Woman Fast-food Worker $10,000 Coat: Cheryl Semien Handed $10K Coat On Her Birthday

December 22, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

The “woman fast-food worker $10,000 coat” story has gone viral. It is; indeed, the season for giving, which would explain why a woman identified as Nadine, decided to give a fast food worker named Cheryl Semien, a Mink coat valued at $10,000, via a drive-thru window, just because she received a nice compliment. Believe it or not, the fast food worker, who is employed at a Whataburger in Texas, was given the coat on her birthday.

woman fast-food worker $10,000 coat

The headline, “woman fast-food worker $10,000 coat,” has gone viral and the full story will restore some of your faith in humanity. On December 17th, at around 10 AM, Cheryl Semien was taking the order of a lady via the drive-thru window.

The fast food worker noticed that the customer was wearing a luxurious grey Mink coat.

Semien complimented the woman by saying, “what a beautiful coat.” The lady did not hesitate, removed the pricey coat, and gave it to the worker through the window.

Semien, who was celebrating her birthday, was shocked and ecstatic by the woman’s generosity. Talking to local media, the fast food worker, who has been employed at Whataburger on US 90 in Liberty for the past 9 years, explained that it was the first time that she met the generous lady. The worker confessed:

“She was a perfect stranger, I didn’t know this lady from nowhere.I didn’t see her come through my drive-thru window as long as I’ve been at Whataburger”.

She went on to add that God moved the woman’s heart to make the amazing donation:

“God watches you. God is watching every step you make.”

The woman, who gave the fast food worker the $10,000 coat, was very reluctant to talk to reporters about her kind gesture. She did eventually reveal that her first name is Nadine, but would not give her last name.

When asked, “why did she give away a $10,000 coat to a stranger?” — she stated that the worker did not ask for it, but she assumed that she would love it.

Nadine confessed that she loves to do fun things that make other people and herself happy. She explained that she knew deep inside, the worker would like the coat and added:

“The lady said that’s a beautiful coat and she was so sweet.So I took it off and handed it to her through the drive-thru window.”

It was also revealed that kind lady was at the eatery getting breakfast for a farmer who works for her. Other Whataburger employees stated that once the $10,000 coat was handed to the fast food worker, she started screaming with joy.

One other customer, who witnessed the woman’s kind act, stated that it is nice to see people, who are willing to make someone else happy. According to Examiner, Semien will not forget that day anytime soon.

Some colleagues heard so much commotion that they assumed that Cheryl Semien had won a million dollars in the Lottery. The fast food worker’s $10,000 coat will be paired with some pretty boots this winter. It is believed that the IRS may ask for the expensive gift to be reported.

The viral headline, “woman fast-food worker $10,000 coat,” is perfect for this season. What say you?


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