Walmart Claims Less Justin Bieber And Celine Dion Will Boost Employee Morale

June 6, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Walmart is going to play less Justin Bieber and Celine Dion music in their stores much to the joy of their employees. After learning that songs from Bieber and Dion have been driving their staff crazy, the heads of Walmart Stores Inc have decided to hire a real DJ to play top tracks from the Billboard charts.

Walmart less Justin Bieber

Fewer Justin Bieber songs will be played at Walmart stores because the 2.2 million employees of the company begged for it.

On Wednesday, 3,000 staff members of Walmart gathered at the company’s headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas for its annual shareholders meeting also known as “Walmart-Palooza.”

During the three-day event, executives unveiled a series of changes that will take place in their 11,000 stores spread out in 27 countries. The announcement that received a standing ovation was less amount of Justin Bieber and Celine Dion tunes in the stores.

For several years, Walmart employees have complained that they are fed up with Bieber, some went as far as to jokingly say that tracks like “As Long as You Love Me,” “Baby” and “Somebody to Love” have made them sick.

The staff members laughed and cheered when Mike Moore, an executive vice president of Walmart made Willie, a puppet character say:

“One of my fellow associates recently developed a serious eye-tic from hearing Celine Dion’s greatest hits on loop in our stores.”

To boost their workers’ morale and keep them entertained, Walmart announced that it has hired a real DJ based in its corporate marketing department, who will play today’s hit songs in all of their stores.

Other changes that are set to take place include raising the minimum wage for over 500,000 of its workers to $10 per hour by 2016. A more relaxed dress code, which means black or khaki jeans are allowed, and overnight workers can sport blue denim and a white t-shirt.

Walmart is ditching their “Save Money. Live Better” slogan and will bring back “Our people make the difference.” After learning that the stores were too cold in winter and too hot in summer, Walmart said it will adjust their thermostats that are controlled from their headquarters.

U.S. chief executive Greg Foran also brought back the “10-foot rule champions” concept, which implies that employees must smile at and greet customers who are within 10 feet of them. Reese Witherspoon spoke at the event, and Ricky Martin performed.

What are your thoughts on Walmart’s decision?


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  1. Stevie says:

    Walmart shoppers are the kind of folks who would prefer to hear sermons from Palin, Huckabee or the Duggars than Celine’s amazing voice.

  2. Stevie says:

    Instead of paying Reese Witherspoon and Ricky Martin to come ramble why not take that money and give few hard working employees raises. I’m so disappointed at the owners of Walmart on this one.

  3. Texas 713 says:

    Kim where is the other half of your dress? Did your new stepmom borrow it for Vanity Fair?

  4. Michael Hind says:

    Anti-Canadian bias!! What’s next? Banning Nickelback??

  5. Ranger Dan Parsons says:

    So nice to see Walmart investing such vast sums of money into their greatest asset, their employees.

  6. Sam America says:

    Now if all stores can stop playing all that pop poop rap and country
    pop crap! I was forced to take one of those low paying jobs after
    my big Obama loving liberal supporter laid me off after 20 years
    without even a goodbye! big bleeding heart hippocrite! now 1/2 my
    check goes for Obama Death Care and I have to listen to this crap
    all day and night while working! Thanks you progressive jerkoffs.

    • KeithG says:

      When will stores and employers finally get that the employees that have to listen to this crap all day every day don’t want to hear it? I, as a customer, do NOT want to hear this mindless pap while shopping, either. My previous employer was asked by the workers to turn the F’in radio off. Period. NO ONE on the planet with a functioning mind wants to hear this drivel.

  7. Alejandro says:

    In a later announcement Walmart confirmed the report they will sell a commemorative piss bucket just like the one bieber pissed in back stage instead of going to a restroom. They are doing this so his fans won’t feel offended.

  8. Shery Anne says:

    I go to Waltmart to look at rednecks with unique sense of fashion and obsessed with pork and beef not for the music, so this will not affect me at all.

  9. Leya says:

    Walmart need to get better cleaned up because some sections smell bad. Please focus on that.

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