Walmart Shooting In Washington

Milan Boyd | January 24, 2011 | 0 Comments More

As the result of a shootout which occurred in a Washington state Walmart recently there have been two left dead and several injured sheriff’s deputies who tried to question the suspect.

It all started when police received a phone call from someone in the store who was concerned about a certain person who was acting suspiciously. When police tried to approach the individual he open fired with a semi automatic gun, injuring police as well as killing several people in the area.

One of the women who was shot was taken to a local hospital but ultimately died because of the injury.

Although deputies carefully approached the man that the caller had described, he didn’t waste any time and immediately pulled out a gun.

Authorities are still unclear as to whether or not the two people who were killed knew each other in some way or not but the investigation into the situation is ongoing.

The shooting occurred at exactly 3:45 PM and witnesses say that there was just one shot and then six more rapid shots afterward.

One person who was in the store at the time say they heard just one shot which sounded like a car backfiring and then several more.

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