Weight Loss New Jersey Governor: Chris Christie Denies 85-pound Weight Loss

September 23, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

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Weight loss success showed off by New Jersey governor Chris Christie at a recent event sponsored by David Koch, has the media buzzing about the 85 pounds he shed. But NJ governor Christie has rapidly stepped out to blast the reports that claimed her lost 85 pounds since having lap-band surgery. So, how much weight did he drop? Americans might have to vote for him in 2016 to find out.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said his weight loss is going smoothly, but denied the reports that claimed he shed 85 pounds.

Chris Christie will talk about everything except his latest poll numbers and Bridgegate.

On Tuesday, Christie was questioned about the numerous articles written about his amazing weight loss and the fact that he has already eliminated 85 pounds from his 320-pound, 5 ft 11 frame.

The report originated from The New York Times.

The publication stated that Governor Chris Christie attended a dinner/event put together by conservative business mogul David Koch over the weekend for businessman Tom Foley where he showed off his weight loss success.

Governor Christie spoke to several donors at the gathering who were concerned about his health and weight after CNN claimed that it was dangerous to put a man his size in the White House.

The New Jersey Governor reassured them by revealing that he had dropped 85 pounds and has been taking great care of himself by dieting and exercising regularly.

According to the NYT, Mr Christie barely touched his food during the dinner and focused on making small talks with attendees who wanted to know if he planned to run against Hilary Clinton in two years.

Early Tuesday morning, the NJ governor denied the New York Times story. Tough talking Christie said the 85-pound weight loss claim was wrong and said that he will not reveal the real number because it is no one else’s concern. The New Jersey Gov. shared:

“First off, I don’t talk about numbers and so the report in the New York Times was I can tell you this much it wasn’t accurate. I don’t talk about that stuff and the reason I don’t is because that’s my business and not anybody else’s.”

Governor Chris Christie also blasted the reports claiming that he had ulterior motives other than his health for his recent weight loss. The chairman of the Republican Governors’ Association said:

“I decided to do what I’ve done because I needed to do it for my own health.”

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie underwent lap-band surgery in February of 2013 and according to many experts, he has lost almost 100 pounds, which is half of the goal set up by the politician.


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