Woman swims after cruise ship and becomes an Internet star

March 30, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A British woman swims after a cruise ship hoping to find her husband, and the story goes viral. According to Portugal police, Susan Brown claimed that after fighting with her husband on a cruise ship, they decided to annul the trip, catch a plane, and head back home – but when she was unable to locate her spouse at the airport, she decided to swim after their ship to find him.

Woman swims after cruise ship

A woman swims after a cruise ship hoping to find her husband after a lovers’ quarrel, and the story makes headlines, causing laughter and a bit of sympathy.

This weekend, a 65-year-old British woman by the name of Susan Brown, was saved by fishermen after four hours in the sea off the Portugal’s Madeira Islands coast.

Fishermen found the drenched woman, clinching to her handbag at around midnight in the Atlantic on Saturday. The sea temperature was 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit), according to the police.

The woman was in the water hoping to catch the Marco Polo, a cruise ship, which had stopped for a day in Madeira. Mrs. Brown told police that she was aboard the vessel with her husband and they had a fight. The couple decided to shorten the little voyage and catch a plane back to England.

However, while at Funchal airport, she lost sight of her spouse and assumed he had returned to the cruise ship. The woman said she was “feeling desperate,” which is why she jumped into the ocean and swam as if her marriage depended on it. Felix Marques, the harbor captain at Madeira’s Funchal port, said:

“She said she had tried to swim out to the ship from an area by the seaside airport when she saw it sailing out of Funchal in the evening, thinking that her husband might have been on board.”

As it turned out, the husband was never on the ship, as planned, he boarded a plane and landed back home in Bristol, England. It appears that he was not worried that his wife was not on the flight with him.

The woman was rushed to a hospital with advanced hypothermia and was later moved to a psychiatric ward – there is no word on the husband or the status of her marriage.

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