Vanessa Bryant Wears $6,500 Christmas Dress: Kobe Bryant’s Wife Channels Beyoncé

December 29, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Kobe Bryant’s wife’s Christmas dress is worth more than $6500. Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, unveiled the family’s annual Christmas card, and it was hard to miss her dress, which was designed by Michael Costello; and was previously worn by Beyoncé during her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

bryant wife christmas dress pic

Kobe Bryant’s wife’s Christmas dress is making headlines. Few days ago, Vanessa Bryant, the wife of Los Angeles Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant, shared the family’s annual Christmas card via Instagram.

This is not a normal Christmas card. The stunning high-end picture, which is reminiscent of the Kardashians holiday card, features Vanessa Bryant in a black gown worth $6,500.

The signature Black Widow gown was custom-made for Vanessa Bryant by Project Runway contestant, Michael Costello, who has worked with the ladies from the Real Housewives franchise, the Kardashians, and Ariana Grande.

Beyoncé wore a similar version of the glittery dress during her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Vanessa’s dress has vertical lines going through it at the waist, while Beyoncé’s gown had lines around her bust area.

The Bryant 2014 card was shot at an old church with exposed bricks and a steel cross. Vanessa Bryant looked like a petite model in the famous dress, which includes a turtleneck, long sleeves, and a full mermaid skirt.

Bryant finished the look with her long blonde hair cascading on one side, natural inspired makeup, peach lips, and black nail polish. Kobe Bryant looked handsome in a black suit, while Natalie, 11, and Gianna, 8, who also wore dark-colored dresses, showed how adorable they can be with huge smiles. Vanessa Bryant captioned the snapshot:

‘Merry Christmas! Love, Kobe, Vanessa, Natalia and Gianna #Christmas #2014 #TheBryantFamily”

Vanessa Bryant also shared a photo of herself trying on a bronze version of the gown with the help of the famous designer.

Needless to say that the picture has started a fashion face-off between Kobe Bryant’s wife and Jay Z‘s spouse. A majority of people agree that Blue Ivy‘s mom won the battle because she is taller, and therefore appears slimmer in the gown.

Few commentators took the opportunity to slam Bryant for trying to steal King B’s look. And others are furious at Bryant for taking that model pose in order to show off her pricey gown, and hiding her cute daughter with her arm.

Kobe Bryant’s wife’s Christmas dress sparked an intense fashion conversation, where do you stand?


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  1. Jinger says:

    Beautiful woman but that dress looks like it is made of chocolate armor.

  2. Joeretta Royal says:

    The Dress is beautiful, she looks beautiful Kobe looks good kids are beautiful, great looking family . lakernation

  3. Emily G. says:

    She’s just another dumb greedy whoreeee.

  4. ur daddy says:

    that’s not nice

  5. Iris says:

    Wow. Some people are nasty.

  6. leonard johnson says:

    still spending his money the moment he stops making it you leave and take half the reason he has not retired yet.

  7. wanda says:

    I guess if you have the money to do it…but who’s idea it was to broadcast the price tag? Hopefully, it wasn’t hers. Also, the card concept is nice, but the dress looks over-the-top, compared to what Kobe and the girls are wearing. A pared down look would have been just as nice.

  8. Deb says:

    Sorry in my opinion it isn’t very flattering on either. They are both to “hippie” for that dress. That dress was made for a very slim figured woman.

  9. G A says:

    Honest, she looks better than Beyonce.
    Kobe you have a beautiful family, happy new year.

    • lou says:

      Vanessa is beautiful and her family pic is perfect.

      Happy New Year to everyone…. yes even the haters!!!

      Tis a free world and we can wear what we want no matter who else wore it….

  10. Karen DeGrazia says:

    What a wonderful family picture! All members look happy and are well dressed. They look like they are enjoying the moment and each other’s company. I wish them the best!

  11. Fee says:

    You must mean she tried to channel Beyoncé. She will never have Beyoncé’s natural curves! This woman’s hips are not real. She’s never had a curvy figure, so it’s likely that those are fake hips. Besides, why would she want to copy Bey’s look? That says a lot about her self-esteem. Beyoncé looks perfect in the dress, as her figure is all natural (we all know she’s had breast implants and a nose job, however). There’s no comparison, and the designer of Vanessa’s dress should be sued for also being a copycat!

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