‘Wasco Clown’ Photo Project: Clowns Haunt California Town

October 12, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Wasco Clown Photos

Wasco clown pictures have gone viral. A creepy looking clown has taken over Wasco, California as part of a photo project put together by a husband and wife. The Wasco clown project has created copycats in Bakersfield who are roaming the streets with knives and machetes.

Meet the “Wasco clown,” a weird looking clown who has Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, which are updated almost every day.

So, why is there a clown walking around Wasco at night? The answer is very simple. A wife and husband duo, who wishes to remain anonymous, started a photo project over a year ago.

The pair spoke to a local television station where they explained that their goal is to visit different areas in Wasco and take photos. The man in the Wasco clown costume said that his wife who may work for Rangel Photography is the brains behind the operation and is happy to help out.

On their Facebook page, the duo has posted dozens of pictures of the “Wasco clown” always wearing the same yellowish/gold costume with green and purple sleeves. The prankster has a white mask, red nose and wig and black eyes with scars.

The “Wasco clown” only comes out at night to take pictures in parks, playgrounds, street corners and parking lots. Some who have spotted the weird looking clown around Wasco have commented on his Facebook page saying they were thrilled to get a glimpse of him.

Others applauded the couple’s art project and were thankful that they have the media talking about Wasco. But few residents reported the clown sightings to the police.

Sgt. Ian Chandler from the Wasco Police Department explained that thus far, the husband and wife have not committed any crimes.

However, Chandler would like to speak to the pair behind the “Wasco clown” project. While the “Wasco clown” has not taken part in any illegal activities, copycats are spreading havoc in California.

More than 16 clowns, some with weapons have been arrested in the past week in Bakersfield. One of them had a bat and a machete, while an unarmed one chased children down a busy street.

It appears that the lovers behind the “Wasco clown” have no plans to meet with the cops, but they have issued a statement saying they do not condone any violence.


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