50 Cent Kim Kardashian Comment Will Please Kanye West

June 19, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

50 Cent Kim Kardashian

50 Cent Kim K comment will make Kanye West smile. Is 50 Cent trying to start an internet beef with Kanye West and Jay Z by talking about their respective wives Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé?

Rapper 50 Cent appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” where he talked about the rumors that he slept with Kim Kardashian.
During the interview he also spoke about a fight he had with Beyoncé and slammed her husband Jay Z for being overrated.

On Wednesday rap star and businessman 50 Cent who is currently promoting his new album Animal Ambition was a guest on Watch “What Happens Live” where he was asked some interesting questions by host Andy Cohen while playing Plead the Fifth (this controversial game always lands the celebrity in trouble.)

The 38-year-old entrepreneur was asked more details about the fight he had with Beyoncé at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas during a New Year’s Eve party.

The “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” artist said he did not really mind being yelled at by Beyoncé because he breath does not smell.

50 Cent whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III said:

“It’s not really bad, like her breath doesn’t smell.But it’s one of those things, like the paparazzi were taking pictures of us at the same time, so there’s not really a right way to respond. You’ve just got to accept it. You’ve just got to have an expression on your face like, ‘What’s the matter with you?'”

The Caught in the Crossfire actor went on to take a dig at Beyonce who was filmed standing next to her husband Jay Z being kicked and spit on by his sister-in-law Solange in an elevator:

“It’s like if you’re in an elevator and you’re attacked, you can’t do nothing.”

50 Cent who is trying to start a new beef with Jay Z went on to add that he is the most overrated musician in the game.

“He would say he was overrated. Rather be overrated than underpaid.”

The “Casualties of War” rapper was asked about his rumored relationship with Kanye West’s new wife Kim Kardashian.

The Escape Plan star confessed that while he did take few pictures with Kardashian at the Australia 2008 MTV Awards nothing never happened.

Mr West must feel relieved right now.


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