Woman Sticks Hand In Lion Cage: Woman Loses Finger, Now Suing Zoo

August 1, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Woman Sticks Hand In Lion Cage

Woman sticks hand in lion cage and is surprised that the animal bit off her finger. A Michigan woman by name of Renae Ferguson, sticks her right hand in a lion cage, while visiting Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park and has her middle finger ripped off. Ferguson blames the zookeeper for the accident. The woman plans to sue the zoo for letting her get too close to the lion cage.

Here is a story you don’t hear everyday, woman sticks hand in lion cage and is in complete shock that the wild animal bit it.

On Saturday, Renae Ferguson visited the Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park near East Tawas in Michigan with her daughter Tina Dobson, where they apparently met a very friendly zookeeper.

According to Ferguson, she asked the female worker if she could get inside the lion’s cage to see the animal closer and to pet it.

The zoo worker allowed the mother and daughter in the cage and when she attempted to touch the beast with her right hand, it bit her.

The lion bit off the top portion of the woman’s middle finger. Talking to the media, Ferguson said she was stunned when the lion attacked and was in complete shock to see a piece of her finger on the ground.

As for Tina Dobson, she was traumatized to see the bones sticking out of the finger, as her mother was bleeding and screaming due to the pain.

Ferguson shared that she was rapidly contacted by the Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park owners, who told her not talk about the incident to the authorities and the media.

She decided to speak out because she plans to sue, make a fortune and ensure this does not happen to other visitors of the zoo.

Things do not look too good for Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park, which stated that the woman was never authorized to get in the cage.

The owners of the park had scheduled a press conference for Wednesday to explain what really happened, but that has been cancelled.

The company has lawyered up an has stopped talking to the media.


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  1. Kamal says:

    How dumb can you get?

  2. steve says:

    you should be thrown out of court wow your family must be so proud of you what did you think would happen the american way sue sue sue yeah now you dont need to work your embarassing

  3. Mike Pryce says:

    This woman should have put her head in the cage. Sue to zoo for being stupid. Is she related to the woman who spilled coffee on herself or anyone from that jury? They are all STUPID. Like Forest Gump says stupid is stupid does.

    • giggles says:

      lol this is not funny but when you think of her being that stupid,,omg i cant stop laughing…..omg my 3 year old is more cautious….omg you cant ake this up…..

    • Zerothe says:

      I’m guessing you didn’t see the documentary film on HBO about the woman who spilled the coffee. They showed a pretty graphic picture of her burns. Anyway compairing the 2 is pointless because a lion can do a little more damage then a cup of coffee can.

      • ryukash says:

        Don’t put hot stuff between your legs. Should I sue the company that made my microwave because when I grab stuff from it, I sometimes burn my fingers? Yes McDonald’s coffee shouldn’t have been that hot; however, the lady shouldn’t’ have put it between her legs.

  4. Susan says:

    How stupid can a grown woman be? This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. When a child does something like this that is one thing, they are not an adult with grown up brains, but a grown woman? Come On!! She is just looking for a way to earn some easy money. I sure hope she doesn’t!! Cannot believe her stupidity

  5. lee,lee says:

    what an idiot!
    They should sue her!
    Nothing but a greedy woman who thought this would be a good way to make money. It’s just ” MY LITTLE OLD finger.”

  6. St says:

    I’m suing Taco Bell. I ate their tacos and now I have the squirts.

  7. giggles says:

    lol i just cant stop laughing a how stupid she was to do that, now she wanna blame the attendant..omg you cant make this up…omg i would be shame to show my face….

  8. JOanna says:

    I have no words. Lady YOU ARE EMBARRASMENT TO ALL OF US. I hope she will meet Judge with sufficient amount of common sense, who will put the end of this idiocy.

  9. crazydiamonds says:

    She decided to speak out because she plans to sue, make a fortune and ensure this does not happen to other visitors of the zoo…..THAT says it all. She doesn’t have to ensure visitors won’t have that happen again because most SANE adults KNOW BETTER. Suffer the consequences of your bright “get rich quick” idea. Hope it was worth it you idiot and may you LOSE DRASTICALLY in court.

    • RaZeR says:

      Did you read the article? A zoo worker actually LET HER IN to the Lions pen….

      The zoo is screwed because of that, this lady is as good a rich already.

  10. scumbuster says:

    Throw the stooooooooooooopid bytch in the cage and allow the lion to have at her.

  11. OneBornEveryday says:

    A dumb one born everyday. Even dumber is some attorney willing to take the case??

  12. Zerothe says:

    Classic line from The Thing remake. You gotta be fuckin kidding.

  13. ainokea says:

    That would be too cruel to the lion. It might make him sick. He apparently didn’t like the taste of the finger as the article said she saw if lying on the ground.

  14. RaZeR says:

    Like most of you, I feel this lady is a complete and utter moron, and doesn’t deserve a rusty penny.

    However, she WILL win her lawsuit and become stupid rich, and Ill tell you why…..That idiot worker let her and her kid into a typically restricted area(well I assume its restricted). That worker cost that zoo MILLIONS. The Zoo will probably be able to get some of it back from that worker, but no zoo worker is just sitting on a few million.

    The zoo is screwed and this ladies utter stupidity will make her filthy rich. Wish I get could get rich by being a dumbshit.

    • RaZeR says:

      The zoo worker….Let the lady into the freaking cage?

      What kind of IDIOT just lets a zoo visitor into the cage of a predatory animal? It blows my mind!

  15. Valeria says:

    Considering that was a full grown lion, she should just be glad she got to keep her entire hand. “Ooh, look at the nice kitty, can I pet it? Can I–OW! Kitty bit me! I’ll sue!”

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