Val Kilmer Back For Sequel? ‘Top Gun 2’ Role Offered But Nothing Official Yet

November 19, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

Is Val Kilmer doing Top Gun 2 or not? It has been a tough day for Kilmer fans after the star took to Facebook and stated he will appear in the long-awaited sequel of Top Gun only to come back few hours later and say he misspoke.

Val Kilmer

Can somebody tell Val Kilmer he needs to follow Adele‘s footsteps and hire a team that will monitor and approve what he shares on social media? On Tuesday, Batman Forever actor Val Kilmer rushed to Facebook where he announced that he will appear in Top Gun 2, but then hours later came back and said he spoke too fast.

The 1986 blockbuster featured Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, and Tom Skerritt. Produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, and directed by the late Tony Scott, the action movie follows:

Cruise in the role of Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, a young Naval aviator aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and his Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Edwards) are given the chance to train at the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School at Miramar in San Diego.

Kilmer, who played Lt. Tom “Iceman” Kazanski in the film, said on his Facebook page that he was thrilled to reprise his role and added:

“I just got offered ‪#‎topgun2‬ – not often you get to say “yes” without reading the script…
“It’s starring Gene Hackman…”
“Yes” “The director is Francis Coppola…” “Yes!” They aren’t involved in this production.
These are examples of what an actor says yes to- like
Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise!!!”

Kilmer went on to pay tribute to iconic producer and director Tony Scott, who committed suicide in 2012. He shared:

“We will all miss Tony Scott one of the kindest gentlemen I’ve ever met in the film biz, but let’s fire up some fighter jets again!!!”

However, this is where the confusion begins. A few hours after his original post, Kilmer updated his Facebook page and said he misspoke, and the movie and role were not official as yet. He explained:

“This has been talked about for a long long time and being offered a role is very different from doing a role. I jumped the gun with my post. I jumped the topgun… An innocent mistake. It was just such a wonderful phone call with my agent.”

The 55-year-old spent the whole day chatting with fans, and he confessed that he was wrong to say that Gene Hackman and director Francis Ford Coppola were part of the project because they are not – David Ellison‘s Skydance Productions are behind the film.

Kilmer also responded to numerous comments that stated the movie was a bad idea like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s By the Sea. Mr. Kilmer replied by saying:

“Have no fear. Jerry Bruckheimer has a 50 billion dollar history behind him. And tom hasn’t done too badly neither! They will make something to buy pop corn for on a Sunday for sure!”

Another commenter said the actor needed to make sure he was healthy enough to work on a project. In January, Kilmer had tests for a possible tumor, but no details as to his particular ailment were released. He even hit back at those, who said he was too sick, too old and too fat for the role in a post that read:

“I have had treatment and I’m perfectly well.Don’t believe articles that say ‘a source says.’ If they can’t claim a relationship to me how can u trust they are telling the truth. Even when they do assign a name to whoever they gave 50 bucks to, how does a nurse or a parking attendant gonna know about my personal health. Sorry to disappoint but I’m 165 lbs now. And 55 is the new 50!!!”

Ellison’s Skydance Productions is set to start filming Top Gun 2 next summer and Cruise will star in the flick, will Kilmer be in it? No one knows at this moment.

I just got offered #topgun2 – not often you get to say "yes" without reading the script…"It's starring Gene…

Posted by Val Kilmer on Monday, November 16, 2015

Francis Coppola and Gene Jackman are examples of what an actor says "yes" to. They are not involved. So sorry for the misunderstanding.

Posted by Val Kilmer on Tuesday, November 17, 2015


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