WWE Star Kevin Nash Arrested: Family Brawl In Florida Lead Battery Charge

December 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

WWE star Nash arrested on Christmas Eve after he assaulted his teenage son. Professional wrestler Kevin Nash was arrested in his Florida home after fighting with son, Tristen Nash. Tristen Nash, who was drunk during the brawl, was also arrested and faces charges of misdemeanor first degree battery.

WWE star Nash arrested

WWE star Nash arrested in his Florida home, early Christmas Eve, after using some of his famous wrestling moves on his drunken son. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, they were called to Kevin Nash‘s residence twice just after midnight.

The person, who made the 911 call, reported a fight between Kevin Nash and his 18-year-old son, Tristen Nash. From there on, it is a case of he said, and he said.

Tristen Nash, an aspiring singer, claimed that he arrived home and his father made some harsh comments about his girlfriend, and the fact that he was intoxicated.

The 6’5″, 200-pound teen, told authorities that his father held his throat with one hand, grabbed his right shoulder with his other hand, and forced him down to the ground.

The 55-year-old WWE star held him down on the ground by his chest, making it hard for him to breathe. He also told police that he dad struck the back of his head causing him to pass out.

Kevin Nash sang a different tune prior to his arrest. The older Nash explained that his son started the fight, by spitting on him, and striking him with his shoulder and elbow.

According to the 6’10”, 277-pound legendary wrestler, he was forced to pin his child to the floor because he tried to hit his mother, Tamara Nash. Tamara Nash spoke to the police and confirmed that she did indeed fear for her life. According to the police report:

“Mrs Nash was in fear due to past physical altercations between her and her son.Tamara Nash expressed concern that her son, Tristen, would destroy the house and possibly become physically abusive towards her if they both stayed at the residence.”

Tamara Nash’s brother, Jerry McMichael, also got in a fight with his nephew, who tried on numerous occasions to hit his mother. McMichael is the one, who called the police the second time, yet refused to cooperate with investigators.

Both father and son, were arrested and charged with simple battery-domestic violence. They were rapidly released and refused to comment on the story.

The WWE has announced that they are immediately suspending Nash until this domestic dispute is resolved.


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