UPS Worker Kicks Expensive Package, Gets Suspended

October 30, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

UPS worker kicks expensive package worth over $12,000 and video goes viral. A UPS employee was caught on camera, kicking a box containing a delicate pressure gauge belonging to Ray Martel. The company has apologized to Martel and has disciplined the worker.

UPS Worker Kicks Expensive Package

UPS worker kicks expensive package worth over $12,000 and gets suspended. Ray Martel who is the owner of East Hills Instruments in Westbury, New York, was surprised to see CCTV footage that showed a UPS worker kicking and rolling a very fragile parcel from the reception area.

The business owner told ABC that his receptionist, who witnessed the mishandling of the package on Monday afternoon, asked him to look at the footage. The large box being kicked around, contained a fragile $12,000 pressure gauge, used to measure flow inside pipelines.

The expensive instrument was being mailed to a business partner, so he could repair it. The owner of the power plant instrument supply business, said that he was surprised by the UPS worker’s action.

He went on to add while he understands that the box was heavy, the man could have asked for help. Mr Martel said:

“This guy just basically threw the thing out the door. And when I look at the video, all of a sudden I’m shocked, I see him push this box across the floor and then proceed to bowl it across the lawn on to the street.”

The company has apologized to Martel saying that their employees are trained to be professionals and handle parcels with care. The statement also revealed that the man in the clip has been disciplined. It read:

“Thank you for bringing this incident to our attention. UPS drivers are trained to handle every package with care. This is a part of the overall emphasis we place on providing excellent service to our customers. UPS does not condone this specific driver’s behavior. We are investigating this issue and will take corrective action with this driver. We have also apologized to the customer.”

Two years ago, a UPS man was caught throwing a package on a porch as he sat in his vehicle. In 2013, another one was busted urinating on a box, he delivered to a home.

Watch UPS worker kicks expensive package in the clip below.


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  1. Seapatch says:

    Makes you want send your Christmas presan WITH UPS LOL

  2. Allanon says:

    I order a lot of things through Amazon, most of which come through UPS. Of all things via UPS, FedEx and USPS … by far the most damage is by UPS. I have had boxes crushed, dented and soaking wet. They may be properly trained, but definitely not monitored for abuse of packages.

  3. Bobby says:

    Duh, UPS is union

    • kenny says:


      • Shane says:

        Yeah it does matter. Union workers are like government workers, they never get fired no matter what they do. I would of fired the guy on the spot!

        • bob says:

          ups fires a ton of people, union or not. If it looks that good to you go apply for a job there

        • kevin says:

          It does not matter if he is union. Someone i worked with was fired a couple of weeks ago and was a union member.It bs that some of you belive all union workers are lazy and cannot lose there jobs.

  4. LARRY E TOOMEY says:

    about 2 years ago i had to send a lap top back for repair in a repair company return paded package, the package came back ok except the UPS driver did not want to drive up my long driveway so he proped the package up next to the road beside a large tree just a few feet from a vary busy road. i called the 1-800 number and was talked to vary rudely so now i will not use UPS in any way if i have to have something shipped to me i will not let them ship UPS. P.S. the laptop was worth 900.00 and was insured for 1500.00

  5. Haley says:

    This is nothing new. 95% of the UPS drivers could care less what is in your package. They are extremely over paid, act like they hate their jobs, do nothing but complain, and could care less about getting you your packages or picking up something you have to go out.
    There might be 4 drivers out of 30+ in our area in Vermont that are worth keeping. If they see a snow flake in the air forget it. You won’t see them until there is an inch of sand on the roads.
    Their job is to pick up and deliver. Terrible service and attitudes.

  6. Gman S says:

    This package can’t be that heavy, it wouldn’t roll on it’s side more than once and he sure couldn’t roll it with his foot This guy is obviously lazy but to say it’s because he’s union is stupid. I know many non union workers who who do worse than that. Their trucks have a dolly in them but apparently he was too stupid to bring it in.

  7. Robert says:

    Like every delivery company doesnt at some time do this….

  8. bob says:

    ups has 395,000 employees. delivered 4.3 billion packages last year to 9.4 million daily customers. if they were perfect 99.99 % of the time there would still be 4,300,000 people mad

  9. NC native says:

    From UPS/postal, to food service workers, to the Police… The breakdown in American society is clearly present in this story… 1) No pride in their job(s) or work.. 2) No personal responsibility for such poor behavior. You literally have to catch them in the act and on film (..and sometimes not even then) to get any acknowledgement or resulting compensation. Sad times we live in indeed….

    • maddog2112 says:

      Maybe if the guy was a crazy rightwing teabagger, he would have cared more about the job? I don`t think so!!!!

  10. hemppal says:

    I was told fragile is Spanish for drop 3 times.

  11. tdasani says:

    kick the ups worker out the door

  12. viewme says:

    In the video I never once saw the drive kick the package He Kneed it one time but rolled the box the out the door to his truck. He should be fired.

  13. Rob says:

    I once had a dispute with UPS. I was treated so badly that I vowed to take my business elsewhere. I now use USPS and couldn’t be happier with the price and service – not to mention I can mail a package anytime I want and not have to adhere to some stupid schedule.

  14. James says:

    I ship a lot of parts UPS, but if it”s over 50lbs or a critical item, no way do I go UPS. I’ve seen computers, instruments, and other large boxes just rolled out and drop from a UPS truck. If you ship something that positively has to arrive without damage, I wouldn’t use UPS.

  15. Talgar says:

    haha yaps, you sure do train your people. We have business that is always open and your guys 8 times out of 10 say that “Delivery Was Attempted But No One Was There To Sign For It”. I personally think that UPS level of service is way down and slacking off by their delivery people is a norm…
    Well, I heard DRONES will be delivering our mail soon and I bet those would treat our packages correctly as their training was programmed into their computer brain… haha

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