Woman Claims Frozen A Rip Off: Isabella Tanikumi Claims ‘Frozen’ A Rip-off, Sues Disney For $250M

September 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Woman Claims Frozen A Rip Off Isabella Tanikumi

Woman claims Frozen a rip-off, sues for $250 million. A Peruvian woman by the name of Isabella Tanikumi claims that Disney’s hit movie Frozen is a rip-off of the 2010 book she published called Yearnings of the Heart. Disney has not responded to the lawsuit. But Frozen fans are telling Tanikumi, let it go.

Have you read Yearnings of the Heart? If you have not, well it is a compelling novel by a woman named Isabella Tanikumi who claims that Disney ripped off her story for the movie Frozen, yes you heard right.

Isabella Tanikumi has hired a lawyer, Mr William T. Anastasio who has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Disney for plagiarism.

Tanikumi claimed that Frozen is not based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen Frozen, but is inspired by her autobiography.

Yearnings of the Heart tells the story of Tanikumi who survived the 1970 Ancash earthquake or Great Peruvian earthquake that took place on May 31 and caused landslides of epic proportion. The natural disaster left 74,000 dead.

In the book, Isabella Tanikumi talks about the death of her younger sister Laura, her lost love Eduardo and moving to America where she learns to speak English and meets a wonderful friend named Julie.

Compared to Frozen, which focused on two sisters Anna and Elsa who lost their parents. After accidentally using her magical powers to trap her kingdom in an everlasting winter, she fled to the mountains.

Anna, her hilarious snowman Olaf and boyfriend and iceman Kristoff, his pet reindeer Sven go on an amazing journey to find Elsa and get her back home.

According to Amazon, Yearnings of the Heart is the only book Tanikumi has written thus far.

Which means she will not be suing Disney for Tangled, Up or The Little Mermaid.

The story of the woman who claims that Frozen is a rip-off has gone viral, which is why in the last hour or so her book has received some hilarious reviews. One person said you have the feeling that this writer ripped off the movie Frozen.

While another wrote his favorite part of the story is where she tries to make a quick buck off Disney. Few others simply told her, let it go.

But Tanikumi’s lawyer is moving ahead with the suit, claiming that there are 18 specific examples that show the parallels between her work and Frozen.

The woman claims that Disney was inspired by her characters and their names, their chemistry, their special way to greet each other and more.


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