Victor Thompson: Patriots Fan With Tom Brady Helmet Tattoo Arrested In Florida

October 10, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Victor Thompson Patriots Fan

Victor Thompson, Patriots fan’s mug shot has gone viral. Thompson is a Patriots fan and he has numerous tattoos to prove it. Mr Thompson was arrested last month for possession of synthetic marijuana in Florida and his mug shot is a hit on the internet due to impressive inks dedicated to the Patriots, he has on his head. The die-hard fan has already announced that he has plans to add more Patriots tats to his face.

Victor Thompson, the famous Patriots fan with countless tattoos dedicated to Tom Brady was arrested in September.

According to the report from The St. Petersburg Police Department, Thompson who has a New England Patriots helmet tattooed on his head was arrested while riding a bike with a broken light, late at night at the Sunrise Community, Inc located at 1401 5th Avenue North St. Petersburg, Florida.

The police officer was called to the Sunrise Community by a resident who saw Thompson trespassing on the private property (the Sunrise group of companies provide support for people with disabilities).

Victor Thompson told the officer that he had had been living in Florida for three weeks and he was simply returning the bike to a friend who lives in the Sunrise Community.

The cop searched Thompson who is 46 years of age and discovered that he was carrying spice, which an herbal mixture of synthetic marijuana in his pocket.

Thompson confessed to the officer that he bought the Ninja Strenght Smoke from an African American male for $15 and was not aware that it was illegal to use spice in Florida.

The greatest Patriots fan went on to explain that his wife recently passed away and he had moved to Florida to meet his son for the first time in 25 years.

Thompson further revealed that he had lived in New Hampshire all his life and spice is legal in his home state.

Despite his explanation, Thompson was arrested and charged with felony drug possession and trespassing.

The mega Patriots fan is being held at the Pinellas County jail on a $1500 bond. Victor Thompson’s mug shot has gone viral, because of his inks.

The man has a New England Patriots football helmet tattooed on the top of his skull. He also has the Patriots’ logo on each side of his head.

As a true Tom Brady supporter, he has the number 12 and the word “Patriots” inked on the back of his head, he should have added Gisele Bundchen on his forehead while he was at it.

Other inks featured on Victor Thompson’s head include the name of helmet maker Riddell, the American flag and of course an NFL logo.

Believe it or not, Victor Thompson is not done with tattooing himself to prove he is the biggest Patriots fan out there, he plans to ink his face soon.


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