William ‘Billy’ Flynn The ‘To Die For’ Lover, Greg Smart Killer Released

July 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

William 'Billy' Flynn To Die For Lover Released

William ‘Billy’ Flynn aka “The To Die For Lover” has been released. The killer given the nickname the “To Die For Lover” was released in Maine this week. At the age of 15 William ‘Billy’ Flynn had an affair with his teacher Pamela Smart, 22, who persuaded him and his friends to kill her husband Gregg Smart in May of 1990. Billy Flynn who was sentenced to 28 years in prison has been transferred to a Work Release Program in Warren, Maine. The story of Flynn and Smart inspired the ill fated movie To Die For which starred Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix which barely made a million in profit at the box office.

“To Die For Lover” released and will take part in a work program.

William “Billy” Flynn has been transferred to a minimum security prison in order to integrate a Work Release Program.

It’s possible the so called “To Die For Lover” will be spending numerous hours away from his prison cell and in companies in the state to acquire job skills to start his rehabilitation process.

In 1990, William ‘Billy’ Flynn was about 15 years of age when he was introduced to Pamela Smart.

Pamela Smart who was 22 at the time was a volunteer teacher at Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Flynn and Smart began a love affair that would change their lives forever.

Smart who was taking a self esteem course convinced William “Billy” Flynn and his three friends Patrick Randall, Raymond Fowler and Vance Lattime Jr to kill her husband Gregg Smart.

The four teenagers held Mr Smart with a knife and shot him to death with a .38-caliber revolver.

The sexy teacher asked her “To Die For Lover” to eliminate her husband in order to inherit their condo, the dogs and the $140,000 life insurance.

In 1991 the teenage boy who apologized for the crime plead guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 28 years to life in prison.

Pamela Smart who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, has maintained her innocence.

She claimed she never asked the boys to kill her spouse. She has also stated that she was raped and beaten in jail.

In 1995, director Gus Van Sant who was inspired by the strange story made the movie called To Die For with Nicole Kidman (who picked up a Golden Globe for her performance), Joaquin Phoenix and Matt Dillon in the lead roles.

To Die For cost Columbia Pictures $20 million to be produced and made $21 million at the box office.


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