part of who I am. What I’m dealing with now, this is about who you are as a human being. What did I do for the world in 1976, besides maybe getting a few people to exercise a little bit? I didn’t make a difference in the world.”

The former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star confessed that she hated her former body:

“It disgusted me. I was big and thick and masculine. The rest of the world thought it was this Greek god kind of body. I hated it. But it’s what I was given, so I just tried to do the best I could with it.”

On Bruce, she stated:

“I loved Bruce… I still love him today. I like what he did and the way he set an example for hard work and dedication. I’m proud of that part of my life. But this woman was living inside me, all my life, and it reached the point where I had to let her live and put Bruce inside. And I am happier, these last 12 months, than I’ve ever been in my life.”

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