Villanova Piccolo Girl Is Ready To Move On: Roxanne Chalifoux Talks About Her Fame

April 10, 2016 | By Garrett Montgomery More

A year after Villanova’s “Piccolo Girl,” aka Roxanne Chalifoux, went viral, she is opening up about that fateful moment she became a hit. Miss “Piccolo Girl,” a brilliant student passionate by biology, revealed that she cried for two reasons, it was hard to see Villanova lose, and she became emotional upon realizing that it was the last time she would perform with the band.

Villanova piccolo girl

Villanova’s “Piccolo Girl,” also known as Roxanne Chalifoux, has done a lengthy interview with ESPN where she revealed why she was in tears during the 2015 NCAA tournament game as she watched Villanova University lose to North Carolina State.

The picture of Chalifoux with tears running down her eyes as she played the flute with her band went viral, and it has been used in some of the strangest ways imagined and is often paired with another well-known photo of Michael Jordan crying.

Chalifoux, who is now a student at Pennsylvania College of Optometry, said that she wept because she had spent four years at the University, was a strong supporter of the basketball team and it was, therefore, sad to see them getting beaten by another team. Chalifoux stated:

“Chalifoux: It was obviously disappointing to see the team lose. I love going to their games, and this was my first time getting to go to the NCAA tournament. The band always goes, but as a bio major, I just haven’t had time in the past. I was really excited to get to go. They ended up losing, and that was sad, but it was also sad as a senior and knowing that was my last game. The band has been my life for four years, and knowing that I wouldn’t be playing with them anymore and that it was all coming to an end was really difficult.”

“Piccolo Girl,” who is working on a biology major and a psychology minor, had another reason to be emotional – it was the last time she was performing with the band. The brilliant young woman shared:

“I hate seeing the team when they’re sad, and I was sad because I leaving the band. It was just a really emotional moment … that someone happily caught on camera, I guess.”

The young lady said she was not bothered by the hundreds of thousands of tweets and pictures she received because Chalifoux understood it was just a “light moment.” However, she would like the world to know that she has officially retired the title of “Piccolo Girl” after Villanova won the championship earlier this week.

What is the coolest thing that happened to her thanks to her new found fame? Going on Tonight Show and talking to Jimmy Fallon, whom she said is the nicest man on and off camera and getting a message from Taylor Swift.


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