Woman In Seal Pool: Bikini-clad Lady Sneaks Into Seal Pool For Pics

August 7, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Woman Seal Pool

Woman swims in the seal pool at a German zoo and story goes viral. A mysterious woman was caught by another visitor, in the seal pool as her boyfriend took pictures. The woman who is apparently English or American, wore a green bikini during her pool excursion with the seal. Officials at the zoo have released few images of the woman hoping that someone will contact them with information on her identity.

Saturday evening a brave woman and her boyfriend/husband snuck into the Berlin Zoological Garden in Hardenbergplatz, Germany and took a dip in the seal pool.

The incident happened at around 8:30 PM, the zoo closes around 8 PM.

According to a person who witnessed and took several pictures of the strange scene, the lady who might be British or American was accompanied by a male wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

The lovers looked like campers because they were carrying camping gear. The man placed his index finger on his mouth as a sign to tell the witness don’t say anything.

The English speaking individual who had a large tattoo on her left shoulder disrobed herself and dived in the seal pool.

The unknown woman who was wearing a green bikini top and black bottom swam and played with the two young seals named Gloria and Grania who arrived at the zoo last year.

She posed for pictures in the water and on the edge of the pool.

Zoo officials have released couple of pictures of the woman swimming in the pool with the seals hoping that someone will come forward with information.

Ragnar Kuehne, a zoo manager, said that they were not able to apprehend the tourists but if they did they would have turned them over to the police for trespassing.

According to Kuehne, what the lady did was very silly and dangerous because she could have gotten attacked by the seals.

Thank goodness the woman decided to go swim with the seals and not with the sharks.

Woman sneaks into seal pool in Berlin, some say it is hot. What do you think?


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  1. Louvenia says:

    FOOL! Don’t give a damn about her but she has endangered the captive animals. Prosecute her!

  2. Observant says:

    I think, by the characteristics of her face and her eyes, that she is German.

  3. Natalie says:

    Hilarious, but oh so dirty the water!

  4. E says:

    i say let people do whatever the fu*k it is theyd like to do without putting every little thing all over the goddamn internet.

    • AR says:

      I second that. Also, who’s going to turn over on a girl just because she swam with some seals? It’s sad, the Nazi mentality is strong still. It wasn’t just about race. Those motherfuckers were crazy.

    • elainehawk50 says:

      you are not too bright are you???!!

  5. Ernie says:

    WHO CARES!!!! Will this stupid news just go away!

  6. c3033 says:

    Dirty Hippies….this article should be celebrating the fact that she actually bathed in something…

    • AR says:

      You don’t even know what a hippie is. It’s probably what your mom and dad is and you don’t even know it.

  7. Zach says:

    Seal, it’s what’s for dinner.

    Seal. The other, other, other white meat.

    What did the Eskimo say to the baby seal? We be clubbin’.

  8. Skylar Davis says:

    It is tresspassing, so for that she should be prosecuted, if not, then it will encourage other people to do it, until some creature or human gets hurt. Common sense needs to prevail.

  9. Lucy says:

    Think of the human contamination to the seals water. We sure do not want our seals becoming ill because humans got in the water.

    How inconsiderate of the humans. They need to pay damages and cleanup.

    • Katherine369 says:

      The filth of humans , combined with contamination of the seals water, was my first thought!! Extremely stupid , ignorant, and just plain STUPID! Shame on you!!!!

  10. elainehawk50 says:

    Stupid woman should be fined and jailed, she isn’t smart enough to realize she could get a bacterial infection from swimming in seal piss and poop!

  11. Sawher says:

    She is totally hot.

  12. i heart ny says:

    She doesn’t look like an American lady, she looks like a balding, American man.

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