Zebra Attacks Man In White County, Arkansas, Pet Zebra Owner Hospitalized

March 16, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A zebra attacks man in White County, Arkansas and story goes viral. On March 15, police officers were called to a home in White County after an unnamed man was attacked by his pet zebra. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is said to be in serious condition.

zebra attacks man white county

Zebra attacks man, White County residents are shocked. Arkansas residents and now the world are stunned at the headline “zebra attacks man in White County.”

According to The Inquisitr, on Sunday night, Searcy Police Department officers were called to a home located in White County for an incident involving a zebra.

The police would not give any details on what kind of injuries the man sustained. According to Cpl. Steve Hernandez, a man, whose identity has not been revealed, was taken to White County Medical Center after he was brutally attacked by the zebra that he owned.

The zebra owner was later transferred to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock where he is listed in serious condition. Since the zebra belongs to the victim, police say they will take no legal action.

It is not known if the animal will be removed from the home. Zebras have attacked or even killed people in the past, but in most of those tragic cases, the incident involved a zookeeper.

On Nov. 18, 2013, Wayne Millner, a zookeeper at the National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C., was mauled by a zebra that left him in the hospital for several weeks.

The former zookeeper accepted responsibility for the zebra attack at the National Zoo that put him in the hospital for two weeks in 2013. The man accidentally left a gate open and a zebra entered; the animal kicked and bit him multiple times.

Unlike dogs, zebras do not sink their teeth in the flesh, they rip it apart. Millner was bitten six times and the wild creature tore the upper portion of his ear and it required several surgeries for doctors at the George Washington University Hospital to save it. Millner explained:

“He bit my ear first, then I put my hand up… and he took out the tendon in my finger.”

While Millner survived that zebra attack, a young gazelle was not so lucky. Millner, who worked at the zoo for 20 years retired after the attack, but he is not angry at the animal that just wanted to play.

Three years prior, Anne Mhidza, 40, from Marondera, Zimbabwe was attacked by a zebra that she owned. Mhidza stated that for an unknown reason, the domesticated mammal chased her across a field near her home before charging at her and biting her chest. The animal lover stated:

“I managed to run for about 40 meters but it caught up with me. It pounced on my chest, biting off part of my breast. While I was calling out for help I tried to force open its mouth using my hands and it bit off my thumb.”

Ms Mhidza was rushed to the hospital after the gruesome attack. Talking to local media, she explained that she had the zebra for more than 10 years. Her family took the animal after its mother abandoned it and raised it alongside their herd of cattle.

She said that the zebra had always been docile, until it turned on her after she stepped in to stop it from attacking a cow. She shared:

“We were shocked last week when the zebra bit one of the cows in the hind quarters as they were grazing, the cow later died. On Sunday last week, it attacked another cow. Instinctively, I threw a brick at it.”

Worried neighbors, who saw the attack, managed to scare the animal away after the incident. Wildlife officials later arrived at the scene and killed it. Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management spokeswoman Caroline Washaya-Moyo explained that it was crazy to try to domesticate a wild animal.

Zebra attacks man and reminds the world that all animals do not need to be domesticated. What are your thoughts on the Arkansas zebra attack?


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